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Re: ALBENDAZOLE (ALBENZA) PROTOCOL: Nematodes (Roundworms) & Systemic Eggs/Larva/Cysts
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: ALBENDAZOLE (ALBENZA) PROTOCOL: Nematodes (Roundworms) & Systemic Eggs/Larva/Cysts

ICU, Thank you so much for your reply. Your information is truly the best i've found online so far and it's been a huge help to me. My story is long, but i can condense it a bit. Sanjean, you were right to assume that i used herbs prior to this parasite infection. To be honest i think the herbs "pushed them out" or made it worse. I now wish i had not done that.
I wanted to clean my system (after all who wants parasites?). I was aware of a candida overgrowth and figured i probably (worm) parasites as well. I bought and took "wormwood combination" and "Candida cleanse" both of which came highly reviewed.
I took the herbs for a few weeks and all of the sudden i got pinworms. They were coming out of my "back" area and going into my "front" area. I've heard that happens in women. Anyway i was horrified and increased the dosage of herbs but it didn't kill them.
One day in a fit of desperation i decided to do an herbal enema and also a flush in "the front" area. When i did it in the front i basically stood on my head as much as possible with my legs up because i wanted to make sure that the herbs reached ALL areas inside.
So, the pinworms disappeared for about two weeks and i thought my battle was over. All of the sudden i realized that i felt crawling in my ears and nose and on a few occassions in my eye lid, then almost overnight they started crawling under my skin all over my body. By this time i started to believe that the "frontal flush" had washed their eggs into all parts of my bodyand that they had now hatched. I pulled a few out of my ears and nose and they looked exactly the same as the pinworms down there had looked.
The only thing is that they were thicker than most people say pinworms are. They were white and about as thick as a the cord on a pair of headphones, They were also on average about an inch long, again, longer than people describe pinworms. They also seems to gain vitality when i ate sugary things so i quickly changed my diet.
Anyway, i don;t have medical insurance so i ordered generic albenza from an online pharmacy in canada and i took that for two weeks. My symptoms did improve somewhat but they are still alive (though they seem more localized. They are now mostly in my back and i feel like they are biting into my bone and muscle.
I've heard good things about ivermectin and was so relieved when ICU posted the protocol.Since the Albenza helped i think that both of these combined will do the trick. I just have a few questions about the other medications. ICU, I thank you in advance for your response.

1. I found agri-mectin horse paste and it some in syringes that treat a horse of 1250 pounds. I know that i'm supposed to divide the dosage but i was wondering if the syringe itself had the measurements to divide the medication down for me (i weigh 128 pounds). It says syringes are adjustable in 250 pound increments. How would i go about measuring that for myself ?

2. Is it safe to take Agri-mectin horse paste since it's made for horses ?

3. Is the Bactrim taken during the albenza and ivermectin treatment or after ? Can it be taken afterwards with the same effects if i don't have it yet ?

4. Also, i found Bactrim in 480mg pills. I was a little confused about the dosage listed, 800mg-160mg twice daily.Do i take 800 mg twice daily or 160 mg twice daily? How would i work that out if the pills are 480 mg ?

Thanks so much for your reply


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