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Re:Iodine,silver,vit c
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re:Iodine,silver,vit c

"Nice response, thks for being so civil."

--You're welcome; I believe in civility. Thanks for the compliment and your courteous post also!

One good text to be familiar with is Dr Becker and G. Selden's book The Body Electric, which is initially about experimentation concerning the ability of certain animals to replicate limbs, eyes, ect after damaging them and how that knowledge might asssit us in our healing. This book covers how we learned about the once ignored low amperage electrical field properties of organisims. In their work they found that silver was the best choice for delivering currents and keeping the injured sites anaseptic. Later descovering that silver itself was also a part of the makeup of our biology. This book covers a wide range and is valuable for any interested in knowing about body dynamics."

--I have a deep mistrust of these types of books because I've been led astray too many times in the past. IMHO, the authors usually had either a financial interest in the product they were writing about or they were lost and leading others astray too. I've studied enough anatomy and physiology and nutrition to know that what we know about how our body works is the tip of the iceberg. There is a huge amount of misinformation out there and I now will only trust certain old books. Pre-1930 is best. All my opinion.

--You don't need to put metals into your body to disinfect. The essential oils, for example, are basically plant concentrates and are very effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral and anti-fungal substances. By the way, I don't sell the oils, only buy them for my own use.

"Your expereince w silver solutions is good anecdotal info for u but do know that the Science of silver being a bacteriacide is found in many sources for at least one hundred years and used as a therapy for thousands and evan now is being used in Bandaid brand bandages for that ability. Its being a necessary component of our systems is also to be found in the biological litereature. Of course this doesnt mean we can ingest any thing found in our systems w no or little understanding safetly, we do need to do diligent investigation , not just going with what some one person or group advises, as u mention, it is often organised ignorance that propells people to agree about something being actually true, when it is actually false."

--Good to know, I won't buy Bandaid brand anymore. I'm not convinced that silver has been used for thousands of years or even over the past hundred. All we can know is what someone else has written or told us. Why would anyone want to put metals in their body? I've spent years trying to detox the metals from my teeth (mercury, etc.). Our bodies aren't designed to ingest metals!

"Iodine is also a necessary component in every human cell and organ, for healthy life and activity. It is well documented that the thyroid uses Iodine more than any other organ but all cells and organs use Iodine for activation and conversion proceses. It is elemental in our immune system and many who suffer continued or chronic flus ect do so simpley because the sinus glands are Iodine deficient. If we are evan minamally deficient in iodine we will surely suffer since the thyroid is so important in acitvating every one of our glands and many other process as well, if it is subpar all our systems will be subpar. If we are suffering, acutely or chronicly we should always take in to consideration first the health of our thyroid gland. It is well documented that iodine is not toxic tho if we are deficient in iodine, then the items which have taken iodines place, not only negativly alter our bodies functions but will also cause discomfort while they are being erradicated by the ingestion of Iodine and thus confuse us by mimicing toxic events."

--Iodine is very important. In my opinion, the iodine sold in bottles that we paint on ourselves is toxic. The only good iodine is that found in plants. Our bodies are designed to consume plants, and that's all. Because my diet isn't perfect, I use plant iodine in an herbal tincture, but will only buy my herbs from one source. Most of the herbs on the market are junk, IMHO. These are my opinions based on years of self-experimenting, fasting, and reading.

"Not sure how the vit c (#3) plays out in your understanding but in mine it is one of the much needed and much used enzymes, as all vitamins are, that activate process' in our cells and organs and if we are deficient our systems will again like w iodine run faultely, look for substitutes, which often confuse, and thus cause improper action or worse. Furthermore re ascorbic acid tho it is certainly acidic and w all that that implies , it being actually a toxin is debateable, besides that to the degree that might be true, along with the unfortunate fact that humans are one of the only mammels who do not have the ability to produce their own vit #3 , we excrete any excess we have ingested imediately."

--Vitamins as you describe them are made in labs. They have nothing to do with what our bodies are designed to eat. All the nutrients we need are found in fruit. Sailors got scurvy because they had no fresh fruit. If you look to technology instead of nature, you won't understand my point of view.

"Sure the natural way is great and powerfull but we need to go all the way if we choose that fashion and since it is easier said than done, and seeing as most of us are the products of and full of many unnatural creations, and we live amidst more unnatural situations, outside in society as well as inside our bodies, than in recorded history, that sometimes we do follow protocols that mightnt be considered exactly natural, as we wind our way back to healthy ballance."

--You're losing me here. None of us are true fruitairians. There's no rule that you have to go all the way with natural living. There are rewards for every change toward nature that we make. The more fruit we eat and the less of the wrong foods and chemicals, the better we will feel. It has its rewards, in my experience. I've experienced more energy and mental clarity, among other things, when I'm eating more fruit.

"Course we dont want to fall into the confusing thinking of the Luddites not do we want to proceed along the opposite lines of endevor, and for me, I dont think a middle ground is the best either, but rather a continued full investigation w out fear or attachment, using any conception, any protocol, any tool, so that we can uncover the way to freeing ourselves from suffering, physical and mental."

--Sounds like you're truly searching. Here are a couple of links that may help you. If you read them, then we can talk.[1].pdf

(The books I have are Mucusless Diet and Rational Fasting)

If you're interested in the occult and spiritual-type books, you may want to read some Hilton Hotema.

Best wishes,


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