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Re: Reasonable trust as a tecnique
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Reasonable trust as a tecnique

Been there, done, and doing that, doesnt have to be a condesending comment and when I say that, its just my emotionally neutral response.

What I see is people using their discursive abilites to negate more than accentuate the potentially positive, reletive to reasonable trust re investigation of any claim about reality. To broadly paint each person and their position w which we dissagree, with a self serving, negative or evan evil motivation will cause us to be mired in a self perpetuating, arrogant, isolation, losing the more involved discrimination that arises as we learn from our intereaction, with, thru and about life. In my experience the missmotivated are more rare than not and most often are only more attemps at securing their sense of injured identity, tho in futile ways. Our maturity, our imaturity, our true or lack of awareness is revealed in whether and to the degree we act derisivly, divisivly, regarding those we find in dissagreement.

One challange to online discussion is there is no tone of voice, no body language, no visual at all of the person being dialoged with. Since we are so visually oriented, we gain so much info from one look that oftentimes that one look can modify the course of a disscusion or evan end it and start a completely new one

Be that as it may be, I am more than familiar with J(mh), Dr Christopher ect and ive been an adherant and practicioner of arnold since 71 not to mention the other stuff.

Not much point in getting into a debate re your comments, u have your position and reads like u are fine with that at the moment. We are probably more in snyc than we are not.

Yeah going the route of only believing strictly what u personelly see is ultimate and powerfull. However the ability to, mentally at first, stand on the experiences of others while not being stranded, myopicly in personel choices of quick and non investigated judgment oreintation, especially since we live such short periods, and because we are still so caught up in defensive positioning from numerous less than aware life experiences, we often find, in the final analysis that we can exponentially increase our understanding when we instead of assiduously holding firm, mentally, to what we believe, we rather allow the suspension of any mental assuredness and allow an opening of unlimited possibility, unlimited temporary trust, keeping the critcal awareness potential in check as the ever ready reasonalble limted momentary arbitor, and that we instead of looking where the data disagrees we instead look to see how it is that the data is computed to be correct. In that position we often find the deeper implications of how it is and why it is that dissagreemants are formed. Often it is that they are actually irelevant to the considered topic and rather an outcome of selforiented positions of unneeded fear and unneeded identity protection, defense and support.

Tho most of us arent ready, like the lower wattage bulbs arent prepared for higher voltage, by dropping our presupositions about things as they come in to our spheres we find the ability to rest in a form of peaceful security and openly percieve things, less critically, which prevents our being affected by the energy carnivores, and our awareness is expanded because we are allowing our perception to rest lightly on the trigger rather than to shoot first and ask questions later approach.


PS If u familirized your self with Dr Becker (not BoB Beck) or actually read The Body Electric book your attitude towards it and its place in the scheme of things might change.

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