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Re: raining bacteria
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: raining bacteria

This last weekend, I met someone who had just
recovered from a battle for his life when he
got an e-coli infection during a procedure at
the hospital. It was Antibiotic resistant so
proved a worthy opponent. My goal is to stay
away from hospitals unless I have to be in one
and hopefully that is also a remote possibility
too. The guy survived but considered it a very
close brush with death.

I am also a user of colloidal and Iodine although
not to the extent you are. There are often more
than a few ways to proverbially "skin a cat"
so my favorites are oregano oil and olive leaf
although I will throw everything at something
when it begins to settle in. I began using
germanium after a severe reaction to a tetanus
shot a while back. I have continued to use it
on and off as my research has indicated it is
synergistic with other protocols and at the end
of the day, I feel it has made me feel "well".
The latest bout of chest distress was when
I returned from Arkansas to Texas where the
tropical storms brought in toxic air from the
Gulf. My head and chest reacted in a way which
made me want to evacuate but if the weather
is poised to carry the same air north as high
as Illinois, you would have to go a far way
to escape it. My tact at the moment is to keep
up the B2 and Magnesium and regular supps which
help my body to minimize the effects of the
toxins. I also felt that charcoal also helped
a lot~~


I would not hesitate to claim that the
germanium has helped tremendously. Especially
for the chest. No more pain, no more distress,
which was physical. I am also using Essiac and
eating lots of green stuff which also helps
keep the body's immune system functioning

I really wish germanium were less pricey but
I feel fortunate to have found a brand I trust
at a price I can deal with--40% off--at
iherb. I would encourage anyone dealing with
the problem of pollution/smog, and especially
the chemtrails, to consider trying germanium.
I only take one a day unless I have something
I am fighting when I will use two, one every
twelve hours.

Here is a good excerpt~~

Based on research and findings to date, our view of the essence of germanium is as follows:

*Provides free electrons as a 'mother' anti-oxidant
*Neutralises positive charges, mops them up and discharges them in conjunction with converting cellular and tissue toxins to water. It should be noted that toxins arise from consuming any food, since some of our food remains as 'unburnt cellular debris' the germanium completes this 'burning process' by donating electrons and conserving cellular oxygen. These processes are so fundamental to the preservation and restoration of health that this 'electronic' therapy is one of the most potent available in a single remedy for many diseases, and health maintenance.
*Enhances immunity
*A prime anti-aging remedy
*Greatly enriches oxygen in the living body (a lack of oxygen is a key factor in ill health)
*Perhaps the most potent cell detoxification remedy available


I also encourage others to read the reviews from others
using germanium~~ (look under product reviews)

Anyway, as bad as I was feeling after the tropical
storms of a month ago, after dosing with germanium,
I realized all those symptoms had resolved themselves.
I am on my 6th bottle of the stuff since my own initial efforts to ameliorate the damage from the mercury in the tetanus shot, so will continue to use it since for now its still relatively comparable to the price of a good meal at a restaurant, and the healing value is priceless.

I also trust the Jarrow brand but if anyone knows
of germanium at a better price and have used it and
can recommend it, I would be interested in learning
about it. I plan on continuing to use it as long as
I can. I am convinced the government is trying to
shut down the sales of it because it works. The
research on its efficacy for lung cancer is impressive.
For now iherb is where I am finding a price much
lower than most. Also, you can get a $5 discount
if you are buying for the first time. Just use code
BES696 at checkout.

I am also glad to hear your immune system is so strong
now that bacteria have little impact on you. That is
a goal all of us should aspire too. Keep up the good work~!




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