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BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your bodyís PH
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Published: 13 years ago
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BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your bodyís PH

Wouldn't you like to be free of BV without having to constantly put something in your vagina? Because one, you are putting a drug into yourself constantly, which has side affects. And two, that isn't freedom. You are tie to this drug for the rest of your life, which is EXACTLY what the makers of it want. Wouldn't you rather be FREE of discharge and embarrassing odor without having to do anything but eat right?

I am here to tell you that freedom really is possible.

Because BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your body's PH. Now I know your Mom is a doctor so you may not want to hear what I have to say, but doctors do not know this because they are taught drugs are the magic cure all. Doctors are only as knowledgeable as their education and medical school do NOT teach nutrition, they teach drugs.

The reason for this is that pharmaceutical company fund and control medical schools. So I will tell you my story and you can decide for yourself if it is for you. But I am a recovered BV sufferer. It almost destroyed my marriage.

So I decided to do my own research and what is found is that BV is the result of your body having too high of a PH.

Your body, not your vagina. It is manifested in your vagina, but the problem can't be fixed there because the problem doesn't start there. The problem is that the american diet is way too acidic because it is grain based.

The only food that actually lowers your PH is vegetables and our diet is sadly lacking in them. Most people your age don't even like them and don't eat them hardly at all. But one thing I found out all by myself is that drinking baking soda water is also very affective at lowering your PH.

So what I did was I started drinking a glass of baking soda water first thing when I got up, and right before I go to bed at night.

Now you have to do this carefully. You only want to drink baking soda water (8 oz of water with 1/2 a tsp of baking soda) on an empty stomach. This is very important. If you drink baking soda water with food in your stomach it interferes with your digestion and this is very harmful and can cause other problems, So only drink it an hour before you eat something, or 4 hours after, longer if it is a really big meal.

But I did this religiously for a month and had no BV. But that still didn't fix my diet. So I had to research online the low acid diet. Now I don't mean you have to become a vegan, far from it.

Vegan diets are too grain based. Yes even whole grains are acidic, it doesn't matter how healthy they make it sound. Yes all grains, wheat, rice, oats, all grains.

Again I don't mean you have to give them up completely, just make sure you eat more vegetables than you do an acidic food like grains, sugars (including fruit) and meat and dairy (all very acidic). It's no wonder so many women suffer from this problem, look how acidic our diets are? Men are also too acidic, but obviously they don't have vaginas so it probable affects them too, but in less obvious ways. Probably something to do with heart disease no doubt.

Anyway, The best way I found to get large quantities of vegetables that was acceptable to me was salads. I love big salads with lots of different vegetables in them. I eat organic because I also believe toxins play a role in BV and all diseases. so for every meal, even breakfast, I have a large salad with lots of vegetables in it, and a small amount of organic meat. Dairy is extremely acidic, and I felt so much better after cutting it out of my diet, that I stuck with that.

Alcohol is EXTREMELY acidic. I know you are only 19, but chances are that you have had at least wine. A single glass of wine will produce a slight smell in my discharge in the morning.

So on the rare occasion that I drink alcohol, I chase it with a glass of baking soda water. Which not only helps with the PH but with the hangover as well lol.

So there you go, that is what cured my BV. I make sure I eat more vegetables than anything else at every meal, I cut out Sugar and dairy and grains, I use baking soda water when I fall short of that.

After a month of using the baking soda water, I was able to stop taking it every day and now my diet controls my PH again.

No more douching, no more Antibiotics or creams, I do take folic acid and a probiotic because they can only help, but I don't believe you can rely totally on supplements, you have to change your diet.

I hope something I said makes sense and good health to you.

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