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Adrenal Fatigue Cure
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Published: 11 years ago

Adrenal Fatigue Cure

My Adrenal Fatigue Cure

Submitted by biohazard on Tue, 2008-09-30 20:19
I have come up with a cure for Adrenal Fatigue that I've been very successful with. I have suffered from CFSi/Adrenal Fatigue for 5 years. Saliva Test showed high morning cortisol (morning response) with low @ lunch, dinner and bedtime. Recent Thyroid bloodwork showed a very low-normal DHEAi-S.

I have had symptoms of very low cortisol. I have tried Isocort which helps sometimes and sometimes doesn't. At times it has brought my low body temperature back to normal within 15 minutes. I also have ear drops with HydroCortisone. A few drops on the skin will transfer a decent shot of HC. This stuff has saved me when I was too wiped out to get out of bed. And I've tried with limited success the usual supplementsi like B5, Sea Salt , Vitamin C, Ashwagandha, Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Adrenal Cortex Glandular, Licorice. I think the Vitamin C has been the most helpful of that bunch and perhaps Licorice Tea.

I found my cure after taking one of Jarrow's B-Right B Complex capsules. I took about 1/5 of the capsule and felt very much improved within 10-15 minutes. I knew one or more of the ingredients in the capsule was helping me greatly. I was able to repeat this success over the next few days. Since I already had and was taking most of the separate B vitaminsi, and Folic Acidi and Choline I focused on the two in the vitamin that "B-Right" contains that I didn't have: PABA and Pantethine.

I've researched these two extensively. The PABA especially is supposed to be able to potentiate cortisol, perhaps similar to what licorice does perhaps but much much better. The Pantethine provides some raw materials for hormones and is huge for production of Co-Enzyme A and seems to be synergistic with the PABA.

I start by taking 100mg of both per day at about 9 AM. The PABA is very caustic, I dump out about 1/5 of the cap under my tongue then wash down with water, then again (it will get stuck in your throat). You might try a PABA tablet if you prefer or buy empty caps and fill them. The Pantethine is an oil caplet. This one is easy. I puncture the cap with a push pin or "map tack" then squeeze out about 1/5 of the caplet onto my tongue (tastes fine). Then put the caplet away for the next day. The caplet will seal itself by the next day.

The first day I took these I was still going at 10pm and felt like I could go to the gym at that time. I was amazed. The next day I felt fine. No cortisol hangover. My body did not make less cortisol to compensate. I attribute that to taking a small dose. I would recommend you take the smallest dose of each that provides you just enough energy so when bedtime comes you are ready.

This has worked for myself and at least one other who had the beginnings of Adrenal fatigue after a viral episode and heavy stress. She had severe fatigue and would have a cortisol crash during the day, feel better after eating, etc. Most of the symptoms I've come to be very familiar with after 5 years. I put her immediately on the PABA/Pantethine and she recovered quickly enough to return to the gym after a week.

Here are links to exactly what I've been taking:


Jarrow Pantethine

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