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Liver, leaky gut, and altered immunity
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Published: 11 years ago

Liver, leaky gut, and altered immunity

hi again folks..

back again after a visit to the drs and diagnosed with an ulcer of some kind and theres a marker for inflammed liver too. Their eyes glazed over with the lip topic..No big surprise there but what was, is that i had zero discomfort at the time of my internal stomach "nose bleed" as the dr refered to it as! Sure enough at the same time as the stomach nose bleed, my upper lip went through the same sensations i first experienced prior to EC a year ago except this time it didn't have the rapid skin peeling response..instead it's cracked fissured and i have a solid scab on top lip and my bottom lip is equally swollen and flaky?

I'm smearing these with honey (to soften them and it's antibacterial) and gutted but in the same breath theres more dots to consider to join up maybe? Was the first EC flare a milder version and represented a subtle phase of inflammation of the internal walls including state of immune response?

I'm also raising up my hand to be counted as one of those whose immune system is compromised having developed sensitivities/allergies specifically to oil perfumes just prior to the EC flare. ( have improved since Liver Flushes though )

It's been a journey to try and join the dots..and when i think i've made a link another dot appears in the picture..but what is certain is that all organs feature for good health but i never thought the LIVER which is so significant is rarely given the air time it deserves considering it has over 500 jobs to do for bodily health....In essence if the brain is king and the heart is queen they of course have the last say..yet the liver is the priminister, the cabinet and the civil servants which more or less have a major part in running the health of the whole country.

From the reading material it's considered many roads leading to different illnesses apparently can be traced back to a compromised liver..i never knew either how intimately linked diet the liver and autoimmune and digestive system were! You don't have to have a marker in a blood test to indicate a liver working below 100% either.

Checking out the symptoms for an overburdened liver may highlight this. Allergies, Dry skin, bad breath, PMS, depression, anxiety, hypo glyceamia only scratches the surface of a long list of symptoms..what also came up under a compromised liver and of particular note was "emotional moodiness" " elsewhere it gave examples of stubbornness irritablity anger and rudeness!!!!lol

The common ground regarding EC is a repeated reference by the medical proffesions who are keen to pin EC on patients who happen to display pychological disorders and emotional imbalances. And God knows this forum in the past has been nortorious for "bad behaviour" and hysterics. Anyhow it did raise an eyebrow and smile! A good diet and pampered liver may well yield good results in health and emotions.

cats claw supplemnt was the only supplement i phased out on the basis of covers a wide range of things including leaky gut issues which if not addressed can lead to an overburdened liver and immune system. i'm not terribly surprised about the inflammed stomach or the liver diagnosis, i had been chronically stressed out for a while prior to ill health symptoms. From an energetic point of view, the stomach is where you digest or can't digest and assimilate emotional experiences, the liver is the storehouse of supressed or represssed emotions/experiences. That is the reason why in Liver Flushes some out of the ordinary emotions do come about to effectly be cleared! In many other ways since changinging lifestyle, diet and with the basic multivitamins and supplements, i haven't felt better.

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