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Gulf oil post by 131174, part 2
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Published: 11 years ago
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Gulf oil post by 131174, part 2


Hi, sure, copy and paste if you want.

I tried discussing the corexit problem with others here on the gulf. My neighbors, intelligent ones, an MD and his wife with 2 small children quietly sold thier gulf front home soon after the corexit dump. The MD said he no longer wanted his children in the gulf water. Thier home was sold quickly at a high price and they were gone. A few other intelligent wealthy people sold quietly and quickly after the spill, for top dollar.

The gulf realtors play stupid and pretend there is/was no oil spill or corexit dump. They are all looking for a dummy who gets sold by tropical weather tall tales and seashell fantasies. People and crops freeze in the gulf every year. some tropical weather. Another yarn to LURE and SELL to tourists and buyers at inflated prices.

I posted in specific gulf message boards on city data dot com and got attacked by gulf SALESPEOPLE for being the messenger and asking why gulf water tests were not being published.

Realtors, and people trying to sell thier gulf homes for INFLATED prices, restaurant owners, hotel owners and workers, salespeople that live off tourists dollars all told me to
" SHUT UP " and " GO AWAY " and do NOT post about corexit or the gulf oil spill". the salespeople on the gulf will sell northerners, out of towners, tourists, benzene/corexit fish, WITH A BIG HOWDY DOODY SMILE before losing a dime or a dollar.

The salespeople in the gulf will let people swim in toxic benzene rather then test the gulf water and protect public health.
If people know a place is toxic, salespeople will LOSE SALES. No more 500 a night at the ritz hotel to smell benzene breezes.

No more 1000% mark up on everything.

I could see lobster chefs and seafood restaurant owners using the black lobster meat I threw away and chopping it up in a pot covered with a heavy dark sauce, just to get tourists and visitors to eat it and pay money.

It is a tragedy the way the gulf was poisoned.

This is really OLD news. my friend, a decent nutritional MD, was sent 10 years ago to a town where the ENTIRE town was dying of horrible benzene induced cancers and tumors, the local town paper mill, that owned the town newspapers and employed half the town HAD BEEN SPEWING TOXIC BENZINE AND TOXIC PAPER MILL RUN OFF WASTE into the towns only water supply for years, the water was so toxic, everyone in the town was dying of bizarre cancers and tumors and growths, even the local dogs, pets and animals were dying of the same bizarre cancers, growths, and tumors.

My friend the MD was warned to NOT speak ONE WORD to the press or he would be fired, his job was to document, record, count, and try to help some of the dying townspeople, the cdc or who, not sure which group, sent him to do a field report.

The horror of the entire story was that even the MDs were GAGGED and forbidden to tell the town what was killing them. If an HONEST MD tried to speak up, he was ridiculed by the filthy rich paper mill owners and THIER PAID FOR hired lackeys and FAKE paid for experts.

After I learned of two other towns that were poisoned this way, nothing surprizes me.

Sadly, people value money over other human life and a clean environment. It is, sadly, the way of the devils world.

Mh's stories sometimes used to freak me out, the more I learn the more I realize he is correct in many regards.

Did you know 46% of USA women have fibroid tumors? Many the size or oranges, grapefruits and larger, dozens of them? There are some seriously diseased people in USA, since many diseases are on the inside, it is not obvious how sick and congested most people are. Inside those DISTENDED pot bellies are congested uteruses with 10-20-30 pounds of softball size tumors. One woman said her uterus was so full of fibroid tumors, the tumors weighed more then a full term fetus, her MD said the tumors would kill any child trying to develope. No wonder so many women cannot conceive. And no one ever discusses the sick state of almost 50% of USA womens reproductive health.

The more I see the more I realize real food, correct diet is so very critical to a persons health, Mh is very on target in his diet theories, up there with some of the best most honest MDs and healers that actually cure diseases.

IMO some may need vegtables, and Mh had stated vegtables are a "gentler" cleanse then fresh fruits.

With such bad food, body congestion, and bad environmental pollution, it is amazing people in USA even live as long as they do.

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