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Re: Lufenuron is aka "Program" for pets
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Lufenuron is aka "Program" for pets

From a pdf file on S's site - just learnt about this today, just copying and pasting

How to take Lufenuron?
We have carefully designed a treatment regimen based on the latest published medical data on the use of
Lufenuron in primates, and based on feedback from our own customers. It is very important to follow the
following instructions carefully.
You will receive three plastic bags with 15 grams each. Each bag is for a three-week treatment. You take the
contents of the first bag over the course of five days. This is called the “loading” phase. During those days,
the Lufenuron is absorbed into your fat tissues. Then you wait sixteen days. During those days, the
Lufenuron is slowly released again into your bloodstream, killing the Candida. So, 5 + 16 = 21 days, three
weeks. You repeat this procedure twice more, for a total of nine weeks or 63 days, little over two months.
When your symptoms are very severe, you c o u l d shorten the time interval from 16 t o 10 d a y s .
It is important that you take the Lufenuron with a full meal that contains oils or fats. This is because
Lufenuron is lipophilic (dissolves in fat) and is stored in your fat tissues, where it is gradually released into
your bloodstream. If you take the Lufenuron without food that contains some oils or fats, you will not
absorb enough of it. A single spoon of oil is not enough!
Do not take the Lufenuron with just oil, such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is a powerful laxative. People who
took Lufenuron with coconut oil ended up with diarrhea and the Lufenuron won’t be absorbed like that. The
Lufenuron should be thoroughly stirred into for example porridge, thick pea soup, dahl, hummus, ma shed
potatoes, taco sauce, guacamole, yoghurt or anything else it can be mixed into. And you should take a meal
just before, during or after that that contains a significant amount of fat, if the food you mixed it into
It can be any kind of fat, including cheese, bacon, nuts, olive oil, butter, margarine, avocado, salmon,
mackerel, peanut butter etc. I f you are lactose-intolerant, find another, preferably liquid food to mix it with
because the powder tastes rather dry and bland and is therefore unpleasant to have in the mouth and will
be impossible to swallow if it isn’t mixed into something.
Do not expose the Lufenuron to boiling or frying temperatures. Lufenuron has no effect when taken
externally. It is useless mixed into bath water or rubbed on sores. It works by being absorbed by your fat
tissue and over the subsequent weeks s lowly being released into the bloodstream. It is transported through
the capillary veins throughout the body. There it encounters the fungal rhizoids and the Candida is killed.
It is totally unimportant to dose accurately, because Lufenuron is non-toxic for mammals and its biological
half time is measured in days, not hours as is usual with "ordinary" medicines. The only reason you should
not take the entire supply at once is that it may not be fully absorbed if your meal does not contain
sufficient fat/oi l. The Lufenuron will be very slowly released by your fat tissues over the course of at least a
month, maintaining Candida-killing tissue concentrations during that time, so it is not a "5 day cure". This
unique property of Lufenuron is how f lea l ar vae can' t g row when they suck the blood of a dog that has
t a k e n one single Lufenuron tablet a month prior to their bite. So the Candida will die for a couple of weeks
AFTER having taken the last dose of Lufenuron. Again: Accurate dosing is not at al l required. Just take a
teaspoon (flat or not, big/small doesn't matter) on the first and second day, and divide the rest over the
remaining three days.
Pa g e 5
What die-off reaction can you expect?
Lufenuron is a potent antifungal and you might experience a die-off reaction. Depending on the kind of
Candida infection you are suffering from, the die-off reaction can vary. Do not think it is an allergic reaction
to the Lufenuron but continue the regimen. Lufenuron is completely safe and from its use in millions of
animals over a decade, we know that it is very unlikely that an allergic reaction occurs. Instead, what a
Candida-sufferer c a n experience is the “Jarisch-Herxheimer” reaction, which is what happens when a large
number of harmful micro-organisms get killed simultaneously, flooding the immune system with
inflammatory substances and toxins from inside the burst-open fungal cells. You mi ght feel bad for a while -
but then much better than before.
Lufenuron can be safely taken with any other medicines, by people with any kind of medical condition and
can be a part of any diet. There are no known side effects or allergies to the substance. It does not affect
the probiotics in ThreeLac or 5Lac. Lufenuron is not eliminated by liver or kidneys but by the feces. This
makes Lufenuron safe for people with liver or kidney impairment. Lufenuron has a zero glycemic index and
is safe for diabetics. Do not exces s i vely us e l axat i ves on Lufenuron taking days – only use them to
promote normal bowel movements. Also, avoid absorbents (such as active charcoal) on the days you
take Lufenuron.
Shelf life
Lufenuron, when stored dry, not too warm and out of sunlight has a shelf life of at least three years

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