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Re: Intense Itching/Burning Scalp and Hair Loss
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Intense Itching/Burning Scalp and Hair Loss

Hi! Here is a couple of suggestions you may want to try for the intense burning: first of all, it would be beneficial to make sure the foundations are right: your colon & your liver. The BEST Colon Cleanse i have found, was dr. Shulze's. Formula 1 and Formula 2. (I have tried many other things and products, but never had the results i wanted, until i used Dr. Shultze's products). The key is to use it like instructed, and to make sure you use the formula 2, 5 - 6 times a day, and not 2 - 3 times a day at a greater dossage. The key is it needs to be in your colon all the time. You will be shocked and amazed what comes out! And if you do it right, it is guaranteed that the whole toxic waste lining that we all have due to years of eating things that God never intended for us to eat, will come out. If you want to know why is is so vitally important that this happens, please buy Dr. N. Walker's book: "Colon health" it is an amazing, easy to read book, that will change your LIFE!

Secondly, your liver is the second thing that needs adressing. Curezone has been kind enough to publish on this site, everything you need to know, about Liver Cleansing ( Liver Flush recipes and all!) Also on the site: read up on oil pulling. It cant harm!

For immediate relieve for your sculp, i agree with one of the previous writers. Avoid any candida encouraging food, like sugar, gluten (wheat etc. ESPECIALLY in it's refined form), dairy, tomatoes, potatoes, salt and salty foods, like Marmite, alchol and for a couple of weeks, even fruit.

Also avoid heat. That is physical heat... Dress cool and comfortable try not to get hot and sweaty. Avoid hot situations, meaning anything that will cause you stress. Avoid purgent (hot) spices like chillies, and as far as you can, even hot (physical) foods, like stews, soups, hot drinks etc. Opt instead to eat more salads, and vegetable juices, cold water and cooled herbal teas.

Try relieving the burning by lying down with your head in a shallow dish with cold water... As cold as you can handle. It would be beneficial to add a cup of camomile tea (that has been cooled down) to the water. Do this as often as you want, for as long as you want.

Also try applying: Aloe vera gel or coconut oil mixed with lavender essential oil (make sure it is real essential oil)in a mixing ratio of 10 - 50% lavender oil.

Dont use harsh normal shampoo's. Try to get something natural from a health store that doesnt contain: Sodium Laurel Sulphate, as this will agrivate your sculp for sure!

To try and treat the candida on the scalp, you can try tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil. You can try making a cream (with an aqueous cream base mixed with Neem Oil, Turmeric and a few drops of Rose oil (essential oil).Also try plain yogurt, as the good bacteria will fight the candida, whist the milk will sooth your sculp.

Herbalteas that will help (just drink them cooled down)will be Chamomile and lavender, as well as any of the following, available from healthstores in tablet/tea form: yarrow, feverfew, nettle, baikal skullcap, lemonbalm, ashwagandha, guduchi, amalaki, schisandra, licorice, shitake and reishi mushrooms. Gingseng will improve stress tollerance. Herbs that will support you liver's'detoxifying work... Helping to clear your sculp is: burdock, red clover, cleavers, nettle, neem, dandelion, globe artichoke, Aloe vera and most important: Milk thistle.

Internally make sure you get enough Omega 3's,and evening primrose oil or borage seed oil for the GLA's' and drink A LOT of probiotics a day. Excessively! If at all possible try to make your own Sauerkraut or other naturally fermented vegetables (recipes on the internet... Just make sure there is no vingegar or boiling called for in the recipe) and the easiest is to just put it in normall glass jars. Some people cure themselves totally from candida within a month, by eating loads of sauerkraut (which is yummy in anycase) everyday (a bottle on average)

And last, but not least... Take your burdens to the feet of Jesus. He is able to heal and restore you, and give you true joy and peace!

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