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THE VALUE OF BROWN RICE FAST,IP6 factor,zero multivitamins and candida or not?
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Published: 10 years ago

THE VALUE OF BROWN RICE FAST,IP6 factor,zero multivitamins and candida or not?

Is there something in JUST BROWN RICE that could have been KEY in SOME healing process in the light of the recent success of a couple of people here.. that even for those that are candida free would benefit from..there seemed to be such RAPID recovery and improvemnt it made me think..more..

Of particular and pertinent note too was that the success was in tandem with the STOPPING of SUPPLEMENTS which in addition were dairy and wheat free so that couldn't have been the reason and issue for their cessation?

It was effectly a SHORT TERM HIGH FIBER CLEANSING DIET not only toxin removal at an intestinal level but at a MOLECULAR level too and heres why..

IP6= phytic acid and predominant component of brown a chelator. a nutrient binder..escorting EXCESS minerals, Iron off site from the body...IRON BEING ACCUMULATIVE OVER THE YEARS can lead to iron overload which is seriously bad up about it. it's no wonder some brands of multivitamin tablets leave iron completely out!!!!

Brown rice aside from having a UNIQUE form of vitamin E (tocotriends) has been shown to:

1)inhibit inflammation
2)embodies over 70 antioxidants, blocks free radicals,
3)reduces oxidative stress resulting in NEURONAL DAMAGE
4)strengthens immune system

shown to revert cancer cells in early stages back to normal..together with green tea a synergy happens particularly good for colon cancer..flattens out Sugar diabetics etc etc..

Any EXCESS in food and minerals etc has been shown to be just as bad as being nutrient poor.

Mal-nutrition = bad / malfunctioning nutrition
even novice raw food enthusiasts...can be mal-nourished.

"ironically we are in a nutrient starved
nation inspite of excesssive availability of healthy food and it the cause of the latter that there are so many degenerative diseases" is too much of a good thing a bad thing!?

The component IP6 extracted from brown rice is a recognised supplement and an effective cleansing chelating therapy..some consider it to be the only supplement worth considering given abundant food source we have access to.

BOTH BROWN RICE FAST and IP6 as a supplement clearly discourages "not to use any other diet supplement"
which is in line with warrior queens approach and with good results...hers and anothers lips improved..

The question is; is brown rice and buckwheat fasting and chelation which this diet effectively was... the reason for the lip healing or was it the demise of candida..which was an angle approached from? Brown rice i think is an excellent prebiotic food source too for good bacterial intestinal flora and growth?? This would go some way of course in helping to balance out any other overgrowth of undesirable bacteria/candida?

A Water Fast to detox and reconfigure my body back to zero..wasn't recommended by my dr given my stomach ulcer..whereas on line found that the brown rice fast diet was the recommended alternative. With its nutrient binding properties removing excess minerals, acts as the same thing as a water fast..for clearing and cleaning..

Out with the old and in with the new...with balanced moderation and omission.

I'm not confident enough to go it alone on just diet at the moment untill i fully understand more about nutrition etc..but the iron tablets despite being a veggie have most definitely been thrown out..

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