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Re: Liver Cleanse for gall stones unsuccessful
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse for gall stones unsuccessful


Oh yeah, I've got suggestions aplenty:

First of all, the main reason people become nauseated and throw up when drinking large quantities of olive oil is because the liver and gallbladder are so clogged, that they know they cannot possibly process that much oil at up it comes. That's the body's way of caring for itself.

So you need to start a little slower and gentler, maybe add some supporting liver/gallbladder herbs and ease your way into a major flush. Dr. Schulze had many patients that couldn't even hold down a tablespoon of olive oil for any length of time when they started to treat major liver & gallbladder he'd ease them into it, just a few teaspoons at a time, daily, until their body could handle a bigger flush.

Also for your consideration, here's a recent post of mine that might be of great benefit: //

Secondly, whenever you drink olive oil and throw it back up...your liver produces a LOT of bile that flushes the liver and dumps it into your gallbladder to do the same. There is NO SUCH THING as an unsuccessful flush. Your liver and gallbladder are SO congested, that the bile that was produced wasn't enough to push out enough of the clog that you would see results in your elimination the next day. But your liver DID produce a lot of bile and that bile DID go through your biliary ducts somehow (or you'd be in the ER with a sheet over you!). Just because it wasn't enough bile (or the clog was too big) for the bile to push out a lot of junk, does not mean that your flush wasn't only means you need to keep working at the clog. It's just like a clog in your sink...first you pour in Draino and you think it doesn't work, then you pour in more Draino and you still think it doesn't work, and you keep pouring in Draino till the clog disappears. Hmmm, was the first dose of Draino "unsuccessful"? Hardly! It was that first few doses that did the dirty work and loosened everything up so the last dose would show results.

Thirdly, not doing a parasite cleanse before Liver Flushing rarely has anything to do with whether or not you become nauseated and/or throw up. Hundreds of thousands of people have attained fabulous liver and gallbladder health throughout the ages, without doing a parasite cleanse. And if your liver/gallbladder is so infested and clogged with living parasites that olive oil would cause you to throw up because of the congestion, how would adding dead parasite bodies to the clog of alive ones be of any use? It makes FAR more sense (in my opinion) to flush out the major clog of parasites BEFORE you kill them.

Here's two links to Dr. Schulze s protocol for a gentler flush procedure (complete with a liver/gallbladder tea AND tonic that strengthen and soothe them both).

He has you starting the day with a tablespoon of olive oil, clove of garlic, piece of ginger root and citrus juice blended together...and then adding a tablespoon of olive oil and clove of garlic each day (until you reach 5 tablespoons and 5 cloves)...which quite frankly, is almost impossible for me to drink. But in your situtation, I would do the five day flush, but never add the additional clove of garlic or the additional tablespoon of olive oil, until your body told you it was ready to handle it.

And get this! If you use his liver/gallbladder tea and tonic along with the flush drink, you also accomplish an extremely effective parasite cleanse all at the same time. And the tea is FANTASTIC!

Pain: In the first Schulze link I posted, there's several recommendations for relieving pain in the liver/gallbladder region. Epsom Salts will relax the biliary ducts so they're not full of pressure (and help any globules or 'stones' pass more easily). Castor oil packs are almost always a major relief for tenderness, swelling, discomfort and pain in any region, but for some reason they're ESPECIALLY effective in the liver/gallbladder region.

I applaud your courage and your effort...well done! You HAVE succeeded at loosening and unclogging your liver & gallbladder, whether you saw any evidence of it or not. All you have to do is 'stay the course', take it a bit slower & easier, and keep working on that clog. You CAN do this...and your body will reward you a thousand times over because you stuck with it!

Here's to your health,


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