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Re: yes i have
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: yes i have

No. You cannot easily make them. Most internet companies are probably selling you toxic hydroxides at worst, and at best, weak liquid suspensions which are no where near monatomic.

Yes you CAN make it yourself, but it takes a good lab with a decent chemist to produce pure ORME via Hudson's patent. However the sodium burn is something doable in a large backyard, but can be very dangerous if not carefully done.

Orbitally rearranged monatomic elementas(or diatomic, whatever they really are), aka ORMEs, are made by a patent made by David Hudson, who spent aournd 8 million researching them in the 90s. There is no website besides ASC who produces true ORME . Even ASC wont do it for most people , as they are backed up with work. They require a phone consultation.

Best to hire a chemist , with hudson's patent as a guide.

Best to stay away from gold. Gold is most likely to induce psychosis, and is least effective in healing. Rhodium, ruthenium and iridium are the best re generators , physically and mentally, and are actually popping up in peer reviewed medical journals all over the place (in a different form called organometals). But you might want to avoid iridium for a while till youre sure theres no risk of cancers (which are cleared out by the rhodium), because IR tends to speed growth (which can be good or bad, dependeing).

Hiring a chemist may be quite costly for producing authentic, Hudson ORMEs.

However THere is a cheaper way, the sodium burn method, but takes a deal of caution. There are some brave and skilled enough to do it for you though, if you seek them out.

The sodium burn produces a liquid suspension still superior to most internet products. Essentailly, the sodium burn uses sodium metal and water to tear apart the metallic bonds of a given platinum group element. David hudson agreed that the sodium burn method is acceptable. But you risk contamination unless you use the most resilient of crucibles (probably zirconium or better yet, quartz)

You canmot make ORMEs or anything significant with grape juice. Of course , grape juice extract is still healthy, and sometimes contains miniscule amounts of rhodium (the most significant element).

If you buy products certain internet "gold" products in a powder or liquid form, it is likely you are getting gold hydroxide , which converts to gold chloride in your stomach (potent neurotoxin). Do you honestly think those swindlers (their crime being harmful ignorance) went through all the proper steps, like annealing their powders at 600c + in a magnetically shielded vacuum tube furnace under an inert gas? No, neither do I think so.

There are a few sincere guys out there like Don Nance (Ocean Alchemy) and Joe at atlantis alchemy, who make safe liquid suspensions. They dont make pure ORME. They do use the sodium burn in some cases, which is acceptable. Joe from atlantis has even been hair tested , with no metals shown.

Be careful out there and try to stay informed. The best info is on ASC (ascension alchemy)'s page. Again, they might put you on a long waiting list for pure orme, and its very expensive . But they are the most honest folks ive come across in years of searching. If you dont buy ORMES from them, you can at least learn ALOT about the great work.

Best thing to do is save up at least 10 grand or so and have a chemist do it the right way with a good chunk of metal powder that will last you a while.

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