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Fecal Body Odor Odour

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jimbojones69 Views: 11,112
Published: 12 years ago

Fecal Body Odor Odour

Hey peeps. I suffered with this same problem (fecal body odour) for a long time (4 years+). I tried altering lots of things. You tend to find that people are very aloof when you confront them about it. It took me a long while to even discover what the smell even smelled like to others as I have never actually been able to smell it myself. Its quite demoralising and should be taken seriously.

I became extremely frustrated because my family also stated that they couldnt smell it but then I would walk around and other people would make comments. Its something people just dont want to say to your face.

I once managed to clear out a packed commuter train carriage, and after hearing a lot of other passangers complaining to a conductor decided to call over the conductor and straight out asked him 'Look do I smell' to which he bent down, gave me a good sniffing then said 'no, I cant smell anything'.

I have read hundreds of forums and reports of people who have similar conditions and the main issue is that there are many differenct causes of this problem. So first i'll mention a few different things you might want to check out and then I'll tell you how I cured my case.

One possible cause of these symptoms is Trimethylaminuria (TMAU). This is a condition where the body is unable to break down certain food contents resulting in a fishy/fecal odour being released from the body. A more technical descirption can be found here.

My advice on this condition after much research is that it is very rare and usually occurs during the late teens early twenties. If the odour others smell has never been described as 'fishy' and is always described as 'fecal' I would suggest you do not have TMAU.

Another possible cause is a physical damage/disease with the anus. Piles/hemorrhoids is a common cause of fecal body odour as feces can get trapped after a bowel movement. If you suspect you have piles/hemorrhoids you NEED to contact your local GP to have this checked out. Most piles are quite treatable with adequate piles cream such as this.
Anal fissure/fistulas could also be causing the problem. An anal fissure is a small tear in the skin around the anus. Because the anus contracts and relaxes constantly it becomes very difficult for the tear to heal. If you notice small amounts of blood after you wipe then its quite possible you have a fissure. If this has not stopped after a few days you really need to be contacting your GP and getting yourself checked.

An anal fistula is a small opening which has developed close to the anus. More detailed information can be found here. If you notice soft tissue around the anus and you suspect it may be a fistula again you really need to be contacting your GP to have yourself checked out.

Another possible cause is rectal prolapse. More information can be found out about this here. If you have anything protruding from the anal opening then you most certainly need to contact your GP immediately.

OK,OK, so what was up with me and how did I fix it....I noticed over the time that I suffered with this issue that my anus felt slightly wet. I figured it was probably sweat so used various powders etc to keep it dry. After researching online many many stories, such as the original poster, I found most cases had something in common which was possible strain/stretching of the anus. You will notice that the original poster mentioned that she had two small children, hinting that she had probably recently (within a year or so) given birth. This can be a common cause of anal strain/stretching. Other causes can include repetative stress to the anal area perhaps through anal intercourse or other anal insertions. Now only you will know whether your anus has been strained/stretched. Lets be honest your reading this online so if you are lying and saying no you are only lying to yourself.

Lets demystify something which often leads to confusion. People assume that the anus is a singular entity and that if they are checking that area and there is no fecal matter then they are perfectly continent and there is nothing wrong with that area. Infact the term anus is usually used to describe two sphincteral muscles, one internal and one external. If the external sphincter muscle becomes relaxed it can often expose some of the inside of the anus which also smells, but ofcourse does not produce any fecal matter when wiped. It is difficult to relate whether you think your anus is a little loose or not as naturally I have only ever 'felt' my own. The best way I can suggest testing this is when you are in the bath lay relaxed on your back and contract your anus. Then place a rigid finger on your anus. DO NOT MOVE YOUR FINGER AT THIS POINT. When you relax your anus if it pushes back against the finger and remains firmly closed I would suggets that your anus is not loose. However if your anus opens and begins to encroach significatly upon the finger than I would suggest that your anus is loose.

So how did I solve this matter? First I went to my GP who, after giving me a thorough check, stated I had nothing seriosly wrong with me (like they usually do) but prescibed me anusol. Information on which you can find here. This is a mild piles cream. Amongst other things it is awesome at covering the fecal smell as it is ofcourse designed to be applied to that area. I also decided that if indeed my anus was loose that I should begin Kegal Excersizes. These are excersizes designed to tighten the anus and other muscles. More technical info can be found here.

Dont expect miracles after a few days. But after a month or so I began to notice vast improvements. I also noted that for whatever reason (perhaps it was just in my mind) that the anusol appeared to help my 'clench' better whilst doing the excersizes. Now I feel pretty much back to normal and I am picking back up the pieces to my old party life. I have posted this in the hope that it may help others who have suffered from similar symptoms. If I help atleast one other person regain control of their life then I will be more than happy. Good Luck!!


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