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Published: 10 years ago
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For josephr525 (and everyone, of course) LONG

 Joe (and everybody) -

Here's my compilation & recommendations ...along with my sincerest of apologies for the delay (and for any incorrect formatting in this post - it's perfect in Word, but we never know what's going to happen to our posts when these crazy 'text editors' get ahold of them!)
I hope you'll find the information was 'worth the wait'...if not, I still hope you'll find the information of good use along your healing pathways.
I've started with information regarding concepts and some of the healing herbs & modalities, and closed with specific recommendations.
In my recommendations (at the end), I may have missed some herbal options that could give you some general 'symptom relief', because although you have posted quite a lot of information, it's hard to know what may be symptoms caused by the drugs & supplements (or even diet), and what are your body's symptoms. Of course, any/all of them can be from a combination of the above.  And you likely have other symptoms or issues (like the eczema I just noticed in a post recently), that I don't know of...and having a good 'symptom profile' is very important to making a good 'recommendation profile'. BUT, cleansing and restoring your body/organs will provide 'health'...and that's THE best symptom relief there is!
Another thing I don't know is how much information you've read & assimilated on your own (or how many of the Schulze videos, or which ones, you've watched...or how the information on the ones you've watched works into a protocol based on three healers...).   So at the end, I'm posting a basic "question list" . It's certainly not 'required' for you to fill it out, but if there's anything on the list you think I'd need to know (or you need to correct) in order for me to be 'more complete' in the information I'm offering, when you respond please add that information to your response/post.
Oh yes, one thing to keep in mind while reading this is that when I create these long, informative posts I know from experience that in a few months they'll have hundreds (if not thousands) of "hits". So many times I may be repeating information/links I've already offered (or I may seem to be 'condescending' in some way or another). Be assured, that 'condescending' is never the case (with you or anyone else).   I just want to be sure that those reading this in the future have all the information they need to put together all the pieces. 
Before going further, I'd like to applaud you on the amount of information you've amassed along your life's journey; your willingness to reach outside of your 'box' to learn & understand different concepts; the discipline & effort you've already applied to your healing, and how pure & clean you've kept your diet. Kudos aplenty for all that, Joe!    Onward...
One of the basic concepts that many of us had to overcome is the idea that we somehow need to "baby" a sick body in order to heal it. If I had $20 bucks for every time I've heard something like: "My ND told me I am too weak to cleanse my colon or do a liver flush", I'd be well on my way to getting that Harley that Rocky so truly deserves!   How illogical IS that? Our body is weak and symptomatic because our organs are clogged and congested and a 'white coat' tells us we're too weak/sick to remove the clogs? That's like a mechanic telling you that your car is too compromised from it's dirty oil filter for it to be safe to do an oil change. But hey, it sure sells a lot of "bandaid supplements", eh?
Speaking of mechanics, I frequently make analogies & refer to our bodies as classic, high performance autos that have been driven hard for decades, but have had little or no proper & effective maintenance...on top of low-grade, toxic fuel (and lots of fuel additives & injections of all KINDS of degrading substances). Yet even with all the abuse, there's absolutely no reason we can't be restored to perfect condition. This being the case, the concept and information below (taken from a past post here: 'Separate Cleanses', Enemas, P&B, colon Q&A (buried post) ) is VERY important for consideration:

Doing one cleanse at a time, can many times work against us.  Think of it like restoring an automobile that's been driven hard & fast for 30 years without much (any!) regular maintenance...and really (REALLY!) cheap fuel - many times 'fuel' that was definitely not even designed for the car!   The exhaust is clogged, the fuel lines are filthy, the oil/filter needs changed (desperately), the carburetor needs calibrated and cleaned, sparks & plugs changed & gapped, alternator fixed/adjusted; transmission rebuilt (or at least overhauled);  suspension aligned; new tires needed, brake pads replaced., etc.  If you cleanse the exhaust & fuel lines (similar to the colon & parasite) before cleansing the oil/filter and carb (liver & parasites), you end up filthy fuel lines and clogged exhaust before you ever get to the carb/oil/filter work.  But if you do the oil/filter/carb before you cleanse the fuel lines and get the gunk out of the exhaust and deal the points & plugs, the plugs'll be corroded again before you know it.  New tires & brake pads before an alignment? A waste of new tires/brake pads.  If the alternator is 'shorting or weak' that stresses all the system parts....the electrical flow through the engine is no different than the electrical flow through the body. Change to high-grade fuel before cleansing and restoring the damage from the cheap fuel?  :::sigh::: That can end up being a waste of fuel (too rich for the compromised system to handle).   The human body is no different.  It's always much more effective to 'put it up on blocks' and do a full body cleanse/restore, than it is to do it one at a time.  Yep, it's more work, but it's FAR more effective (and you'll get MUCH more life out of the car by doing it that way).  Remember: in this toxic/poisoned world, our bodies are like high-performance automobiles CONSTANTLY in overdrive (generally running on VERY low grade fuel with extremely little maintenance).  There's no truly safe/healthy protocol (maintenance) we can do, that's as extreme as the totally unnatural conditions we live in.  And it's only MDs and "alternative practitioners" that believe we can deal with one system of the body at a time.  EVERY system/organ in the body depends upon every other.   (Perhaps those analogies weren't "mechanically/technically perfect", but I'm sure you get the idea).   In one of Dr. Schulzes interviews he talks about how many people say: "Well I did a colon cleanse; I did several liver flushes already; yeah, I juice fasted a few years ago; yes! I did hot/cold showers; I tried the vegan thing; I took herbs...none of it worked!"  And Dr. Schulze replies, "But did you ever do everything TOGETHER?". Since our body is a complete engine/organism where ALL parts depend upon the others, that seems like a no-brainer, eh? You'd think that at least 'alternative' medicine would "get it", but I have yet to hear of any clinical practicioner that does :(


Don't we WISH we could exit our body, put it "up on blocks", do an overhaul and then climb back in? (yes we do :) The thing is, in doing the overhaul we have do it over many months WHILE our car is running 24/7. This means there are going to be some "do overs" while we learn to be in-tune with what is actually happening in our body. It also means we're going to experiencing quite a bit of back-firing, sputtering, jerks, rumblings and all kinds of varying "numbers & levels" throughout the process. So always remember, it took us years to learn what the simplest 'odd sound' coming from our cars means precisely, it may take us a bit of time to learn to clearly interpret the voice of our doctor within. Always feel free to ask questions, hopefully I (or someone else) will be able to provide the answers...or at least our experiences and 'thinks & thoughts' to help you along your healing pathway.


The three integral words for a strong real-estate transaction/investment are "location, location, location". The three integral words in natural healing are "enough, enough, enough"! We must remember that the compromise our body is suffering (almost always) is far worse and far harder for it to bear than the repair work it so desperately needs (not to mention how it causes even more problems to develop). Even though the overhaul process may yield some back-firing and sputtering, that's just the symptoms of our body actually healing (not symptoms of it getting worse. yay!). So...we make sure the herbs & products we use are pure enough; strong enough & 'right' enough. We make sure we use & take enough. And we make absolutely sure we DO enough to help the body heal. Even though we didn't know we were doing it, it took a lifetime of dedicated effort & action (or inaction) to get in the condition we're in now - reversing it IS an "activity' (a lot of UNdoing) that is essential to the process.

Numbers & levels

Numbers & levels "disclaimer": If/when we don't know or recognize the symptoms of various deficiencies so that we can alter our diet (and/or improve our assimilation or processing), then these tests can be a useful long as they don't lead to us taking all kinds of drugs & supplements that do nothing more than force-alter the 'numbers & levels' and compromise us further. I'm not saying that there aren't exceptions and there may very well be times when it's necessary to know the numbers to monitor disease states, deal with emergencies, etc. But what I am saying is: FIRST physician, do NO harm

The results of all the various 'numbers & levels' tests & lab work diagnose one thing assuredly - whether or not we fall into the range of what the compilers of statistical data have decided are "average". When I look at the diet & health of the average human in the US, I'm fairly certain I don't want my results to be average! When I was a child, my great uncle went to Mayo Clinic to have a complete physical (I remember the adults talking about this...I think it was a 3-5 day exam, and I think he was in his mid to late 50's). When the results were in, he was 100% average (hence proclaimed 100% healthy).  A few weeks later when he didn't return home 'as scheduled' from a hunting excursion...well, they found him dead with a pheasant in one hand and his gun in the other. They said it was a "massive coronary". 


And what if the 'numbers & levels' fall outside of their parameters? They have drugs or supplements that will force our bodies to produce different 'numbers & levels'. If our blood sugar is too high, they give us insulin...and our numbers are perfect! But the insulin lessens or shuts down our pancreas' production of insulin, and we die of diabetes complications anyway. If our heart beats too fast or hard (due to our arteries being clogged), they give us a beta blocker to slow and weaken our heart beat/rate and relax our arteries...and this is what happens:
Metoprolol given alone caused a slow but prolonged decrease in liver blood flow (maximum decrease: hepatic artery = -54%, portal vein = -21%, hepatic vein = -27%) 4 hours after administration because of a decrease in heart rate and cardiac output.
But hey, when taking a beta blocker, the heart & bp 'numbers & levels' are PERFECT! But nevermind the fact that it reduces blood flow throughout the liver (entire body?!) by up to 54%?! (or maybe even more?). Y'all just be sure to get those numbers right, y'hear (say 'the whitecoats').
Of course, the same examples hold true with various supplemental chemicals, vitamins & minerals isolated away from their naturally occurring co-factors (and of course, synthetic). As is shown here: Unknown Dangers of Vitamin C , just take a few handfuls of Vitamin C and immediately alter your copper levels; alter your copper levels and you've altered your iron levels (and who knows what happens to all systems that are in charge of those levels). But how many people have ever developed a disease due to lack of an unnatural isolate (or synthetic) version of Vitamin C? None.
More good information on synthetic and isolated "nutrients" in this chapter from The Doctor Within (a "must read", methinks): Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C
As far as "standardized" herbal supplements: Isolated/Standardized Extracts of plants & herbs
Why don't clinicians address the baseline CAUSE of the problems? Well, most have no idea HOW to do this (or what the baseline cause might be)...and those that have more than half-a-clue, probably would say we're too compromised to 'cleanse & restore' (OR they know it's the opposite of profitable financially). Some say that it's because people won't change their diets & lifestyle because they're too lazy, so they'd rather pop a pill. I agree with Dr. Schulze on this's all just hogwash. We ALL want to live a vibrant, powerful and healthy life. I think the real problem is that we don't have the knowledge we need (hence we don't have the belief & understanding) to do what it takes. Besides, who in the world wants to work hard, make sacrifices and be ridiculed by friend & family, when they can just pop a pill or two, get the right 'numbers & levels' and some symptom control, and call it done? Of course, the reality of 'numbers & levels' is more complex than that, but the concept is what I wanted to share.
The Key to Life is a Healthy Colon?
--Third grade science (or what used to be): No life form, no matter it's size, can sustain life without two things: the ability to assimilate nutrients and the ability to expel waste.
--"the entire colon is so big that it is connected to, touches, sits next to or is in the vicinity of every major organ in the human body except the brain. It also touches most of your major blood vessels and nerves." (Schulze) 
And that's when the colon is normal & healthy!  But when the colon is engorged & bulging with putrefying food from several meals (and the gas it creates), clogged and congested with mucous and rubbery build-up, the swollen colon is squishing, compressing & compromising every major organ it comes into contact with in some way or another. Dr. John R. Christopher stated that over 90 percent of our ailments can be traced to an accumulation of toxins in the colon.
Squished & compressed = inadequate blood flow = inadequate oxygen & nutrients = stagnant = disease state (extremely susceptible to pathogens & parasites).
Factor in this: 'Germs' don't cause disease any more than mosquitoes cause a pond to be stagnant. It's because the pond is stagnant that there is an overgrowth of mosquitoes.   Pasteur admitted on his deathbed that his 'germ theory' was wrong...he ultimately agreed with Bechamp saying, "the terrain is everything". But they'd already started selling and making huge profits from vaccines...and when Rockefeller & Co bought the Encyclopedia Britannica in the late 1800's, all the references to the then-known dangers of vaccines *poof* disappeared (but that's for another post someday). Continuing...

(See the picture below - which is MUCH more realistic than most).  Most people don't realize that one of the most common complications of cholesystectomy (carving out the gallbladder) is when the gallbladder has become somehow 'attached' to the transverse colon.  The transverse colon (even when it's a normal size) constantly puts pressure on the liver, but in most people it's full of several meals worth of food instead of just 'one meals worth' (not to mention the build-up of debris & gas is produces) and the resulting engorgement can be pressing and squishing the liver & biliary network for decades, ultimately causing all kinds of digestive (hence, full body) issues.  Just IMAGINE how compromised the liver could be if the transverse colon was engorged enough to press constantly on the gallbladder!  The gallbladder can be different locations for many people - so the colon can squish/constrict the gallbladder even when it's not overly engorged.


AND the resulting stagnancy and 'lack of flow' throughout the liver creates the perfect terrain for pathogens (Hep C) and liver flukes. So cleansing & restoring the colon to it's optimal condition, is an integral step for both restoring the liver tissue from the damage done by Hep C and for eradicating it!

Oh yes, there IS a good reason that the 'order of cleansing' is always COLON FIRST!!! (and why we need to be sure to cleanse & restore it thoroughly...and keep up-to-date on our maintenance)).
But frustratingly, most people have no IDEA what "thoroughly" means and how compromised we actually are. Our digestive tract HAS been seriously compromised since 1) we were born and our mother didn't breast feed us; 2) when we were first vaccinated (even if breast fed); 3) since we were weaned onto solid foods (all of us).  It's natural for every animal to have 3-5 bowel movements daily - one upon waking, one before going to sleep, and one for every major meal ingested. Unvaccinated, breastfed babies do this - they stop doing it when we feed them food that is unnatural to them...starting with cow's milk. (That's kind of a "well duh", eh?  What other animal in nature suckles from a different animal than it's own species? or drinks milk after it weans? zero).  So, from the time they started feeding us unnatural foods (that couldn't be digested, assimilated and expelled in 6-8 hours after eating them), the strength, musculature, peristaltic action, and assimilation of nutrients of our upper/lower intestines has been compromised in some way.  Picture this: instead of swallowing every bit of food/water you eat in a day, after you chew it halfway and mix it with saliva/digestive enzymes, you spit it into a glass jar, tightly cap the lid, and put it into a dark place with the temp around 100 degrees...what will happen? In 12 hours the jar will contain a large amount of gas/pressure, after 24 hours or more it will likely explode from the pressure of the gas given off from the putrefying food. But since our alimentary canal isn't glass, it stretches & expands. For most of us, ever since we've been a toddler (day after week after month after year), our intestines have been stretched & expanded by the gasses & build up created from putrefying unnatural/dead foods that take too long to digest & eliminate. For those of us that were NOT breast fed, had antibiotics and vaccines...?...the balance and levels of our gut flora was dismal from birth. And these billions of essential critters can't recolonize and rebalance themselves correctly in a cesspool of putrefaction, no matter HOW many capsules of probiotics we swallow.
It's completely illogical (even ridiculous) to surmise that over a half-century of compromise is going to be corrected with a few random "5-day" cleanses, the various magnesium-based 'oxy cleanses', a series or two of colonics/colemas, or even a months worth of enemas (that only reach the last 5-6" of 25-30 feet of tubing) and a few bottles of probiotics. What IS enough? At the very minimum, at least one 30 day cleanse using an effective product with a diet & therapies that support the process. There is but one person on the forum (that has posted) that has done 3-4 30 day cleanses, and she continued getting out all manner of build-up after the first 30 days. After the initial releases early on, she got out large sheets/mats of what seemed quite obviously to be dead mycelial candida. How are the microbiota supposed to recolonize atop a terrain like that?
JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!  (not only a 'must read', but a 'should memorize'! :)
It takes a vast amount of energy daily to "completely process" food from the time we put it in our mouth until it exits our body (up to 65% of our entire body's energy resources daily!). This energy could be used by our body to heal us, but it's spent processing & assimilating the nutrients from food. Meat & dairy (and grains in their unnatural powdered form) are THE most energy-zapping things we can eat (and they yield very little nutrition for the amount of work/energy it takes to assimilate them). We all know this is true - if we eat a meal that's heavy in meat/cheese/dairy and/or bread-pasta, we immediately feel extremely sluggish and it takes hours for that sluggishness to dissipate - but if we eat a meal of fruits, steamed/raw veggies or something like an oriental stir-fry, we're out of the sluggish zone very quickly. Dr. Christopher explains it like this (my paraphrase and additions):
Imagine two machines that process ore daily for decades - they each extract gold from the rough ore that's put into into them. Into one machine is put tons of dirt & rocks that contain tiny particles of gold - into the other is put small amounts of dirt & rocks containing thick veins of pure gold.  Which machine is going to require the most maintenance? Which machine is going to break down most often? Which machine is going to 'die' soonest? Of course, the one that has to work the hardest to extract the gold.
Fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds & grains in their live, wholesome form (and the oils thereof) are pure gold ore to our bodies. Animals that we eat for their dead flesh, unborn offspring (eggs) and bodily fluids eat pure gold ore to develop their muscles, tissues, offspring, and the fluids they feed their offspring. When we eat these dead animal parts & fluid, we are ingesting the tiny pieces of gold, but our bodies (ore-processing machines) have to work very hard to break out the various second-hand nutrients/gold, and then work even harder (creating various acids & enzymes our body must create from it's own nutrient stores), so that we can assimilate these second-hand nutrients. And worse yet, all the 'leftover non gold' is very mucous forming & compromising because meat & dairy contain absolutely no fiber at all - so it clogs & coats our villi & intestinal tracts, making it even harder for the next shovel of ore to be processed.  (And btw, the "grass fed organic meats" that others theorize people need for health have the same negative effect in this regard as toxic meat coming from animals from confinement lots). We expend all that energy and cause all that 'wear & tear' just to get a small amount of the very nutrients we desperately require to sustain our health & life.  And lifeless dead powder (with enzyme inhibitors) we call "flour"? Mix it with water (whether it's white flour or whole grain flour) and it will glue wallpaper onto a wall for decades. 

We could be giving our bodies living pure gold...and that's what we need to do if our depleted bodies are going to have the energy and fuel they require to undo decades worth of damage and restore themselves!

Other 'meat considerations' -
While our ore-processing machine (bodies are exhausting themselves wearily to process & assimilate the "gold" nutrients from the rough dirt & rock ore (animal flesh & products), some percentage of the dirt & rock IS going to be assimilated. The muscles, bones & flesh of animals is where the poisons & metals (that cannot be eliminated daily) are stored...for the lifetime of the animal. Sadly, no matter how 'organically' an animal is raised, the very air & water essential to life are laden with poisons....and these do build up in the flesh & bones of the animals we slaughter & eat. Bone/meat broths...certainly are "mineral rich", but they're also the best way I know of to extract and condense the poisons & metals that have been stored in the bones & flesh of an animal for it's lifetime. That's certainly not something I'd want to put in my compromised body while I was working hard and investing money and effort for detoxification & restoration of my body. It's not like there aren't options! Do even the tiniest bit of research into the nutrition level of various sprouts, and then imagine just how much more 'nutrient rich' a "sprout broth" (made with or without green juices & therapeutic herbs) would be. Poisons & metal in the newly sprouted seedling (without their hulls)? That'd be, virtually none.
Animal hormones are NOT human hormones...but we get a dose every time we diligently chew some animal flesh. Of course, the flesh of animals that have been injected with hormones are much worse. When in healing mode we want to eliminate all the potential stressors we possibly can.
Death chemicals. It's fairly unusual to find 'clean meat' in this regard, because it's fairly unusual to find 'commercial organic meat' that comes from a rancher that concerns themselves with "slaughter methods" (since most 'truck' their live animals away for slaughter & processing). Yet the pain & fear an animal suffers when being transported & slaughtered causes them to release very large levels of all kinds of 'adrenaline-type' fear & death chemicals & hormones that flood their panicked bodies as they are transported (and then electrocuted, clubbed or bled to death). So we get to chew on & assimilate a goodly portion of those when eating animal flesh, too. yum?. For those that are interested in 'energy healing', Dr. Christopher also reminds us that 'fear & death energy' ingested into ourselves (and actually caused by us, since we support the process), isn't exactly conducive or harmonious with 'healing & life' energy. Many times, when we look at the entire meat-eating thing without our "societal conditioning blinders", it's becomes rather sickening.
Uric Acid - Google search (meat, kidneys, "uric acid"):
Who has "kidney compromise" at varying levels? - it is typical reported:
--blood flow through the kidneys decreases by 10% per decade after age 30
--by age 75, the kidneys weigh 10-25% less than when we were young
--by age 80, the kidneys' ability to filter waste has decreased by 50%
So, that means unless we're under 30 (not), then we've needed to thorough kidney cleanse & regular maintenance cleansing (as well as "full body upkeep") to support our kidneys, or we all have some level of kidney compromise.  And that cyst you report is indication of the same.
Hmmm (thinking out loud here)...does the increase in size of your kidney cyst correlate with the start of you eating a high meat diet? And since the kidneys regulate and balance electrolytes (magnesium!)...we don't want to overlook or underestimate the needs of your kidneys.
I'm an Iowa farm girl (of mostly German ancestry) - my grandpa raised Black Angus cattle and my grandma raised chickens. My larder has always been "well stocked" with dairy, meat & cheeses (omg cheese, I LOVE cheese!).  My 'perfect meal' has always started with a 'cheesy appetizer', followed by rare filet mignon (or a NY strip, or prime rib) as the centerpiece. Brats & cabbage/kraut, sausage, bacon, BBQ of all kinds have 'always been there' aplenty. You can be assured that there was NO ONE harder to convince than me. (I'm an "O" blood type and if I would have taken ANY "metabolic test" in my compromised state, it would have concluded that I "needed" meat & dairy...because those tests are based on the responses from a clogged, compromised & diseased body/person).  In fact, when Rocky and I started our healing journey, we swore to each other than we'd NEVER be extremists, and we both swore (and actually shook hands on it) that we would NEVER even entertain the idea of being vegetarian or vegan.  But bit by bit we UNlearned and learned and listened to our bodies with an open mind. Particularly after every juice-fast, the voice of our doctor within became clearer and MUCH easier to understand (juice fasting is SO empowering for so many different reasons). And now we use organic meat/cheese only as seasonings, and the only way we drink milk is as dairy kefir....with a very occasional 'splurge' (after which we both generally feel like hell).   We do still keep a jar of 'pickled eggs' in the fridge to use in our salads and 'sprout wraps' occasionally; I crave oily fishes occasionally (and I take fish oil to prevent the reoccurrence of 15-20 years of depression...however I only really need that when I'm off my game). Very occasionally we'll buy a gallon of organic milk for cereal (or I'll use it to make a "special" pudding or treat).  But when we're in "healing mode", it's strictly juice-fasting and vegan eating (except for the milk kefir, of which we're just learning it's benefits...and sorry we didn't learn sooner).
Once after a long sabbatical away from meat, I had one of those 'mind cravings' and thought I just had to have myself a big juicy cheeseburger. So I dug out some ground venison, organic mozzarella cheese, grilled some onions and gobbled it down. Well, that seemed SO yummy & satisfying (even though I became SO sluggish & lethargic), I decided the next day I had to have another one. After that one, the next morning before I even got to the commode I experiencing major intestinal cramping, and by the time I got to the commode the pain was so intense I'd broken out into a cold sweat, my lips were white, and I was grasping the sink in front of me like I was in labor (seriously white-knuckling it). It took the good part of a week before my bowel movements were normal (and omg, the was just like I'd eaten a dead animal).

I had to apologize sincerely to my poor body.  Meat? Not while I'm in healing or cleansing mode.
(As I stated in another thread recently, Dr. Schulze is the only one of the three that 'insists' on 100% vegan eating for an entire lifetime. But other than Gerson's occasional serving of yogurt and "beef liver juice" - which was changed to injections or supplements -, all three insisted on a strictly vegan diet with a LOT of juices during the healing phases.   But I don't 'insist' on anything...other that learning all you can --which for most of us means a substantial amount of UNlearning. And I ask folks to remember that our bodies are in a CONSTANT state of CHANGE every day...and that's particularly true when juicing, juice fasting, cleansing, detoxifying & restoring our body. In order to understand the words of our 'doctor within', we must first learn the language of our body and what it means. For example: when juice fasting one can become chilled very easily (even downright cold), and experience all kinds of 'energy fluctuations. It would seem obvious that our doctor within is telling us "this is a bad thing"...but it's typical to experience these things when we "switch fuel types" as our body adapts to getting a richer, more quickly assimilated form of nutrition. So PLEASE, always feel free to ask lots of questions), and listen to your own inner voice & wisdom.
"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness."
Hippocrates, 460-377 BC
Father of Western Medicine
This is a must-read thread for everyone - but I believe it's particularly important for you, Joe. Juice Fasting healing...hepatitis c treatment focus
It's been awhile since I've read the entire thread, but I just quickly reviewed it and here's some 'thinks & thoughts'.
Agree - liver flushing removes congestion caused by stale bile & intrahepatic from the biliary ducts/network; liver flushes do not directly impact the condition of the liver tissue itself. But by removing congestion throughout the biliary system, much needed circulation is enhanced and restored. I believe you will need to do far more to restore your liver than just liver flushing.
Agree - juice fasting (fasting of any kind) allows our body to expend it's energy for healing and detoxification, rather than processing food. Gerson's diet was a blend of major juicing and raw/cooked foods; his patients did 4-5 coffee enemas daily to assist the liver, kidney and other detoxification pathways with this burden. Gerson knew that all his cancer patients exhibited a compromised liver (this is something other healers have consistently reported & confirmed).   By a combining of protocols, we use the IF#2 (that contains a small amount of activated charcoal & bentonite clay), and possibly add activated charcoal, to lessen the need for coffee enemas and assist the body in the much-needed process of detoxification. More on IF#2 & activated charcoal below.
Disagree with using 'ultra strong' coffee enema solution for a "buzz".
Disagree (!!!) that the Gerson Diet has very little protein - the information in the following link is a high-priority "must read" regarding protein (and Gerson, juicing, etc):
Agree - exercise is essential.
Straight 'green juices' are phenomenally powerful and full of vital nutrition. Gerson's most common 'juice' blend was deep greens, carrot, apple, & beet (much more palatable, not to mention affordable). Schulze was all over the place with the various juice combos; Dr. Christopher's Incurables Program was one week on carrot juice; one week on apple juice; one week on grape juice; Johanna Brandt's anti-cancer diet - water fasting and grape juice/mush. 
"Sugar" from natural produce is not NEARLY :::sigh::: the issue/concern of which modern authors have us almost completely convinced. Here's some very important information: "Drink your solids and chew your juices":) Re: Chewing food 24 times?
Weight loss while juice-fasting - yes, (thank heavens!) many times this healing aspect occurs - it's evidence that the detoxification and unbuilding needed to create a solid foundation for health/life is happening.  However, weight loss is not always evident in those that are extremely malnourished & underweight, sometimes there is a gain (as noted in Schulzes article on juice-fasting). One of the best explanations I've seen is this one Juice fasting, gaining weight and losing weight. Yes, compromised people that are underweight CAN "afford" to lose a bit more weight when it's happening as part of the rebuilding & healing process, and it's going to ensure that our body's can rebuild themselves (instead of continuing to degrade due to compromise).
Emotions. This is for everyone reading.  Every morning when Dr. Christopher woke up, he went to a window (or outside) , put a huge smile on his face, took a huge, deep breath and yelled, "It's WONDERFUL to be ALIVE!" Do that just one time (and like me) you'll probably get a VERY clear picture of how much emotional flow we don't have (and how much emotional healing we NEED)....not to mention passion and JOY! When we were small (if we weren't abused in some way), we had a LOT of natural 'emotional flow'. If someone stepped on our foot, we screamed. If we were playing outside on a hot summer day and someone sprayed us with a garden hose, we squealed & danced with joy and FEELING. We didn't hold back our emotional pain or joy (or frustration, or anger, or excitement or...) - we let it flow freely. And bottling it up for years/decades on end has the same negative effect on our health and well-being as a compromised colon and a congested liver. It's putrefying, it stinks, it's ugly and it's NOT NATURAL!!!   We ALL have decongesting and healing to do in this area, because emotional congestion (especially fear) is anti-healing...and it's just as important as any other 'cleanse' & healing protocol we do.
Guess which organ is recognized as "the seat of the emotions"? The liver. So when I saw the stress & emotion that your 'ex-boss' had caused (for decades!?), I discerned a very clear (possible) connection between that and the HepC/liver issues. Congestion is congestion, and it always makes the terrain ripe for pathogens & disease. If it was 'decades worth' you will be happily surprised to find that as you start healing and decongesting all that emotional trash, the 'physical' aspects of the your healing will speed along much faster & more effectively.
Speaking of the liver being the 'seat of emotions'...I had that 'book knowledge' in my head, but I didn't really "know" it until after Rocky's second liver flush. The day after the flush Rocky became a different person; it was certainly a person I'd never met. His shoulders were kind of slumped; he stopped talking (or was very quiet); whenever I said anything he kinda 'jumped'...basically he was all "shriveled, scared and puny" looking & acting. I didn't really notice that big of a change 'all at once' until about 2-3 days had passed, and I said something grumpy and he didn't respond. I looked at him and all of sudden I was filled with concern. "Honey, what is wrong? Your eyes look like a terrified abused animal, and you've been acting the same way." And within a few minutes he was telling me about his horribly abusive step-father and describing how he felt since the day after the flush was exactly the way he used to feel when his step-father was around (and how he'd do anything & everything to not draw attention to himself, subconsciously trying to 'shrink' so he wouldn't draw attention to himself so his abuser wouldn't notice him). And then it hit us...the FLUSH, it was the liver flush purging out all the old emotional trauma! People sometimes describe cleansing and healing as 'peeling off the layers of an onion', and many people will see small symptoms of illnesses they've had in past years (or even in childhood). There are hundreds of posts on the liver flush forum about similar occurrences. (btw, Rocky did a flush a few weeks ago and had a similar, but opposite experience...for a few days after the flush he was floating around the house like a cross between Superman, Rudolph Valentino & Dennis the Menace (lol).
If you haven't yet seen any/all of Dr. Schulzes "Natural Healing Crusade", here's a link (we also have the DVDs in our Storefront): Attention Please! Dr. Schulzes NATURAL HEALING CRUSADE (videos & manual) 
Video #7 is one of the most enlightening regarding 'emotions & health' to be found. But dangit, in that first link the videos are all mixed up and 'number 7' is not the correct video for 'number 7'.   Okay, after a bit of searching I found a real #7 somewhere else - here it is: ...the emotional healing part starts at around 'minute marker' 9:30.
One of the best "dual action" therapies (I just love an herb or therapy that heals us in more ways than one!) we have at our disposal to increase emotional flow is something we also use to help heal 'broken parts' via increased blood/oxygen flow...and that's the hot/cold contrast shower. Turn the water to the hottest you can stand it for a few minutes, then totally cut the hot water for two minutes, then back to hot, etc (7 cycles of hot/cold in total). The first time that cold hits you 'full on', it's amazing (in the saddest "blocked" kind of way). All KINDS of emotions want to come out, but we just spasmodically jerk & wiggle around a little, hold our breath and grit our teeth, while our faces make all kinds of convoluted grimaces and we force ourselves to 'suck it up' like grown-up. HUH? It's natural to SCREAM in total shock, jump back and emote emotions somehow similar to George Carlin's famed "7 Words You Can't Say On TV"! Women seem to be a bit better at letting out a few squeals than men (somewhere there's a video with Dr. Schulze saying when he'd turn the water to cold in his clinic, the guys would 'stiffen up', stifling their emotion & holding their breath...and he'd flat-handedly pop them in the stomach...and THEN he'd get the 'scream' and some emotional flow!).
This is a perfect 1/2 hour for purging & spewing forth the anger, hurt, fear, sadness, disappointment & rage of our entire lifetime. Let it OUT, folks! Scream, curse, stomp your feet, sob, cry, slam the shower wall with your hand and let that person know what they did to you, and how horrible it was/is, and what a mean (selfish, rude, hurtful, abusive, evil, monster, ogre/ess) they were/are.
Sure, sure, ultimately it's best to get to the point we can forgive them and forget them (but that's for another shower :). However, most of us need to solidly identify what has happened & how we truly feel about it - and then we can give those stagnant, health & life destroying emotions that are putrefying our spirit a much needed swirling trip to the sewer to join the rest of the mucoid plaque!
Three letters, EFT, stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. If colon cleansing and restoring the GI tract is THE most essential thing for life & health (and it is), then EFT is the most essential thing for life and emotional health. It's easy, it's 100% free, it also helps heal physical issues...and (just like they say), it DOES work on EVERYTHING.   Instructions, manual for downloading, links, & videos right here:
Human nature being what it is, I'm almost sure the biggest 'failure' of EFT is that it's free. I know of a LOT of people (both on this forum and in my personal life), that desperately need to utilize this fantastic tool, but it seems they somehow 'dismiss it' almost completely...and the only reason I can think of for that is because they 'intrinsically know' that if something is free, it's basically worthless. Folks, if you know about EFT & you've got problems in your life and you're not utilizing this tool regularly...? Well, then you either haven't given it enough attention to learn how to utilize it effectively, you don't really want to get rid of your problems (EFT would help you overcome that!)...or you're just downright "duh". 
Each major organ & system in our body is totally dependent upon the others for their own health & proper functioning. Our body is made up of three different 'systems' (physical, mental/emotional/soul and spirit/energy). So whatever (whoever?) led us to believe that we can heal one aspect of our body without addressing the other two systems? Answer: That'd be the whoevers & whatevers that gain wealth for themselves and /or amass power & control over us because we're sick & disjointed. Once again, it's knowledge that IS the key to health.
One thing I know for sure...? It take FAR more energy to deal with daily frustrations, pain, defeat, symptoms of disease and toxic emotions than it EVER does to get over them and live a powerful & vibrant life!
Hydrocortisone (quickie)
I've seen quite a few similar notations on various sites:
Magnesium- The loss of this essential nutrient mineral with corticosteroid use may be increased. Muscle relaxation, blood clotting, and the manufacture of ATP (the body's main energy module) may be effected. So maybe when you're off the HC, you'll see amazing strides in the magnesium/energy balance :)
I already posted the links & info below, but since it was here first, I left it here :)
And here's how you can get a FREE COPY of the book that goes into more detail on these ESSENTIAL "20 Steps":
This book originally retailed for around $15, and when it went out of print years later people were selling it on Amazon & eBay for over $100. Dr. Schulze recently edited and republished it, and now he's giving them away! Please don't miss this wonderful information!   A link to ordering one is below.
A quick note on the book above - it's definitely "general" and nothing as specific or concentrated as Dr. Schulzes true "IP" (IP is short for Incurables Program), but it's still full of excellent information. I wish I had one to give to everyone I know - just reading through it will make a HUGE difference in your health & life. And since knowledge IS the key to attaining & achieving control of our health, this book is a "healer" all by itself :)

Cleansing, restoring and HEALING!

I've underlined products that are available in our Storefront (many of these are also available from Schulzes site, Health Freedom resources, and (but abnat doesn't use strictly organics). A reliable source for tinctures is Herb Pharm. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I do care very much that you utilize these products to heal & restore your body, but I do not care where you get them. We made almost every product we have LONG before we ever offered them to anyone else - we needed to save money and we wanted to empower ourselves (and have them available to offer to friends & family).
A quick overview before the details...throughout the 'overhaul', no matter what else you're doing, theses things should remain steady, no matter what else you are doing:
--3+ bowel movements daily
--Strong levels of easily assimilated & utilized high-caliber fuel (nutrition)
--Safe removal and adsorption of the toxins & metals that are released during juice-fasting and cleansing.
--reestablishing and recolonizing intestinal microbiota
Fuel -- 4-6 Tablespoons of Superfood daily; 2-4+ Tablespoons of bee pollen daily; a minimum of one quart of fresh juice daily (juice fasting - one gallon of juice - is always suggested); some type of high nutrition 'veggie broth'. Sunlight daily.
Intestinal microbiota -- raw milk kefir and/or water kefir daily (raw milk kefir contains bifidus strains...and many more strains than dairy kefir). Lacto-fermented foods and prebiotic foods. Milk/dairy kefir is far easier to make than water kefir...but water kefir is SO much fun :::grin::: Right now I have a small surplus of both types of healthy grains if you don't already have them (no charge - just give them a good home :)
Bowel & toxins - besides the IF#1/IF#2 combination ensuring 3 bms daily and intestinal cleansing and healing, the IF#2 contains 2 parts bentonite clay and 1 part activated charcoal (IF#2 Ultra has 4 parts bentonite clay and 2 parts activated charcoal). Both of these substance adsorb (not absorb) poisons & metals. Adsorb means to "pull to" rather than "sponge up"...hence if metals/poisons are released into the bloodstream, the action of adsorbing will actually pull these poisons to themselves (yes! even through the walls of the intestines) to be safely 'pooped & flushed' away.
A good routine throughout the month is 'all of the above' as daily basics, then something like  '5 days on kidneys, 2 days off', followed by '6 days on liver, one day off' (5 days of prepping + 1 liver flush).

Colon & digestive tract

[FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Colon: Working File Thread (many instructions & discussions & links for 'healing knowledge' for the information & protocols below are in the post/thread above)
Cleanse & decongest; eliminate toxic burden; restore colon to it's proper size & muscular; eliminate possible GI parasites; correct dysbiosis & rebalance intestinal microbiota; restore adequate peristalsis & 'transit time' (transit time = time from when food enters to when food exits); eliminate toxic burden.
Cleanse & decongest (and restore & rebalance intestinal microbiota)
Products used:
--IF#1 & IF#2 (or IF#2 Ultra)
You do not "have" to take the IF#1 only with the evening meal, you can split it between breakfast, lunch & dinner if you'd like...but you do need to take it with food (or with the IF#2 when juice fasting).
--Unyworm Dry/Ground Parasite Blend (to be added to 3 of the 5 daily doses of IF#2)  We are 'reworking' the Unyworm liquid to make it more effective.  [FAQ] Healing Cleanse - Parasites: Working File Thread
These 'tidbits' are taken from the link directly above:

Why not encapsulate parasite killing herbs? Firstly, encapsulating an herb is the least effective way to ingest it...depending upon one's digestive process and transit time, the capsules might not even completely 'melt' before being expelled (this happened to me 'early on' in my natural healing days). Even if they are completely dissolved before being expelled, that doesn't mean they're dissolved in the upper digestive tract. You want the herbs to be in contact with the intestines from as 'high up' in the intestinal tract as possible (both so they can be completely assimilated into the bloodstream, and so they can be in contact with the intestinal parasites as completely as possible). This is another reason I suggest using the ground/dry blend of parasite 'mixed into' the as the mucilage 'sticks to' the intestinal walls it will be driven into the plaque where the parasites eat, live, breed and hide.

Why use many parasite killing herbs, not just one? Just using a few herbs is not NEARLY as effective as using a complete array. Some herbs "numb", some "weaken", other help to "expel", and some are "killers"...a combination of 'all of the above' is MUCH more effective than just a few. This is why Humaworm, MH (I assume) and myself have all developed 'multi herb' formulas.

Why should I cleanse my colon WHILE ALSO PARASITE KILLING? What we also know?  It's time to do a full 30 day parasite & colon cleanse!!!  Doing a parasite cleanse without doing a simultaneous DEEP colon cleanse...not like colonics, or oxypowders, or weeny lil', ineffective "5 days a major waste of time & money!  Everybody that hasn't done a thorough, deep colon cleanse (and regular maintenance cleanses) has a thick layer of putrid, rotting/degrading, rubbery build-up (commonly referred to as "mucoid plaque") throughout their colons.  And this is the MAIN feeding, breeding and hiding place of parasites.  If you take parasite herbs without disturbing and cleansing out this layer of junk, the parasites will just burrow into it to get away from the parasite herbs.  Oh yeah, you'll kill some, but you'll likely never get to the root of the problem without doing a deep cleanse at the same time.

The time to parasite cleanse is during colon cleansing & liver flushing....and then anytime there's parasites once the elimination channels are open. The critters feed, breed & hide in the mucoid plaque, crevices & 'diverticulitis bubbles' in the intestines. Anybody that claims you can successfully eradicate critters (by just using herbs) without doing deep & thorough colon cleansing (to eliminate their main source of food, housing, breeding grounds AND their MAIN place to hide from killing herbs)...either makes a LOT of money selling parasite herbs, or is pretty dull.

The rubbery 'mucoid plaque' than lines our intestinal tract (particularly the lower colon) is THE feeding, breeding & hiding grounds of the majority of parasites.  This should ALWAYS be the 'baseline' and first thing to address (along with the vermicide & vermifuge herbs)……. Let's define vermicide & vermifuge.  A vermicide is something that KILLs parasites (think homicide); a vermifuge is something that either expels parasites, or makes it so very uncomfortable for them that they find their own exit.  If you opt to do the IP (which I strongly agree you should), then we will customize it so that your entire body becomes one very strong vermifuge (a place where critters will be BEGGING to exit).

Regarding parasite doesn't take much searching on CZ to realize that 100s/1000s of people spend months/years doing various protocols and still end up not wiping them out.  This is mostly because they don't get the parasite herbs into the main feeding, breeding and hiding places...and that's DEEP within the layers of junk and diverticuli in the lower colon.  And without ensuring several bowel movements daily, any new eggs aren't flushed how (they have plenty of time to embed into the mucoid plaque and start developing.  Then there's the issue with tinctures...yes, they do get into the bloodstream immediately, BUT what about the critters that are buried in the inside of the colon in the mucoid plaque.  The blood that runs through the actual tissue of the colon that has the parasite herbs in it will kill the parasites it comes into contact with...but that doesn't affect the ones it doesn't touch,

What is the cleanse cycle for this protocol? You will be wanting to take (maximum strength) 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs 3x daily.  So in 3 of the 5 doses of IF#2 (the deep colon cleanser), you would add 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs.  That's how you use the dry/ground herbs.

Joe, the Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Powder (that you're already taking) and the raw garlic I recommend below all function as anti-parasite herbs, as well.

We created the IF#2 Ultra with extra activated charcoal & bentonite for those with heavy metal/toxin burdens and those that just want to be more aggressive. I always suggest (if one wants to use it), to familiarize and regulate oneself first on the regular IF#2, because the Ultra is 'heavier' and can cause constipation.
--Activated Charcoal and/or Bentonite Clay (in addition to the small amount in the IF#2)
For those with known metal and toxin issues, I always suggest adding a teaspoon of activated charcoal to each dose of IF#2. 'Tis a very common misconception that activated charcoal will adsorb the nutrients from food & juice (but it IS very true that it will adsorb chemicals/nutrients from isolated supplements and all kinds of drugs). So if after researching it further, you choose to utilize it, be sure to remember it will reduce blood levels of HC and any other pharmaceutical or supplement you are taking. It is possible (but unlikely) that the small amount in the IF#2 could cause 'withdrawal effects' of the HC, so when you start the IF#2, keep a watch on that.
Here's more information on activated charcoal:
This comes from the 1980 book Activated Charcoal by David O. Cooney: "Charcoal added to the diet of sheep for six months did not cause a loss of nutrients, as compared with sheep not receiving charcoal. ... A level of 5 % of the total diet was given as charcoal. It did not affect the blood or urinary levels of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen, alkaline phosphatase, total protein or urine pH."
And the bomb of ALL "link bombs": ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER Links Web-Page)
For ordering activated charcoal:
2.5 grams/0.088 oz (1t)         3.8 grams/0.134 oz (1T)      
17 grams = 1/4 cup
1 pound = approximately 6.6 cups (106 Tablespoons/320 teaspoons)
More on activated charcoal poultices with the liver information below.
--For microbiota; Raw milk kefir and water kefir (water kefir has only 14-17 strains of microbiota, where raw milk kefir has around 50), raw sauerkraut, kimchi, brine-pickles (and other lacto-fermented foods).
--Prebiotics: foods & herbs containing inulin fiber (food for microbiota). Foods/herbs containing inulin fiber: garlic, onion, leeks, chicory, banana, burdock root, asparagus, artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, whole wheat, rye & barley. (These fibers are not digestible, hence many times they can cause gas & bloating)
Suggested options/additions:
--Castor oil packs
--High enemas, colemas or colonics
(Always remember, one of THE biggest mistakes we can ever make is to underestimate the decongesting, restorative and healing power of castor oil packs & foot/hand reflexology. Reflexology is free & easy and castor oil packs are 'nearly free'. But we have to use them consistently to realize their benefits!)
I've always wished I could find 'strong data' on exactly how castor oil works, but so far I've found very little 'concrete' information. The one thing that seems consistent throughout literature is that castor oil "decongests" (from the smallest cell to the largest liver). It's "action" seems totally different than any other 'herb or protocol' for any specific organ or area. For example the sounds I hear through the stethoscope when using a castor oil pack (or foot reflexology) on the liver are noticeably different from those I hear when doing flushes or coffee enemas. And there have been times in the past when I've had slight 'gallbladder twinges' or 'liver aches', that flushing, coffee enemas or Epsom Salts had minimal effect, but an overnight castor oil pack brought immense relief. In other countries/languages, castor oil is referred to as "Palma di Christi" (the hand of Christ), because wherever it touches, healing occurs. 
Here's a great article on some of the known actions of castor oil: Castor Oil - Great Overview/Info Lymphatic System
Since you're taking magnesium supplements (and they induce bowel activity), until you're off them there's likely no way to know exactly how many bms you naturally have daily. You may need quite a bit of the IF#1 to start, or not...and the number of capsules you'll need daily will likely change throughout the cleansing process. There are some people that don't need the IF#1 at all once they get started on the IF#2 (the 'bulk' of the IF#2 is all they need).
When starting the IF#1 & IF#2, do so while eating a 'typical diet'; wait until you've regulated your bowel activity and become accustomed to the IF#1/IF#2 before starting a juice fast.
Healing knowledge: Candida Albicans - Intestinal Yeast Overgrowth - Bacterial Dysbiosis - Gut Dysbiosis From previous article - "Candida albicans: A common saprophyte* of the digestive tract and female urogenital tract. It does not ordinarily cause disease, but may do so following a disruption of bacterial flora of the body, or in patients with depressed immune systems."  What is a sprophyte? *"An organism, especially a fungus or bacterium, that grows on and derives its nourishment from dead or decaying organic matter." 
So if our intestinal tract is layered with decaying mucous and 'decaying organic matter' and this provides ample nourishment and the perfect terrain for the unwanted bacteria & yeasts, how in the world are we ever going to rebalance & recolonize the 'good guys' until we removed the 'dead & decaying organic matter'? Exactly. But once again, ignoring that fact sure sells a lot of supplements.


Liver, gallbladder & Hepatitis C

[FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Liver/Gallbladder: Working File Thread (many instructions & discussions for the information & protocols below are in the post/thread above)
Cleanse & decongest; eliminate possible liver flukes; heal gallbladder polyps, support; restore & rebuild damage from and kill Hep C.


Cleanse & decongest:

--"Bitters" increase the flow of bile every time a bitter taste is sensed on the tongue. One of the MOST bitter combinations is the Liver/GB Tincture. I suggest putting 3-5 drops on the tongue after each doses of IF#2 (5x daily), and I use it before (sometimes during) each CE. A 2 oz bottle will last a couple of months!


--Dr. Schulzes basic "5 Day Liver Cleanse" is a strong prep for each Liver flush. I suggest doing this before each of the first few Liver Flushes until good 'flow' has been established. For instructions, click the above link and scroll down to  Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Flush & Detoxification Program 

Products needed for the "5 Day Liver Cleanse" are Liver/GB Tincture and Liver Detox/Digestion Tea. The Blood DeTox Tincture is a strongly recommended addition. These are found in our Storefront as 5 or 10 Day "Liver Cleanse" (with or without Blood DeTox)...or they are offered separately
Ingredients & therapeutic action of the above:
Blood DeTox Tincture - The D-Tox Formula
(note: while this tincture taken with the 5 Day cleanse drink is enough to 'show up' liver flukes, it is not likely enough to eradicate them, and is certainly not to be considered as 'enough' for a full parasite cleanse)
Liver Digestion/Detox Tea - Detoxification Herb Tea
--Liver Flush every other week - instructions are found in the top link, directly below the 5 Day instructions. Dr. Schulze (and I) do NOT recommend the use of Epsom Salts for living flushing....especially not for anyone with kidney or adrenal compromise! What harm can Epsom Salts have? Check the end of this post:
I understand how Epsom Salts (any magnesium isolate) works to relax the biliary ducts; I also understand that it is never necessary to compromise or harm any other organ in order to heal another. On top of the effects above, the harsh/unnatural diarrhea and cramping can't be good for the gut flora.
What do i advise regarding the use of ES for liver flushing? That people understand that it's not necessary and that Schulze flushed 1000's of livers without them. (I've flushed with them and without them, and never seen a difference in 'results'...but I always feel better if I don't use them). However, if one is scared or fearful to do a flush without them, know that fear causes 'tension & tightness'...and that's NOT going to be beneficial to the flush. So if you feel it's "necessary for you", take as little as possible (one dose 1/2-1 hour before the oil & citrus), and do CE's the following day.
How MANY liver flushes 'does it take'? I like Dr. Kelley's recommendation (paraphrased): "Continue flushing every 2 weeks until the amount of debris coming out is consistently less than than the flushes before, and then do maintenance flushes". (Remember, for some, it takes several flushes before the clogs & debris are loosened enough to start coming out).  Dr. Schulze says "If you are sick, flush every week" (in the SYL manual). This can take a 'years worth' or more of flushes for people that do nothing but liver flushing (especially those that don't do thorough colon cleansing). Listen to your doctor within - you'll know :)
--Coffee Enema daily (preps the liver for flushes, ensures bile flow and strongly assists & supports the liver to detoxify and remove poisons from the body/bloodstream). And unlike any other enema, it increases peristaltic action/strength. I strongly suggest using only S.A. Wilsons organic, light roasted 'therapy blend'. Sources and more information here: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse - Coffee Enemas: Working File Thread
--Hot/Cold Contrast Therapy - you'll want to read more fully about the benefits of this in the SYL manual. Basically, it's the application of alternating hot & cold compresses to increase circulation. One 'treatment' is typically 7 repetitions of hot & cold for two minutes each (so it only takes about a half an hour). Dr. Schulze had those with 'incurables' doing this several times daily on whatever area, organ or tumor that needed healing. I suggest you do it at least once daily on your liver.
--Castor Oil Packs
--Foot Reflexology
--Activated Charcoal Poultice (see below)
--Liver Massage (see below)


Support, Restore & Rebuild

--Milk Thistle seed powder (organic), not a silymarin isolate/extract - here's why: Milk Thistle Seed and Powder Profile  -- for cellular & tissue repair of the liver...and 'liver support' & protection in general (amongst it's other benefits, like helping. 3 Tablespoons daily (start at one, and 'work up' if you'd like). I would continue 3T daily until Hepatitis free. I mix mine with my Superfood, since it's basically tasteless. It can sprinkled on or added to anything. This is available at Pacific Botanicals, Mountain Rose & Starwest Botanicals (always get organic, US grown whenever possible).
Milk Thistle Seed powder - 1 Tablespoon = 6.7 grams  3T = 20.1 grams (x 30.5 days = 204 - 613 grams per month)  454 grams in a pound
Here's the two best overviews on Milk Thistle seed I've found - I think you'll be amazed to learn the incredible benefits:
(from link directly above, page 2) One study involved 129 patients and a control group of 56 for a period of about one month. Their conditions included toxic-metabolic liver damage, fatty degeneration of the liver for various reasons, and chronic hepatitis. Milk Thistle markedly changed both subjective and objective symptoms, brought a return to normal enzymatic activities, and improved digestive disorders. Enlarged livers diminished substantially in volume. A 50% regression in pathological symptoms, versus 25% in controls, occurred. No cases of intolerance, side effects, or allergic reactions were observed.
--Activated Charcoal Poultice
Since it is likely that your liver is fairly "toxic", I suggest you do an activated charcoal poultice several times weekly. From here:


I was assisting a woman via phone (very complex/long story), but she'd experienced a light jaundice & liver compromise/congestion for over a year (and severe liver compromise & cancer for many years). After she withdrew from an opiate (which slows down all systems of the body), her body 'sped back up' and she developed deep orange jaundice and was in a life-threatening condition (her body was starting to shut down completely).  She applied an activated charcoal poultice over her liver, and within minutes felt it starting to get warmer than when she'd applied it...and within 10-20 minutes it became unbearably hot (both on the skin where it was applied, and 'to the touch').  This heat was generated by the molecular friction of the toxins being pulled through the skin and into the activated charcoal of the poultice.   She left the poultice on as long as she could tolerate it, and reapplied it over the next 48 hours (making a fresh poultice as the older poultice adsorbed smells & became odorific).  At the end of 48 hours, the jaundice was almost completely gone.



It would seem (as reported by others/studies) that the activated charcoal poultice had TWO, it acted as a 'second liver' (and help to the kidneys) by adsorbing poisons from her bloodstream as the blood passed through her liver; and 2), the poultice drew enough toxins/poisons directly from the liver itself, that it was able to function more effectively.






This extreme "heating up" of the poultice is not typical.  The very first time I did one, I think-maybe I sensed a VERY slight warming...but never again (I could have been imagining it).  In my experience, most people don't report this happening.

--Liver Massage - of course, it's always easiest (and most effective) if one can find a body worker that is trained & experienced in the various massages for our liver and other organs...but I've never found one (and probably couldn't afford it if I did). Rocky and I have done lots of experimental self-massage and massage on each other, and it's always seemed to be beneficial. In the case of breaking up the fibrosis caused by Hep C, I think this is something that would be VERY beneficial for you to look into. At the very least (as suggested in the thread Juice Fasting healing...hepatitis c treatment focus )
I would be sure to get a hand-held percussive massager and use it frequently. I would say this would be most beneficial once several liver flushes have been done to remove the debris, decongest & establish flow throughout the biliary network.  I never like the idea of killing parasites or doing anything that might INcrease congestion in an organ or system that's already clogged & compromised. So I wouldn't suggest being strongly aggressive until I was seeing & sensing 'adequate flow' throughout the liver & gallbladder. However, liver massage can be used to decrease congestion & increase flow throughout the liver effectively! Here's a couple of tidbits I have have bookmarked:


Kill Hepatitic C




We have many herbs in the arsenal for Hepatitis C -- my choices/suggestions are Garlic, Chaparral, Pau D'Arco, Poke Root, St. John's Wort...and Echinacea!
Garlic - you'll be having this every day as part of the 5-day Liver Cleanse drink, and we all should be having several cloves daily. The benefits of raw garlic are magnitudinous (!) for us all; it's a strong antiviral, antifungal, antiparasite and antibacterial...and a fantastic source of inulin (food for gut fact, in some countries it's used to restore gut flora). It is high in sulfur, and sulfur is very effective for Hep C.
Chaparral - first, it's commonly propagandized by the PTB that this wonderful herb is toxic/dangerous to the liver, but it is not! It's a very beneficial antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial (and antioxidant, antitumor/cancer) and has been used safely for decades. It's in Hoxsey's cancer blend (as well as Dr. Christophers). They (the PTB) have tried to do the same to Comfrey (read this to see their flimsy & underhanded tactics: More Truth - let's get down to it! :) Re: Comfrey, FDA Ban July 9, 2001,...) There were reports (around a dozen over a 2 year period) where they claimed Chaparral caused liver damage - but just like with Comfrey, those claims were totally unfounded...which is why they couldn't stop the sale of it. :::sigh::: Dosage would be 2-4 droppersful 3x daily.
Chaparral is extremely resinous, so making a tea is frustrating and doesn't extract all the herb benefits. We have it in a tincture (and this is one we use a blend of 100 proof vodka & Everclear to ensure a strong extract). Also, most people think it's foul tasting, so it's easier to 'get down' as a tincture.
Pau d' Arco - another very effective herb that is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, as well as anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system. It is also very effective against cancer. There are many reports of Pau d' Arco being very good for eczema. Dosage would be 2-4 droppersful 3x daily.
St. John's Wort - also has 'antiviral' amidst it's vast array of benefits. (I do so wish folks would stop thinking of St. John's Wort only for depression, anxiety and mood). Apparently 'the scientists' say it's antiviral properties are not effective against HepC (which always means one needs to look further, because it probably is)...and in looking further I can't find any tests that have been done with the 'whole herb', only isolated chemicals. Aside from it's antiviral properties, there are two other reasons you may want to consider it...1) everyone that's fighting dis-ease generally has some level of depression and 'brain lethargy' - and this can prevent us from doing everything we need to do to heal ourselves. 2) St. John's Worth strengthens Phase I liver detoxification (so strongly, that many drugs can't be used while taking St. John's Wort, because the liver detoxifies them so quickly they're ineffective). Coffee enemas strengthen Phase II liver adding St. John's Wort to your daily regime packs a powerful healing punch! Dosage would be 2-4 droppersful 3x daily.
Poke root: Poke root contains a substance (PAP) that functions like and is similar to it's a good weapon against HepC. It's an 'alterative herb' (blood cleanser) and strongly supports the lymphatic system and glands. This is a good explanation:

Poke root has a variety of uses basically due to its tonic effect upon the
lymphatic system. By cleansing the lymphatic system, it works as a stimulant for the body to help remove collected waste material in the tissues throughout the body, while improving lymphatic and blood vascular elasticity in organs like the liver where there is hardening due to a congested condition.
Tinctures made with fresh Poke root are extremely strong, and individual dose size is small (usually 20 drops or less - there's 30 drops in a dropperful. It's common to have several small doses throughout the day, rather than 1-2 larger doses). We make ours with dried root and I've taken doses as high as 2 teaspoons (8 droppersful) without adverse effects. Still, it's a good idea to start at less than a dropperful with Poke and 'work up' if one desires more benefits. 
Echinacea - my favorite herb, and likely THE strongest way to bolster & support the immune system. Oh goody *!*ECHINACEA*!* HUGE learning opportunity here! Re: Question ...    and Echinacea - MANY BENEFITS  
When we use 'killing herbs', our immune system is denied the opportunity to learn to kill the pathogen (which provides immunity). So I always suggest using Echinacea along with the killing herbs :)
I suggest using raw garlic (6 cloves daily) and Echinacea (1-2 teaspoons 4-8 droppersful) 3x daily throughout the first 30-45 days. Then once you've done some cleansing & decongestion and established good bile flow throughout the liver, if you need to be more "killer aggressive", then add your choice of two of the other herbs above.
Here is a chart for determining 'how many droppersful' for 'how many days' of tincture is in a 2, 4, or 8oz bottle
2oz  =  84 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  2.8 drpfl   ÷ 14 days =  6 drpfl   ÷ 10 days =  8 drpfl
4oz (using the dropper from a 2oz bottle ) = 168 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  5.5 drpfl   ÷ 14 days = 12 drpfl  ÷ 10 days = 16 drpfl

4oz (using the dropper from a 4oz bottle)  = 148 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  4.85 drpfl  ÷ 14 days =  10.5 drpfl  ÷ 10 days =  14.8 drpfl
8oz  (using the dropper from a 2oz bottle) = 336 drpfl     ÷ 30.5 days = 11.0 drpfl   ÷ 14 days = 24 drpfl   ÷ 10 days = 33 drpfl

8oz (using the dropper from a 4oz bottle) =  296 drpfl      ÷ 30.5 days =  9.7 drpfl  ÷ 14 days =  21 drpfl    ÷ 10 days =  30 drpfl
4 droppersful = approximately 1 teaspoon (4oz dropper)
1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) = 1/2 fluid ounce



(instructions & discussions for the information & protocols below are in the post/thread above)
Cleanse & decongest, de-mineralize, restore circulation/function and heal polyp
Products used:  Kidney Tincture; Kidney Tea; 'Bad Calcium'/Hard Mineral flush (also dissolves kidney stones, if present). 
Kidney cleanses are SO easy to do...YAY!  (here's the complete instructions for downloading: ) Each Kidney Cleanse lasts 5 days; it's suggested to do two, five day cleanses per month (more or longer if you feel you need it). I suggest doing the 'Bad Calcium Flush" (which takes 3 days) on days 2,3,4 of the 2nd Kidney cleanse monthly. You'll likely need to do this (at the minimum) for 2 months...for a total of 4, five-day cleanses and two 'Bad Calcium flushes'. 
I think one of the biggest misconceptions regarding the kidneys is that the only 'hard mineral build-up' and compromise in that regard is in the form of "kidney stones'...but the actual flesh of the kidneys can become hardened because all the miniscule wee-tiny filter tubes can become encrusted with hard minerals. Dr. Schulze talks about seeing cross-sectioned kidneys from autopsies that were hardened by what appeared to be tiny little growths of 'coral'. Hence, even when kidney stones are not present, I suggest doing at least two "Bad Calcium/hard mineral Flushes". Since the herbs (and malic acid from the apple juice) assimilate into the bloodstream, this means that not only the kidneys benefit from the dissolving of the hard-mineral build-up, but this cleanse also helps to dissolve hardened arterial plaque throughout the body. In some people that might be a LOT of hard minerals (especially if one has lived in an area with hard-water, drank lots of mineralized/spring water, and/or taken a lot of rock-mineral supplements. Please be sure to read the story in the main Kidney FAQ link above that's in turquoise!...and this Rock-based Calcium (and other rock-based minerals))
This being the case, I always recommend doing a 5 day cleanse before doing the more aggressive 'hard mineral flush'....and doing it along with the next 5 day cleanse. That way the kidneys will be more able to process the dissolved minerals from throughout the body, and they'll have more support during the process. The complete instructions for doing this flush are in 'red/rust' text in the link/Kidney FAQ at the top of this section.
Because of the incorrect processing of magnesium, the past chelation, and the kidney polyp, we can assume a bit more than 'average' level of compromise with your kidneys. So I strongly suggest doing overnight castor oil packs on the kidneys (as well as the liver). I'd alternate between the two (kidneys one night, liver the next), making sure each get two castor oil pack 'overnight treatments' weekly.
During daily hot/cold showers is the perfect time to do a bit hot/cold contrast work on the kidneys & liver. I'd suggest doing at least one round of hot/cold contrast work on the kidneys every day.



Additional support & healing:
--Castor oil packs
--Foot reflexology 
--Hot/Cold contrast therapy & showers
For adrenals, hormones and getting off the HC- ASHWAGANDHA (yes, I did just scream that joyfully!). It is (imo) the best adaptogenic herb on the planet...and likely the one with the most incredible benefits. It has a myriad of benefits, and rather than forcefully "pushing levels up" or "shoving them down", it works WITH the body and helps it to adapt to whatever imbalances are present. It's said that the word Ashwagandha translates to 'strength & sweat of a horse'...and when you taste it, you'll definitely understand the 'horse sweat' aspect (yuck). I typically take a tablespoon daily (because of my daily high 'stress levels'), and it's something I know my body wanted if I miss it when I need it.
(General) Ashwagandha Research Article (scroll down past the commercial part at the top)
Ashwagandha: Wonder Herb of India - East West School of Herbology - Come study with Michael Tierra (long, but very informative. Note varying dosage sizes, up to 30 grams daily - even for children).
"In one study, animals with arthritis were given ashwagandha, hydrocortisone, or placebo. While hydrocortisone produced a 44 percent reduction in symptoms, ashwagandha produced an 89 percent reduction, making it substantially more effective than cortisone.  (Grrrrr, my bookmark "died" that had information from an Indian MD that regularly used Ashwagandha to wean patients of hydrocortisone).
If you'd like to learn more (particularly about how it balances various hormones throughout the body and help increase testosterone in those that are low, you'll be amazed when you start Googling :)
I recommend starting with 1 Tablespoons of (organic always) Ashwagandha root powder, and working up to 3 Tablespoons daily. 
(1-3T daily  = 7.6 - 22.8 grams daily x 30.5 days = 232 - 696 grams. 454 grams in a pound). This is available at Mountain Rose, Starwest Botanicals and Pacific Botanicals. We also have an Ashwagandha tincture (easier to take due to the taste of the powder, but you'll save substantial money with the powder).  The majority of folks on the forum agree that Ashwagandha from P/B is just too yucky to ingest (perhaps that's because they grown it on their organic farm, and it's so fresh), but there's a couple that feel the opposite. I think the Ashwagandha from M/R is least offensive.
If you're sensing a lot of adrenal stress or difficulty withdrawing from the HC, another "plus" would be Dr. Christopher's Adrenal Tincture. (2-4 droppersful, 3x daily, or more). The original formula had all the herbs in 'equal parts'; since stress and adrenal issues are far more prevalent now, we doubled the amount of mullein, gotu-kola & eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) in the formula.  Here's what Dr. Christopher said about it:


Mullein and lobelia: the perfect glandular foods





Siberian Ginseng: Successfully used in the Soviet Union to ease stress in everyday situations and tend endurance to athletes under great strain during training





Gotu Kola: Known to stimulate the brain and relieve fatigue when given in small amounts. Wonderful for the functioning of the pituitary in disorders of the adrenal system when used in conjunction with other herbs.





Hawthorn Berries: A celebrated cardiac tonic for many centuries. Under conditions of stress, the heart often "works overtime." Hawthorn berries can help in treatment of high or low blood pressure, tachycardia, and arrhythmia. It is also anti-spasmodic, sedative, and soothing to nerves, especially in nervous insomnia.





Cayenne: Nature's finest stimulant; source of calcium and vitamin A. Aids in circulation of blood which brings oxygen and other nutriments to cells in need of repair.





Ginger: A stimulant and a 'lead sheep' herb, bringing the other herbs in the formula into the abdominal area. Ginger differs from cayenne as a stimulant, in that the cayenne stimulates the heart, arteries, veins and then the capillaries. Ginger starts its stimulating effect in the capillary, flushing out the "constipated" capillary, driving these wastes into the veins for disposal.

There's only a small amount of cayenne in the formula (but it's still very hot), but it doesn't take the place of the cayenne powder doses.
For magnesium- Irish Moss (19,600 ppm of natural magnesium with all the cofactors & phytochemicals Nature intended us to have along with magnesium), also strong in protein, calcium, potassium, sodium, iodine (yay iodine! almost everyone is short on iodine!)
Mountain Rose has it for $11 pound. You can use/ingest it in whatever way suits you...making a tea seems most popular (I think adding to a veggie broth for minerals would be's got that seaweed-taste thing that makes it hard to me to take 'straight'). More general info here: Irish Moss (Herbs2000)     Herbal Medicine Materia Medica: Irish Moss




Nutrition and high-grade fuel

Superfood  - We have two blends: Superfood Original (exactly like Dr. Schulze used when he was in clinical practice) - it's 1/2 Nutritional Yeast (which is 1/2 protein by weight) and 1/2 high nutrients herbs & food. Superfood Special Blend is much less Nutritional Yeast. When vegan eating and juice fasting we always suggest Original. 2-4 Tablespoons daily for 'normal living'; 4-6 Tablespoons daily when in healing & cleansing mode.   SuperFood by Dr. Schulze (he's stretchin' it a bit when he says 2T provides 2-5x more vitamins than we need daily, or he's putting something in that "blender drink" of his that we don't know about!
Bee Pollen - bee pollen provides more protein than ANY other food on the planet (more than meat, more than cheese, more than soy, more than ANYTHING), and it has ALL the amino acids needing for processing and assimilating the protein. The protein varies for each hive, but it's between 25-40% protein. It's the "perfect food" (one could live for months on end on bee pollen and water and suffer no nutritional deficiencies). Start with a few granules and work up to any amount you'd like (I suggest working up to 4 Tablespoons daily). I discern a strong synergy for benefitting the recolonization of gut flora by mixing it with milk kefir & honey (it dissolves the outer coating wonderfully). The outer coating of each granule protects the nutrients and enzymes from oxidizing (which is a good reason for NOT using bee pollen liquids & tablets). But we need to chew or somehow dissolve the coating to release all the goodness inside. I recall you said you had some type of digestive disturbance when you used it before. That could be from taking too much too quickly, or from not chewing or dissolving it thoroughly. 
Blackstrap Molasses - organic & unsulfured, 1 Tablespoon 3x daily.  A fantastic source of minerals and bio-available iron (the kind you need, not the kind that's toxic). The cheapest place we've found this is Azure Standard (fantastic prices on a LOT of things...even when you add on the shipping): (you'll need to set up an account to see the prices)
Since Schulze/Christopher suggested cayenne, apple cider vinegar, garlic and molasses (or raw honey) as part of our daily diet, I've combined them into what I call an "ACV Bomb" (I find it virtually impossible to remember to take them all separately, but if I mix them together before each meal, it's much easier to 'get 'er done'. It's much easier to premix the blackstrap with the vinegar (I keep a quart jar of that on kitchen counter), and then take an empty glass and add 2T of the blackstrap/vinegar, 1 'dose' of cayenne powder, 2 cloves of minced garlic and a couple of 'gulps worth' of water or juice. If that's too harsh (or you don't want to take all that), then just take whatever you want, whenever you want it. But do make sure to get that cayenne in 3x daily :)




Shopping list

Here are a few things that 'make all the difference' for us between "getting it done" and not doing it.
Blue Bedpads, Chux or "puppy pads" (or whatever they're called these days).

Absorbent on one side, waterproof on the other. Disposable. Cheap.
We use them for under our bottoms during coffee enemas (any enema)
We use them to put over castor oil packs, activated charcoal poultices and any other kind of poultice (waterproof side on the castor oil pack/poultice, absorbent side 'up') Here's the most versatile side and the best price I've found (and free shipping, too). Chux Puppy Pads - Puppy Training Pads - Puppy Wee Pads - MedNet Direct
Hot (Cold) Water bottle/s
We always want to use heat with a castor oil pack, but we don't want all the EMFs & electro-polllution. Plus, todays heating pads have those ignorant "auto off" safety switches 'for our protection' :::grrrrr::: If I'm going to wear a castor oil pack all night, then I want to get the benefit of it staying warm all night!
Having two of these makes doing hot/cold contrast therapy EASY. No water, no mess, the hot stays hot and the cold stays cold...just fill 'em up and you're ready to do "hot/cold" in a few minutes.
Wrap around "velcro thingies"

Just put the saturated castor oil cloth on your torso (or poultice), put a blue 'chux' waterproof pad over it, and wrap yourself up in something like these...and you'll never get a drop of oil, charcoal or herb on anything but yourself. When searching, look for "abdominal binder" or "back support".
Foot Reflexology "Pestle"
Here's what we use for foot reflexology (thumbs wear out WAY too quickly): We use the small end. (we've also used the rounded end of various wooden spoons, but they're a bit 'too intense' for us).
Garlic Twister
And that, Joe (other than the 'question list' below, as well as my sincere appreciation for your gift of patience), concludes this post and my suggestions (so far :::wink:::) And yes, I do 'set the bar high'...because if I err on giving too much information or overestimating your ability or 'gumption level', the worst that happens is that you heal too quickly! If err the other way, it could negatively impact your healing pathways...and that's something I never want to be guilty of doing.
Have a POWERFUL day, Joe!
Blessings always,
Question list: 
Age, Sex, Height/Weight (height/weight proportionate? under/overweight?)
Exercise daily? weekly? never? (how much, what type?)
--how much water do you drink daily? (what kind of water? tap; filtered -what kind of filter?-; reverse osmosis (RO); distilled; spring/mineral; other)
Other beverages (daily, occasionally):
Diet (in any given week) - please be as specific as possible:
--white sugar? white flour? white salt? 
--processed foods?
--gmo frankenfoods (non-organic: soy/derivatives, corn/derivatives, canola/cottonseed oil, beet sugar)
--how many/what kind of fruits/veggies daily? (raw, steamed, cooked?)
--dairy (what kind? how much?)
--meat (what kind? how much?)
--oils & fats (what kind? how much?)
--what percentage of the above is organic?
Do you use a microwave oven? If so, how often?
How "wired or un-wired" are you at home and at work? Cell phone? WiFi? Cordless phone (what mHz or gHz? DECT?); other wireless toys & gadgets?
Are you exposed to chemicals in the home or workplace frequently?  If so, what?
Allergies (food, chemical, drugs, other):
Food "reactions":
Pharmaceutical drugs (current/past):
Over The Counter drugs (current/past):
Drugs "other" (current/past):
Supplements (please be as specific as possible as include 'name brands' and amounts taken):
Other current therapies, cleanses or protocols:
What, if anything, are you are doing or taking now that is yielding positive results? 
What, if anything, have you done in the past that yielded negative results?
Recent vaccines:
How many bowel movements daily/weekly? (color, consistency, etc)
Do you have a juicer? (if so what kind? centrifugal; single auger; masticating; if you don't know, what's the brand/model?)
Current Health Issues (the more details, the better!): 
If you've consulted any type of practitioner, what did they determine or suggest?  Do you agree?
Have you ever done any "cleansing"? (colon, liver, kidney, etc); if so, when and what type/product & results?
What other types of allopathic, alternative or natural therapies or protocols have you tried (if any)? results?
Past issues, drugs, surgeries that you think may be contributing to current issues?
Any major changes in diet, supplements, drugs, stress-levels, location, lifestyle recently? results?
Are you aware of the difference between "alternative medicine" and truly natural healing?
What do YOU think & discern is wrong (and why?)




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