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a monkey wrench?
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Published: 17 years ago

a monkey wrench?

Hi All,
I started LFs just over a year ago and have completed 18 to date,one approximately every 3-4 wks.LF has helped me greatly with my sinus probs. adult Acne and general health.What has completely confounded me however,is my cholesterol problem,my main reason for flushing.
I have the inherited type of cholesterol-what the experts call FAMILIAL HYPERCHOLESTEROLAEMIA.My Dr.had me on all kinds of chol.lowering meds for about fifteen years now.The latest was CRESTOR and I have been experiencing muscle and joint pains so I was constantly fighting with my MD to get off the meds and his comeback was that a little discomfort was nothing compared to a heart attack.
After discovering CZ I started to really worry about the side effects of these drugs.This is what my blood results looked like:
I started Liver-Flush in Nov.04 and my result in Dec.04 was:
Chol: 5.99
LDL :3.72
I was taking crestor then.I started cutting down the dosage to the point where I was only taking one a week and in Aug.05 my test read:
LDL :3.29

In Sept.05 I decided to stop the crestor altogether and started Dr Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing diet along with continuing the LFs.I also took the Livatone and lost 10 LBS within two months (I am not an overweight person)but I felt great on this diet and lots of energy,no more muscle and joint pains.I did another test on Dec.05 and this is what it read:

Chol: 9.08
Trig: 0.59
HDL: 2.25
LDL: 6.56
I have been dumbfounded eversince and can't comprehend this.My Dr.ordered me back on the Crestor.I started it back and within one week all the muscle and joint pains came back and so I stopped it again.He also prescribed EZETROL but when I read the possible side effects I decided not to take it.I am at a loss to explain this spike because my diet has almost no bad fats and no simple carbs.I still follow DR cabot's diet.
I started researching inherited high chol.and came across DR UFFE RAVNSKOV and his research on FAMILIAL HYPERCHOLesterolaemia.(I am awaiting a copy of his book THE CHOLESTEROL MYTHS).The gist of this is that people with inherited chol.are able to function with a higher level of chol and using meds. would throw everything out of sync.Also,if one is to cut out all fats the liver would still manufacture what it needs ...this seems to be true since I did cut out all bad fats. Anyone out there has any knowledge of this?

Sorry for the long post but I do not want to leave anything out.I am currently not taking any meds but I'm in a quandry as to what to do.I am still continuing with my LFs as they have been very benificial to me .

I would really value the opinions of the CUREZONE members ,especially Spirit,Telman, Hanna, Unyquity and anyone with any knowledge of inherited cholesterol.
Thanks for listening guys and good health to you.

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