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Re: White spots and ramblings

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: White spots and ramblings

A good point was raised here that talking things through with a therapist is good to get things into perspective and nothing to be ashamed of and agree that one factor people seem to be overlooking or in denial of is the impact of severe stress? Also poor response to stress is also worth a mention ie in the habitual reaching out for unhealthy emotional props which have a detrimental impact on overall health? thanks for raising the point.

But Sadly Perhaps the very word STRESS has been so overused that the meaning and relevance behind the word has lost all impact and power and to many people. Diluted almost accepted as the norm and not addressed, ...when infact anything less than peace and contentment on a constant long term very very unhealthy.

From what little i have read, stress is an energy drain, it puts EXTRA demands on the, adrenals, nutrient stores, and when 90% of people are regarded as being nutrient poor already, stress is the last thing anyone needs..Stress also shuts down your digestion system and disables your immune response which underpins overall health!

Toxic emotions ..anger, shame, greed, low self esteem, depression, etc etc is in effect internal stress creating a toxic terraine..ideal for ill heath to set up tent to camp in! People have been known to give up the will to live and die from "a broken heart"..become "physical wrecks" after a break up, spouses die soon after the other..clearly thats a shake up example that emotions are linked to health, but so can it too like white noise in the bodies background.

If lessons from perpetual toxic emotions aren't learnt from /resolved/cleanly expressed then ill health may potentially become a constant camping companion..

People may not regard themselves as stressed as their threshold maybe such they are not concious of it.. their interpretation of the word stress may differ from others as in my own experience.

I remember once being on a project, running,now i realize on adreniline..i didn't equate with "stress" skin on my hands started to peel and was took someone else to point out who had the same condition on his own hands and on the same project to tell me it was a byproduct of STRESS!

I had no idea: in my mind i was just doing the job! I associated REAL stress with those people in the stock business men flying first class...mothers with 9 kids..It saddens me all the more to hear of young people and even children employ the word stress to describe their circumstances and feelings and so often that its concerning that stress has become and becoming an accepted state, that the tolerance thresholds, beyond which it becomes unhealthy is not being fully registered,,when infact it needs to be considered far more seriously than it is.. especially for those who maybe casually be dismissive, in denial of it..embracing it as part of everyday life...

finding emotional release and closure are huge stepping stones in a journey towards well being for anyone with any is positive thinking which is unfortunately another concept that somehow has had it's power diluted with overfamiliarity and frequency of the phrase..perhaps practicing beautiful thoughts as much as possible is a daily prescription and amounts to the same thing just a different expression of it.

Expressing your emotions is energy in motion..whether through getting things off your chest verbally, music art, is healthy..maybe a whitness is part and parcel to the healing process and guidance needed and necessary, sometimes it isn't..maybe the whitness/councellor isn't suitable or a client too shy and uncomfortable divulging feelings. in which case there is a huge array of other therapies which are effective in clearing the emotional slate clean or at least removing a toxic layer..whatever suits you.

I personally found cranial sacral therapy incredibly effective, the beauty of it was i didn't have to open my mouth to talk...also this therapy can address things from the moment you are born as in birth trauma up to current date.. even where perhaps emotional hurt and damage without me realising at the time would also be covered inorder to be released automatically..which i thought was quite nice..

The healing effectiveness depends on apparently the clients
genuine desire and intention to be well, along with some degree of openess and receptivity to recieving healing
and the experience,skill and talent of the conduit therapist.

I appreciate there are many models of energy medicine and spiritual healing and it's not everyones cup of tea but is an equal alternative and option in overall holistic therapy. mind emotions spirit and body.

i don't understand the mechanics which enables the rocket to reach the moon and accept it lands nonetheless, whether or not i know the flight schedules. It's the same for alternative healing, it's beyond my frame of comprehension
and abilities to understand, the point is i don't need to as healing can and does takes place on a level i may be aware or unaware of, like a rocket reaching a just happens..

its good to get things off your chest.. possible too indirectly without need of a dialogue with anyone and still have an outpouring of emotional release..

these lip disorders on the surface let alone on a deeper level is a testing condition for anyone to endure. But with patience and total care of oneself hopfully ill health will collapse the tent pick up sticks to move out of house and bodies home. To my mind ill health is a guest which brings a lesson to learn about our inner selves but which can move on by altering the terraine to make way for the next visitor called good's hoping..

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