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The cure for all illness?

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Published: 12 years ago

The cure for all illness?

The cause of illness: being chronically "ungrounded" which is having little to no bare skin contact with the earth itself.

The cure: get grounded!

Could the rubber soled shoe be the most dangerous invention ever? I believe so. It is true that we are electrical beings that function electrically, all of our organs; our brain, our heart, emit electrical impulses and our body itself emits an electrical field around it. When we are insulated from the earth's surface via our shoes, homes, workplaces and vehicles, the body has no way to discharge electrical stress, it has no reference point for its circadian rhythm, and it misses out on the most potent anti oxidant there is, the planet itself.

When a person has bare skin contact with the earth, or alternately a grounding device, the body is able to discharge it's electro magnetic stress and begins to absorb massive amounts of free electrons (anti-oxidants) which immediately begins to relieve inflammation and neutralize free radical damage. It causes the blood to thin back to its normal state as the blood cells are restored to their normal charge (zeta potential) and begin to repel each other once again rather than clump together, which in turn increases the oxygenation level of the body, and allows all of its functions to return to normal including elimination of toxins.

It seems very clear to me, and the research is showing that this grounding that modern man has forgotten about and is in such dire need of, is a huge source of healing for the human body and probably the most overlooked and important single thing a person can do for their physical, mental and emotional health. I always wondered why most of the people I met in places like Costa Rica and Australia were so markedly friendly and happy, even towards complete strangers. Maybe it's because they have more direct contact with the planet we live on, and in turn with each other and with themselves; they are more connected to life. Just a theory.

Being an inhabitant of the midwest currently, I have begun to take advantage of the 'earthing' products that are out there which allow a person to ground themselves in the house, especially during the winter. I have to say, after years of searching for the key to health and trying many many supplements, therapies, and healing modalities hoping I would return to normal level of functioning, I have never felt better in my life, except when on the beach, and I have only been grounding for a short time. I feel it is absolutely relevant to anyone with a health challenge, and especially cancer patients. Think about it: people with cancer are on their way out of this world. If they want to stick around, wouldn't it make sense for them to re-establish a bodily connection here?

Personally, my problems began after being exposed to a high level of EMF pollution on the job, working around a ton of computers, and my health took a big downward spiral after that. All of these computers Cell Phone s and electrical devices emit chaotic frequencies that are antagonistic and destructive to the human organism, in my opinion. Are we going to stop using them any time soon? Probably not, but we can protect ourself by grounding our body while on the computer for example.

I think this re-discovery of the benefits of earthing the human body is a big step in the right direction for anyone with health and/or psychological/emotional issues. The research shows a wide range of physiological improvements, even a normalization and equilization of brain hemisphere activity. Check it out for yourself. I also believe that this is why vegetable diets and juicing cure cancer, not only because of the vitamins and minerals, but because they flood the body with free electrons and literally ground you. I could go on and on and also explain that I think being diconnected from the ground is also the cause of the sense of disconnection from one another and why some people feel lonely in a big city with millions of people in it. I also think it has everything to do with the balance of yin and yang, positive and negative charge, male and female etc. The atmosphere is positive, the earth is negative. When we are disconnected from the earth, we are out of balance.


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