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Update: Not waking from a 2-month candida nightmare from iodine
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Published: 10 years ago

Update: Not waking from a 2-month candida nightmare from iodine

Feb 7, 2011 (Day 97)

Intro Post, Update 1, Update 2

Hi all. Was wondering if you could provide some input to this update. This one is a little longer and I hope you'll find it interesting.


Story so far:
Male, COPD sufferer who took iodoral for 1.5 months, foolishly without companion supplements. Stopped intake when at-then unknown wave of hypothyroidism flatlined energy, libido, chilled body temp and flared up candida, bringing a host of unencountered problems on the skin. Started supplementing 3 weeks later, when it became obvious iodine cessation would not stop the symptoms. Without improvement, it took another 3 weeks (Jan 27) to then switch from fruit-based, low-fat raw veganism to a meat and egg-based diet <>. Skin secretions were greatly reduced, although itchiness, discomfort and other symptoms maintain the misery.


- major swelling (edema) in legs and feet, which is starting to affect walking
- insomnia
- itchiness on all skin with sebaceous glands
- bloody cuts and scrapes which then weep yellow "acid"
- yellow-brown crusts and scabs on hands and lower thighs
- *any* contact pressure creates moisture and/or weeping (e.g. the back while lying down)
- jock itch
- awful yeast stench
- horrible, intense scratching usually before and after body-perceived bedtime
- brain fog that kills all productivity
- muscle spasms and drooling, mostly when trying to fall asleep

New stuff since last update:
- Ginagirl's excellent iodine/borax bath, created with 1.5 cups of borax and 4 oz of 10% povidone. It helps immensely, perhaps too well that it may cover up what's happening internally. I had a rude flare-up upon the sixth day of bathing and have since alternated it with showers.
- resuming iodine with Lugol's and SSKI, quickly titrating upwards
- the biggest result was from diet change. It may seem obvious to some people that fruits will feed candida. But due to my history with the diet and other preconceived notions, it took a while to see this. I wish I had switched sooner. Vegetables that gave me problems under LFRV are now no longer a problem even when eaten raw.
- new supplements: Himalayan Crystal Salt, Pantethine, Molybdenum, Silymarin Milk Thistle, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Betaine HCl, Benfotiamine (B1), Probiotic, Pau D'arco Tea (sometimes), Grapefruit Seed Extract (sometimes)
- to fight back, I've been cooking brown rice and preparing eggs in coconut oil. Also, was consuming plain yogurt for the probiotics but planning to drop it as it's dairy-based which doesn't seem to fit most anti-candida diets.

Current state:
- I experienced my first body warmup last night, such that it was enough to walk around the residence in shorts. It really helps to let the skin breathe which is another way to fight the yeast. Hopefully this continues.
- have enough gas to watch a movie, play games and go to the supermarket or Chinatown for food. Trying to build the willpower to start cooking. Since I switched to a meat diet, I've been mostly eating the cooked chicken found in Safeway markets. I know it's not good and the chicken isn't organic but it's really the best I can do at the moment. :(
- in-between itchy phases, I think the SSKI is making me feel great and happy. Every drink from a prepared cup gives me a huge boost in energy. Without it, I'd be in much worse shape and never would have post this or even get out of bed.
- the current supps in my regimen are listed at the bottom


Going to:
- Decrease Magnesium - to address the swelling. just thinking has mentioned that it might be magnesium. It makes sense, as I've always been calcium deficient as a LFRV. I should be obtaining calcium from meat if I keep incorporating it into my diet. <just thinking>

- Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc Oxide Ointment, Desenex Antifungal Powder, pH Test Strips - on the way

- Vitamin E - one of the few nutrients I was deficient under LFRV. Only calcium is left that's not being supplemented on.

Considering the options:
- Stay the Course - not really an option as it would be silly to back down, given that I've been able to eliminate the asthma meds and that sometimes I feel pretty good. I like to believe that the iodine combo just needs more time to work my body out. I only resumed it two weeks ago. Still, once or twice a day, dark thoughts return and I blame iodine for putting me in this condition in the first place.

- Bee's Anti-Candida Diet - similar to the AC diet I'm following now, but without brown rice, nuts and probiotic. That would mean no more Chinatown rice plates or Vietnamese noodles. Scared about the need to cook. <>

- Neem Soap - I discovered that my body wash really aggravates the body or candida on skin. Going to find this soap that Iolite has posted about. <Iolite>

- Dessicated Thyroid - also to address the swelling, wombat mentioned in a thread that the edema is due to impaired cardiovascular function due to hypothyroidism. I was thinking if decreasing mag doesn't help, I should try to order one of the two dessicated thyroid meds from Thailand. Not sure if they require a prescription. Maybe I still need desc. thyroid anyway? <wombat, Anja>

- Remove silver fillings immediately - I had two or three small fillings done when I was under 20. They look silver in the mirror. I'm going to track down the dentist to see if there is mercury in them, unless it's safe to assume they do? Should people even supplement with iodine if there's a chance of any mercury in the teeth? Should I drop the zinc until I find out, according to Newport? <Newport>

- Iodine Pulsing - besides the symptoms listed, I haven't had any other detox symptoms as listed at Should I keep barreling through until a new one comes up?

- Go to the ER - I do have insurance that covers medical emergencies. I have an ultimatum that if things are not OK by the end of this month, I should just throw the towel and go to the ER. At least I should be able to get some real antifungal meds to attack this beast inside me, like diflucan. Most people would probably have done this already or seen their GP. It's so hard to stay motivated in this roller coaster.

Thank you very much for reading this!

Supplement Regimen
Day 14 of iodine resumption

Lugol's Iodine (2%): 2 per day in ACV, 76.5mg (total), no further increase
SSKI: 3 pd in ACV or sea salt, 2781mg, stop increase at 3g
Himalayan Salt: 1 pd, 1/2 tsp, 1140mg
Borax: 1 pd, 1/4 tsp
Betaine HCl w/ Pepsin (2 units,2 per day,1296mg), Magnesium Citrate (1,3pd,675mg), Selenomethionine (2,4pd,800mcg), Vit C (3,3pd,4.5g), B-100 complex (1,1pd), Vit B1 Benfotiamine (1,2pd,160mg), Vit D3 Cholecalciferol (1,1pd,5000IU), Vit B12 Methylcobalamin (1,2pd,6000mcg), Pantethine (1,3pd,900mg), Molybdenum Amino Acid (2,3pd,900mg), Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin (1,3pd,900mg), N-acetyl cysteine (2,2pd,2400mg), Zinc Picolinate (2,1pd,44mg), Omega-3 Fish Oil (1,1pd,1300mg), Swanson Ultimate Probiotic (1,1pd,60 bil)


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