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How illness can start in the mind...newspaper article.
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Published: 10 years ago

How illness can start in the mind...newspaper article.

hi there ...Today a news paper article caught my attention and felt like popping in to share..

not everyone is skipping happily through life's meadow grass from sun rise to sun set so this article is for you...psychological issues could be current or long standing, you may not be aware you have any!

"A psychological disturbance can lead to physical symptoms varying from mild to serious, but quite often other words emotions and feelings can interfere with the bodies normal workings.....long term unrelived stress can also lead to chronic conditions...

The brain is the conductor of the medical orchestra and sometimes plays a medly of tunes-not all of which are pleasant some expressed as illness.

One of the brains's most significant links with the body is through the intestine, known as the Brain-Gut Axis.

There is a significant link between the brain and how the intestine (digestion) works. (negative emotions and feelings also overload the liver)

Anxiety can affect the intestine and the million of nerve cells in the lining of the gut that are connected with with the brain. (lips are an extension and part of the gut..they are linked and inseperable)

A classical condition resulting from a disturbance of the Brain-Gut Axis, is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)..while there's no doubting the physical symptoms, it's very difficult to find physical cause for IBS ( could this also apply to lip ailments in the same way?)

It's thought though that stress and emotional trauma could be responsible for IBS. Patients often report that dealing with emotional issues through councelling or cognitive therapy improves some of their symptoms.

The SKIN is also affected by the brain and pychological factors through nerve endings- the Brain Skin -axis.

Anxiety, emotional traumas psychological issues, long hours and lack of sleep can over stimulate the brain making conditions such as eczema and Psoriasis worse..

when the author of this news article was a dermatologist they

"knew if this was the case, the patients skin wouldn't recover unless they gave them psychological support. Working hand in hand with psychotherapists could bring about greater progress than the dermatolgist could achieve on their own"

If one thing that has been of paramount importance to my own recovery it's been addressing head own emotional health, balanciing my solar plexsus, help of supplements to restore "nerve health", finding healthy ways to reduce stress/anxiety and making some attitudinal changes ie overcoming shyness, speaking out..and becoming more empowered by making these positive changes in myself.

A much healthier Diet undoubtedly has been an equal contributing to my current's good to talk..aswell as listen...being sensitive whilst working on inner strength...has been the girder that has enabled me to support and hold myself up firm against percieved and actual harshness ..being good to yourself recognising your needs aswell as others and getting that balance right.. has also encouraged a better sense of overall well being..

just food for thought..and as for looking at the bright look for the gift in any negative situation and then to find part of healing the whole self..could be more than surface lips! but one may have to go looking and exploring for the gift first if it doesn't make itself known to you like a flash out of the blue..

What is this illness saying to me? what are the changes i need to make to become well?..then DO and ACT upon it..what am i learning , learnt from it?

good luck people..Rx

In combination with the diet i feel vitamin B's and essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 have made a positive difference to my nerve health..and feel more emotionaly centered, like most things,patience and to give them 2-3 months for a chance to work..

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