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Re: Has anyone had success after treatment from medicine received from online pharmacies or pet drugs?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Has anyone had success after treatment from medicine received from online pharmacies or pet drugs?

Hi, I was just reading this thread and I came across your message re: Albendazole. Recently I was prescribed Mebendizole by an emergency room physician, He prescribed me the 3-day course of the medicine and another refil, stating that sometimes one round didn't work. I took both, but you're right, it didn't fix the problem. I have been to many infectious disease doctors since I first got really sick in 2008, though looking back, I realize that when I got back from Belize in 2005, it seems my sickness began, as my gallbladder went to 4% function within a few months of that trip, and had to be removed. I also went to South Amerca (Chile), Mexico (Talum in the Mayan Riviera for vacation and Puerto Penasco for some college Biology research trips), Aruba, Grand who knows where/how I got sick. At any rate, one Infectious Disease Dr. in Dallas, TX told me of a "newer" disease he learned about, Morgellons, and he thought that was it. So here I am, having just moved to Colorado & it although I bought an ozone sauna that I use frequently (almost $10,000!), something just seems to rip through my skin, SPECIFICALLY BEHIND BOTH EARS, ACROSS MY EYES (my vision is cloudy often & the iris of my eye changes colors frequently, there often seems to be a milky/irridescent shape moving through it), MY TEMPLES & NECK. Although at the beginning i was concerned with my appearance more than anything, 5-6 years into it, I'm really scared. Like other users of this forum, I have intestinal parasites & as soon as I can afford it, the test that identifies the DNA/species of the parasite seems like a great option. Do you think so? The ER doctor last month referred me an Inf.Dis. Doctor here in Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A., but I cannot afford to go at this time, and don't have health insurance anymore. SO--I read up on the differences between Mebendizole & Albendizole. If I understood correctly, the Mebendizole inhibits glucose uptake in worms, thereby causing them to die....the ones that are in your intestines, right? And Albendizole works for worms that have made it into your tissues, lungs, eyes, etc? It seems that would be a better option for me, though probably both are important. The reason I went to the ER here in CO is that I got out of the shower and had cut my leg shaving.....I was leaning down, bandaging my ankle and wiping up the blood and when I stood up and flipped my head over and my hear back, I had a very large, slimy, bloody thing that had ripped out from behind/under my ear and was dangling, just hanging there! There was some really thick, purplish, black/red blood "stuff", oozing down my face, across my check (way WAY thicker than blood)--because i had had my head hanging down for a few minutes. I guess I didn't feel the rip or the blood, my head just felt extremely hot. SO- after it stopped bleeding, I left the thing hanging from behind my ear (it was starting to dry up and I was scared it would "break off" before the doctor saw it.....), and went to the ER. The nurses proclaimed they had only seen stuff like this on the show Monsters Inside Me...and the doctor was VERY perplexed. Like usual, this is not reassuring.
So, I was thinking....about trying to order the Albendizole online,from one of the online pharmacies, but don't have the $ to be ripped off or the immune system to get bad meds. The Mebendizole helped some, but this is far from over. I have photos of my ear that night, photos of the scars, etc., paving behind my ears, temples, between my eyes, etc.....if you would like to see. Oh, one doctor, thinking it was/is a fungal infection put me on an anti-fungal, Terbinafin/:Lamisil, for 2 months....and of course I had to get the liver panel done, etc. to make sure my liver was holding up is....and anti-fungal creams REALLY seem to help. But my "resting" heart rate was in the 140's on Terbinafin, and that scared me. I felt like I was on the verge of heart failure for those 2 months! I just don't know what to do. Any ideas?

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