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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 9 GB flushes..pain

Right side upper abdominal pain, along the rib margins is a mystery. It appears to affect a number of people who have or believe they have a congested liver or gallbladder. It appears in a few people after completing several liver-flushes but it is different in character to gallbladder or liver pain. It is present all the time and isn’t triggered by eating although it may get worse a certain parts of the day and by physical activity. It can be described as burning or grinding. It affects the actual rib area on a line level with the arm pit and the back at the same level. It doesn’t track to the shoulder pad as seen in gallbladder obstruction. Some sufferers have also complained about feeling cold and shivery.

Pain in the upper abdomen isn’t related to the bowel or IBS and is usual caused by a mechanical problem associated with muscles, ligaments, nerves. Stomach pain is indicated by pain on the person left side. Pain on the right side is interpreted as gallbladder pain it is usually just below the rib cage and affects one or both shoulders and the back.


It Isn't understand what causes this severe discomfort which can ruin one’s life over periods when it is most active.

There are possible serious causes but if the condition has been present for a long time then the possible causes include the following:

1. Swollen liver that stretches the faciform ligament which refers pain the rib area.
2. Internal hernias that trap nerves and blood supplies. These include hiatal hernias and the falciform ligament hernia.
3. Restricted internal blood supply caused by obstructed blood vessels and low quantity of blood to support all bodily functions.
4. The vagus nerve controls the functioning of digestion and the internal organs and any constriction can lead to organ pain.

These three areas can all lead to organ dysfunction and should be born in mind but they don’t satisfactorily explain the constant discomfort that doesn’t appear to be relieved by anything.

People who also appear to suffer from this pain are athletes. Runners in particular complain of abdominal pain that doesn’t respond to any treatment and there is not evidence to the cause. However, they are a few reports that show on surgical investigation it is apparent that there are addition ligaments that connect the gallbladder to the abdominal wall and this may be a clue.

Some people are born with additional ligaments that give trouble in later life either through exercise or by interfering with the smooth operation of the internal organs. Also Infections in the abdominal cavity can cause lesions which inhibit the smooth operation of the organs.

My opinion is that liver-flushing free the functioning of the organ but re-instates the original condition. In other words the gallbladder was constrained by ligaments or lesions and because this occurred slowly the body reacted in a way that caused gallbladder stasis. When liver-flushing exercised the gallbladder it aggravates the ligaments and this causes the pain. Logically this problem should be corrected by graded exercise that gradually stretches and conditions the ligaments. However, strenuous exercise has the potential to make matters worse.

To make progress on trying to understand this distressing condition we need details observation about the symptoms.


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