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Re: Pinworms
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Pinworms

Here's my 2 cents worth on the pinworms. My infection started last summer too. My life started to fall apart too. After months I was able to get rid of them but I'm still fighting a general parasite battle. Here are some things to consider:

1. Pyrantel Pamoate, Resees Pinwormm med is available on the internet. This works great IF your digestive system is working well. If you are constipated, it seems to not help much. I take the whole bottle in one dose and also use it in an enima.

2. Wash your sheets and towels every day. Clean your bathroom and disinfect all surfaces.

3. When I started on Ivermectin and Albendazole, the pinworm infection went away. (see ICU's posts regarding dosage) I had also been taking raw garlic and the clove/walnut hull/wormwood herbal combo. It's essential that you attact from different angles and be consistent. Don't take a week off, just keep up the fight. I'm getting another supply of both of these items at my local farm supply store. They are $39.00 per bottle and they both last a few months. Much cheaper than Pyrantel Pamoate (I would love to find this cheaper).

4. I got them in my sinus. My ear, nose and throat doctor prescribed Amphotericin and Gentamicin, one is an anti fungal and one is an Antibiotic I think. They are helping. I also took a saline nose spray and added some Pyrantel Pamoate and a bit of a tape worm med I am currently taking. I added some Pyrantel Pamoate to some eye drops and use a little in my eyes too.

5. My Chiropractor has a magnetic pulse machine (super zapper, basically). I started on Saturday zapping. I will let you know how that goes. Keep in mind that I am fighting a reoccuring infection of pinworm only because they are in my sinus and your sinuses drain...I'm also fighting nana Tapeworms and a regular Tapeworm in my intestines.

6. Take enzymes before every meal. This helps.

7. Take laxatives and make sure you are not constipated - this is the #1 no-no. Some will say don't do that but when you are sick like we are, you have to consider the lesser evil.

8. I take a baby wipe, put the Pyrantel Pamoate on it and insert slightly so that they are trapped and can't come out at night. That's the worst. Noxema didn't work for me unfortunately, but for some it works, so give that a try. Also try any ointment with Zinc which seems to help manage the symptoms.

9. Eat fresh (not canned) pineapple. Fast on it for 3 days if you can. Eat carrots and fresh carrot juice. Eat pumpkin seeds (raw). Eat raw garlic - chop and add to salsa and eat with chips. This kills parasites like nothing I've ever seen.

10. I clean the top of the washing machine and laundry baskets with disinfectant wipes.

11. If you can, I would ask for additional time on maternity leave and try to leave your house and stay somewhere for a few weeks like a residence-type hotel. That way you leave everything behind and have someone else change the sheets and clean every day. I know, it takes money.

12. Pray! Regardless of your religious beliefs or affiliation, the Lord is on your side and will help you if you ask. Sorry if I'm offending anyone, but I'm a pastor's wife so I need to be honest about how I have gotten through this nightmare.

13. Build up your immunities with oil of oregano, intestinal flora and by maintaining a healthy diet. Lots of water. There are many other things you can do in this this site because there's much to read.

I'm not an expert, there are many others on this forum who can provide expert info. These are just my opinions, I've received a lot of advice from this and the parasite drug forum.

Take care and hang in there - you CAN KILL THEM if you attack from every angle.

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