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To Confirm What Uny Said

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healinginHiswings Views: 2,780
Published: 10 years ago
Status:       ~RN [Message recommended by a moderator!]
This is a reply to # 1,786,173

To Confirm What Uny Said

>>†As far as "full rounds of the Incurables Program", let's clarify what we're talking about when we say "IP".† There's a HUGE difference between what Dr. Schulze now sells as his "full IP" and what it really is and was***...and then there's the difference between 'the original' and what I've put together here (using various herbs/therapies from Dr. Christopher and Dr. Gerson...which Dr. Schulze either didn't write about, know of, or know enough about to utilize).† And†then†there's the additions & dosage changes we must make to keep up with a more toxic planet (and more toxic drugs).

As I recall, the first round 'Wings did was 30 days of the 'bare minimum'...without ANY of the additional herbs or therapies that Dr. Schulze likely would have had her doing if she would have been under his clinical care.† My memory is foggy on this, but I'm thinking she didn't even have the SYL†manual or videos back then (I didn't know her then).† And that round (or two? I only remember one...but I wasn't the one doing it) was done several years before doing the IP as is recommended here for a couple-three months.<<

Correct. I hope no one gets the idea that I did five full rounds of Uny's IP back to back or even at all.

My first 30 day round of the Incurables Program utilized the IP kit Schulze sells on his website and the little book that goes with it. I did it for one month, with the sweet assistance of a moderator/poster named BOB, my very dear friend (beginning with this experience) Southern Belle, and one of the most wonderful men I have ever met, my faithful encourager, Owen. I had not met Uny yet. I felt awesome after that 30 day cleanse, and I remember the day I was able to dance in my husband's arms, even with that "lesser" IP.

When it became obvious that I would require more than one round of the IP, my husband said he would no longer support my doing the program, because it was too much work and he did not believe I was getting any better. I attempted to do the IP again on my own a few months later. Again, it was the "lesser" IP. I was met with divorce threats over doing it, so I quit after two weeks.

As Uny said, it was several years before I could do the Incurables Program again.

>>The IP is meant to be a "do it 'till you're healed" program; "healing momentum" is easily built, and easily destroyed.† So in my mind, 30-60 days worth of 'minimal IPing' with a several year break before a couple-three more months of 'much more complete IPing' was done, doesn't actually equal "5 rounds of IPing"...although the benefits gained from the original month or two wouldn't be completely lost.† I†just want to set the 'forum record' straight on that :)<<

Uny is correct. When I did do the IP four years later, I did it with Uny, using the full SYL directions plus all the custom herbs and recommendations Uny is famous for, and had a COMPLETELY different experience. I did do the IP for two VERY intense months, in the face of negative if not antagonostic family disapproval. So I never did do anything remotely close to five months back to back. Then I did another round which was kind of a fizzle due to the lack of family support. Later I tried doing it alone, without coaching, but by then it was obvious that I needed to work on some other aspects of my healing before I could concentrate on my physical body.

>>Once again (as I have in the past), I want to extend my praise, kudos and applause for the massive amount of learning, effort, application and healing† that 'Wings accomplished while IPing.<<

I think my IPing experience with Uny has been one of the most life-changing experiences of my life.†

>>When it comes to "incurable disease" both Dr. Schulze and myself 'set the bar HIGH', and I took my position as "IP coach"†extremely†seriously. <<

Yes, she did. Very, very much so. (ok, trying not to cry here...) But y'all, Uny is the real deal. She is absolutely unbelieveable.

I love you, Uny.

You, too, Rocky.

Oh, heck... and everybody else who loved me through all that...

>>To be able to not only stop the progression of Muscular Dystrophy, but also†reverse symptoms†that it had caused, speaks wonders to her efforts & application of the program.† She has my full respect for all of that, and always has (and always will).

Of course, there's "life"...and during the time she was intensively IPing, she was also homeschooling four children (not to mention her duties as the mother of her grown children and as a wife).†

From my perspective, many "IP days' she did a whole lot more supporting of everybody else, than everybody else supporting her...which wasn't always in her control, or her choice.† And that negatively impacted the results at some level. <<

I told Uny I knew what salmon felt like. Swimming upstream against incredible odds, but somehow making it all the way to the spawning grounds despite everything. Salmon have an incredible "why," and so did (do) I. I adopted the little salmon as my mascot.†

>>The most important thing is that even when she wasn't able to accomplish 100% everyday, she did what she could do...and stopping the progression of MD†and†reversing the damage in just a couple-three months is a phenomenal testimony to the efficacy of a fully customized Incurables Program!!!<<

Right now, I'm not doing the IP. †However, I am still healing the parts of me that I am able to work on.

I'm sure everyone who reads Uny's forum knows that we are complex beings with bodies, emotions, spirits, environments, etc. Sometimes there are blockages to our total healing. We have to remove those blockages or we have a difficult time seeing a complete healing. Sometimes it takes more than one teacher or healer to help us. Sometimes we need to do some growing up before we can appreciate truth and wisdom. Sometimes we need to forgive others or ourselves for something that happened in the past. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith. And sometimes we just have to rip off a bandage or blow off the doors to a locked up room in our heart and let it hurt for awhile.

Those of you who are working on your healing now, please know that I pray for you every day. I pray for Uny and Rocky, for Willow, Water, and all of the wonderful posters who contribute their knowledge, insight, and questions. I pray for a hedge of protection around the forum, and for blankets of comfort around those who are hurting. I pray for physical stamina and wisdom, as well as truth for Uny and her family. I pray for all the behind the scenes people who make Curezone possible. I pray for Dushan, who owns the Curezone website.

For those who are uncomfortable with the word "prayer," I send my most positive intentions from my Highest Self to bring light and healing energy to this place and to these people who have been attracted here.

I only know what I know. But if what I know will help you along your healing path, I am happy to help you, as I have been helped myself.



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