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~~Testimony~~ Cayenne The Amazingly Powerful Herb!
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Published: 10 years ago
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~~Testimony~~ Cayenne The Amazingly Powerful Herb!

I know firsthand how cayenne will stop bleeding, I've used it for that myself but now I KNOW just how fast it stops gushing blood from a very bad cut!

I was at work Friday, I had walked outside for a few minutes when a fellow employee comes out the door with a whole roll of paper towels wrapped around his hand, the paper towels were saturated with bright red blood and the blood was dripping all over the ground in a steady fast drip.

I ran for my car where thought I had both cayenne tincture and powder but I couldn't put my hands on the powder so I grabbed the tincture.  I told him to take the paper towels away so I could douse the cut with the tincture but before he would let me he wanted to know if it was gonna hurt lol!  I just looked at him and told him it wasn't going to hurt anymore than it already hurt.

I put two droppersful on it as fast as I could and watched the cut to see what the bleeding would do and it slowed in under a minute so I put another dropperful and it almost stopped the bleeding!  I went across the street to a grocery store and bought a bottle of cayenne powder since I couldn't find mine because I know the powder is what we should use to stop bleeding.  I told my friend to go inside and put a clean paper towel on it and wait for me.  All the time I'm helping him he's asking me do I think he needs to go to the ER and of course I told him what I would do and that would be a big resounding NO!!!!!!!

When I got back with the cayenne powder, the paper towel had just a little blood on it from where he covered the cut with it.  I packed the cut with the powder and put a band-aid on it.  There were three or four people standing around watching all this telling my friend he needed to get to the ER right away and I'm saying no you don't!  This guy knows about me and herbs because last summer I gave him some herbal snuff to use and it worked a miracle for him (another testimony for another time) so he knew if I said it worked, it worked and he believed me.

I think what finally got him to go to the ER was the fact that his arm had started aching and he was worried that he would get infected.  I thought it had probably started aching because when he had a big rush of adrenalin he was too shocked to feel the ache.  Anyway I told him that if it was me there was no way I'd put myself in the ER but that it was his body and he had to do what he felt was the best for him so he went.

I talked to him while they were soaking his hand in Betadine.  He said when they saw how bad the cut was they asked him how he had stopped the bleeding.  He told them about the cayenne and they said they had never heard of that!  He said it was almost as if, if they hadn't seen the cayenne powder in the cut they wouldn't have believed him!  They were shocked, especially when he told them it worked right away! He ended up getting six stitches and of course a round of antibiotics!

Uny told me one time that she had used the cayenne tincture to stop bleeding on a cut and it didn't work until she took it by mouth and it stopped it.  The tincture worked on my friend but we're all different so I caution you to keep both on hand.  If I would have had the powder I would have gone for that first but you gotta use what you've got on hand at the time!  And the fact that is was regular HU cayenne didn't make a bit of difference to me at the time but the higher the HU the better.  I'll not be caught without mine ever again thats for sure!

I'm tellin' ya folks, cayenne can save your life or the lives of those around you!  I've restocked my car with both the tincture and the powder.  I wish that everyone knew about it so they could keep it in their cars too!  

Miracle healing blessings,







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