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How I got well and worm free!
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Published: 10 years ago
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How I got well and worm free!

OK- Many of you know I was badly infested with tapeworms, Ascaris and flukes plus several other things. I was not able to work for 6 yrs. I feel better than I have in years.

It is not enough to just kill and kill the parasites. It is just as important to change the terrain so that these critters can no longer thrive in such a healthy environment.

These are the 12 steps we (my hubby and I) used to get well.

1- 3 yrs ago: Stopped all psych meds and ALL over-the-counter meds (incl painkillers, sleep aids, cough/cold remedies). Went through horrible withdrawal for about 3 months. All drugs are liver toxic according to many. I believe this myself.

2- 2 yrs ago had all dental mercury Amalgams removed.

3- Stopped using all lotions and beauty products on my body. I use flax, olive, coconut oil on my skin. If you won't eat it than don't put it on your skin.

4- For the past 3 yrs I eat a very clean diet. No alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten(allergy), additives, processed junk. I now eat about %80 fruit and veg diet with a little meat , eggs, salmon and nuts. Flax, olive and coconut oils.

5- Stopped taking ALL synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements- No Colloidal Silver , Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , lugol_s etc, nothing made in a lab(except ZYMEX II digestive enzyme). Saved a fortune on this step. Can't use unnatural substances to cure a natural body.

6- Gave away our dog(to a loving home). Didn't want to risk constant reinfection. I was VERY sick and not able to walk from my house to the car.

7- Spent a fortune on commercial parasite products. Got smart and started making our own capsules and tinctures from bulk herbs. Buy a good book on herbs.

8- Primarily we used these to get rid of ALL Parasites: Black-Walnut , Wormwood , CLOVES, OLIVE LEAF POWDER, RAW GARLIC, Pau D'ARCO, ZYMEX II from Standard Process. It is my belief that these few herbs will take care of any parasite you may have. Mix them up and take to tolerance. Rotate these often. They are all super killers!

9- VERY IMPORTANT!- Take the LBB(lower bowel balance) and cleanse your intestines for at least 9 months. You can make your own or Barefoot here sells it. Here is the recipe I use if you want it. This will heal and tonify the intestines. We buy from Mountain Rose Herbs.

3 parts Cascara Sagrada
2 parts ginger
1 part each of buckthorn, turkey rhubarb, goldenseal, barberry, fennel, red raspberry, lobelia
Ĺ- 1/4 part cayenne(optional) if your stomach can handle it

10- Stay on a strong maintenance at least 3 times per week because we don't want to become reinfested like I did 3 times in the last 19 months.

11- Got rid of all chemicals in our home. We do most cleaning with baking soda mixed with a little hand soap and vinegar for glass and windows.

12- Do not be afraid or panic! You will conquer these low life creatures if you are patient and persistent. Tell yourself everyday that you are healing. The body follows the mind. Try it and notice how it makes you feel. Don't forget to thank your Higher Power and ask for guidance each and everyday.

Just keep at it until they are all gone. How will you know when they are all gone? When you take a high dose of a few things and you have NO DIE-OFF! It really is incredible!

P.S- In the last 3 yrs I got rid of bipolar disorder, chronic migraines, fibro, boils, cold sores, low blood Sugar reactions, bad intestinal pain, candida and about 20 lbs. The chronic fatigue is on the way out. These 12 steps will work and a very inexpensive way to go!

God Bless you All,


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