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Video Embedded Hot Lava.... The Cold Sheet Treatment and Day 9
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Published: 10 years ago
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Hot Lava.... The Cold Sheet Treatment and Day 9


Press Play and then read.  

Good, now we have the soundtrack going.  Yesterday after I posted I did the Cold Sheet Treatment.  If you are determined to get well, you can make it through one of these.  If you've ever done a seriously intense sweat lodge, you can get through one of these.  It's intense, to be sure.  

Yesterday when I posted, I talked about bad die-off.  The CST begins with a cold water enema.  I took it, and again expelled another large worm.  It was about the 5th that day.  Next is the garlic/ACV rectal injection.  Neither of us realized until it came down to the moment that we only had a 4 oz syringe, and not an 8 oz one.  That meant one of two things: 1. take a weak-a@@ injection and tell myself I did it, or 2. do two 4 oz ones back-to-back.  I bet you can guess what I did.  It wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated.  Maybe some of the garlic got stuck in the insertion tube, I don't know.  It burned more coming out than going in, but all in all it wasn't that bad.  

Next, I covered my sensitive areas with natural imitation vaseline and fashioned a speedo out of saran wrap to hold the vaseline in place.  

I got in the water.  We made the herbs about twice as strong as the directions called for.  I sat down and didn't feel a thing.  I started to think this might be too weak for me.  I rubbed the herbs all over me.  I had my wife rub them down my back, drank a cup of tea, and then, about a minute and a half into it, I started to feel something.  "That's not too bad," I thought, and threw down some more tea.  About 3 minutes in, I realized: "Oh wait, this is going to be hot."  From that point on, it was just the struggle to stay in as long as I could.  It got hotter and hotter, like Icy Hot, but without the ice.  Then there was the tea.  I didn't like the sage.  I wasn't too full or too hot from the tea, I just didn't like the sage.  When you're in the tub, it is a lot hotter if you move around.  You can stand more if you stay very still.  I drank 5.25 cups of tea and stayed in about 18 minutes.  I didn't get out because of the heat.  I got out because I thought I was going to vomit (from the sage).  

Then, to the cold sheet, which didn't feel cold at all.  I was cocooned under two wool blankets.  From that point, the heat just climbs and the sweat pours.  It's like going into a very hot dry sauna, except when you reach the point where you think you need to get out of the sauna, you can't.  It's like when you stand too close to a fire, except you are naked and the fire is all around you.  I let the Pink Floyd song from above play in my head and imagined I had been launched into the sun.  

But I have a problem that conflicted with the treatment.  Because of joint pain throughout my body, I cannot lay in one position for long periods of time.  I have to change positions to shift the weight.  So I lay still as long as I could.  Sleep was impossible.  I tried to make subtle adjustments to my position, but the wrapping of the cold sheet prevented movement.  After about 2 hours, I acquiesced, undid the cocoon, changed position, and replaced the cocoon.  But this lessened the heat.  I tried to sleep, but I was so nauseous from the sage.  The heat never really bothered me, I like heat.  But the nausea was strong.  Then, muscle spasms and rumbling in my stomach.  I thought: "Just what I need, die-off."  A million things go through your head.  Among the ones in mine were: "This treatment's OK, but I don't know if I need it for my particular problem" and "I'm gonna ask Uny if I can leave out the sage if I do this again" and "I could achieve the same sweating in a sauna" and "I have too many things going on, this might be the least important." 

I might also mention here, the saran wrap speedo was not one of my better ideas.  I mean, maybe it helped in some way, but certainly not enough.  

About 3 hours into the night, I decided I needed some sleep.  I got out of the cocoon, restructured my bedding, and went to sleep.  

Then came the morning.  As you can imagine, I was pretty weak, dehydrated, and hungry.  There were no strange stains on the sheet.  It took a bit to get going.  And then, mid-morning, right before my first CE, I felt a bowel movement come on.  I went to the toilet and passed the biggest worm yet in all of my cleansing.  I immediately felt lighter and couldn't believe the size of the thing.  What did it?  Was it the garlic injection?  The tea?  Or the induced fever?  I'm sure it was all three, but I also think the sage had a lot to do with it.  Then a state of euphoria came over me, and I began to realize just how powerful the CST really is.  It's intense.  It's no joke.  It burns.  It hurts.  But it does not harm.  And that's what one considering it needs to remember: it may hurt, but it does not harm.  I took a good look at that worm and thought: "I can't wait to do that again."  Show me to the volcano's edge and push me over.  I have no time to lose.  If I have to take a hot lava enema, show me to it.  

But I have to make this adjustment next time.  I'm going to have to lay down in the most comfortable position and not wrap the sheet so tightly around me as to be constrictive.  If I can grant myself a little movement inside the cocoon, I will be able to stay in it much longer, if not all night.  I will also drink more tea and stay in the tub longer.  I wasn't sure how it was gonna go, and I think I got out a little premature to my tolerance.  

So, like I said, I felt euphoric all day.  Cleaner, stronger, and less one gigantic worm.  I've added in the 3 day stone breaker treatment on top of the kidney cleanse.  And here is another surprising thing.  I've done variations of kidney cleanses using different combinations of these herbs, and they've always given me crazy bloating.  But all through the morning, I was the least bloated than I have been during this whole cleanse.  That worm was almost 2 feet long and probably a 1/2 inch thick.  That kind of thing takes up a lot of room.  These things must have been playing a huge role in my illness these past years.  

My afternoon CE came and produced even more worm segments.  I clearly have a much worse infestation than I thought.  And I've also killed more worms in 9 days on this program than probably in all the three months of cleansing I did prior.  

I'm still experiencing some mild liver twinges, I think from all the liver work I'm doing.  The kidney tea/tincture seems to bring them on as well (but not the stone breaker).  The therapeutic coffee is much stronger than the store-bought regular coffee I was using.  I may split the CEs into back-to-back enemas again for the next few days to give my liver a little rest.  It has worm toxins to deal with.  

I'm having a great healing.  I'm nine days into this IP program and I'm excited about every new day and all that I have to do for myself.  Don't get me wrong, we're completely overwhelmed.  I had to drink my last juice tonight in the shower, because I just don't have a half hour to spare. The to-do list grows everyday and we never get caught up.   And yet I wish every day that I had more time to pack more into it.   My advice to any newcomers to this forum or people just getting started out -- Drop all you are doing and start the IP program.  Stop what you are doing, and go take a coffee enema.  Do another hot/cold shower.  And don't think of it as some painful chore that you don't want to do, but as the thing standing between ill health and good health.  Cold water hurts but it does not harm.  It heals.  This is all powerful stuff.  Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze, Dr. Gerson, Uniquity... they're not putting you on.  Don't waste any more time.  Don't let your health get any worse.  You are the only one who can bring about a change. 

This is the big worm.  It was breaking apart when I handled it and there was actually more to it, maybe another 3 inches.  The main body/head broke up too much to place it down,  so I just drew what it would have looked like based on other worms I've passed.  The worm is  laying on one side of a tall grocery bag.  That's a one gallon water jug.  This thing was big, and I bet there's still one or two more.  But they have another thing coming.  What goes around comes around!



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