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heeeeeealin' my liverrrrrrr (warning - babbling contained herein)
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Published: 9 years ago

heeeeeealin' my liverrrrrrr (warning - babbling contained herein)

I started the Schulze 5 day liver detox program this morning. Why is the liver the hardest thing to cleanse in terms of drinking nasty stuff? I had the first drink, oj, ginger, garlic, a little OO, not too bad. Okay, then the tea... not bad either. Than I got to the stuff in the bottles... the first we take with water. Nasty! Then the second it said well take this one with grape juice b/c it's really strong. THIS one is strong??? After the other one??? Oh boy...

My reading and video watching of Dr. Schulze is pretty recent and he talks a lot about kicking butt and not being a sissy - gotta be tough to get healthy. Compared to my peers I'm quite healthy but I want to be better. I don't have a disease to motivate me, but I don't want to have one so gotta keep on going. Can't be a wimp and have a clean liver... (although if there is a product that doesn't make one cross-eyed by the fumes alone or doesn't cause a battle with the up-chuck reflex, please please enlighten me... lol)

So yeah, morning 1. Gotta do the drinks 3x a day, 5 days, so 1 down, 14 to go.

I really really REALLY hope that by cleaning out my liver and doing this yukky program, I can make progress on cravings that make it so hard for me to eat healthy and be skinny. I do wonder if that will be true. I see Dr. Schulze is supposed practice what he preaches, he says so, and he's a chunky guy. How do you get chunky eating lettuce, nuts and berries? Too many nuts? Just being honest, I've wondered this. He's a lot bigger than me. I guess you can get big eating whole grains. I know that being slender is a mark of health - not that all people who are skinny are healthy but it seems to me that people who are very healthy are on the slim side, yes?

Anyway, I'm on a tangent, I know, but it seems to me that having cravings and such difficulty with bad food is a sign. Even today I'm on day 1 and I only had a banana this morning. Eating a banana makes me CRAVE more bananas like crazy - I understand they're starchy. This doesn't seem like a healthy reaction. If I didn't have this reaction, it would be easier to be healthy and skinny. I really wish I could fix it, and I hope hope hope this cleanse is part of that solution.

Nothing but juices for the next 4 days, maybe more, as I continue the flush. Wish me luck!

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