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Re: Standard Process Gallstone flush... Any Experiences????
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Standard Process Gallstone flush... Any Experiences????

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I was here with gallbladder problems.

Anyway, I have done ~20 gallbladder flushes total, most with success. After having been told I must have emergency surgery to cut out my gallbladder 4 years ago, I came here and learned about the flushes, and made pills out of the Epsom Salt because I just can't drink salt water. I also downed them with Diet coke, because it's hard to swallow all those pills.

A couple of weeks ago I apparently tested high on an auto-immune disease, which could be Arthritis or cancer - apparently there are 80 auto immune diseases. So instead of waiting around doing nothing, I did a flush - it takes time to get in to see a good rheumatologist. Flush was successful, but I felt there were still some more stones. So I waiting 2 weeks and started a second flush.

Now in all these ~20 flushes, I have followed the rules for the most part, only changing the salt to pills and the diet coke to get them down. Unfortunately, I LOATHE apple juice and almost hate grapefruit juice as much. So I decided to cheat.

I took magnesium and digestive enzymes for the 2 weeks and the day before, made up a bunch of gold coin pills which I took over that 2 day period (I mean like 24 pills I made) of gold coin powder I got from a chinese store in Dallas. At the time, I figured it could have been guinea pig poo for all I know. I took them in batches of 4 or so at a time throughout those two days. Then I skipped the apple juice entirely and started the Epsom Salts at 6, as usual. 8:00 and another round of Epsom Salt pills, no problem. But suddenly at around 9 pm, I notice about 200-300 small stones have tumbled out of me. It was a sign, and I should have taken notice. They were just stones, all squishy and green-looking like I get from apple juice softening. They were broken green stone, darker on the outside than the inside, and looked like shards rather that round stones.

I should have stopped there, have accomplished an acceptable level of gallstone removal. But I didn't. I went ahead and did the olive oil and grapefruit, settled down to sleep.

At 3 in the morning I started vomiting the oil, grapefruit, and salt out. It was horrendous, and it has never happened to me before. I felt somewhat better after I through up and so I slept late and elected Not to do the 3rd and 4th rounds of epsom salt. I was still a little nauseas, and probably would have thrown them up, but I should have tried - that was my 2nd mistake.

Seubsequently, I threw up everything, even water, for the next 2 days straight. Couldn't get out of bed except to run to throw up. By the evening weekend, my husband convinced me to go to the hospital. I was admitted into IC almost immediately (a miracle in itself) and all the docs figured it was my gallbladder. Scans showed my gallbladded functioning well and clean and shiny happy. My pancreas was another story. I've never had pancreas problems before, but I do have a cousin who died from it (he was a serious drinker and drug user in his 30's).

So 5 days in the hospital total - fighting the nurses and docs to get out asap. They thought I had renal failure due to potassium (which I take sometimes for muscle cramps) and my pee was brownish for a couple of days, but IV's rehydrated me. No food for 4 days, then chicken broth and yogurt.

So. I have this to say:
Be careful with Goldcoin. It can be a powerful drug that will get rid of your stones all by itself. I will NEVER use it again with the olive oil/grapefruit flush again because I believe that it was so effective in breaking the stones that it shot one or more straight into my pancreas. Possibly not, but electing to skip the 3rd and 4th rounds of Epsom Salt - I believe this cause bile/stones to back up into my pancreas and the ducts became 'un-dialated'.

In the future, I am committing to taking magnesium and digestive enzymes every day and if I feel I need a flush, I may down 10 or so Gold coin powder pills, sans the salt and olive oil, etc. They appear to give nearly immediate relief to pain between the shoulder blades when one has gallstones.

Now I am eating broth, jello, popsicles, down 10 pounds (not unhappy about that part! - I had been dieting on a "1 pound loss a week" deal for months and had already dropped from 146.6 to 135, then 127 with the hospital visit. I am now just waiting until my pancreas 'chills out'.

Meanwhile, Doc is running tests on Lipase, Amylase, potassium, and a few other things. As a diabetic, my blood suger got over 580 for a long time while throwing up (you just don't think of testing your Sugar while throwing up - it seems counter-intuitive). So my AC1 level is unbelievable high now. They also discovered that I have high LDL's while in the hospital, so am on some form of cholesteral pill every night now.

Hope I get better soon - I have a hyper active 6 year old, 12 chicks, a new puppy and a husband without a sense of humor. I think he's mad at me on some level - I feel completely responsible for doing this stupid thing to myself. Healing my pancreas will take time, most likely.

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