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Demedox mites and how to get rid of them 90% naturally
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Published: 11 years ago

Demedox mites and how to get rid of them 90% naturally

i just recently learned of DM's and jumped into action to see what could be done. I have had a rash of pimples on my back and chest for years now that come waves and are relentless. I went to many dr's and was given strong anti bios that only made me sick (NEVER AGAIN!) and told to use Dial soap to kill bacteria, clindamycin (helped for a little while, but stopped working), selenium sulfide (same thing).

The thing that stood out for me about this case of Acne was the times that it erupted. I had been a dancer for years and was used to sweating, and the breakouts were coming, but there was something different about the ones I had started getting a few years AFTER I pretty much quit dancing, and what SHOULD have tipped of my dermatologist, but she instead blew it off:

Two times that I got the huge pimply rash that took months to go away, I had been sick a few days before. A major flu over the holidays once, and I remember getting ready for NYE and noticing little bumps all over my back, that within a week grew into major stuff and took 4 months to clear.
It happened again when I got a cold, and subsequently traveled to a humid place, and the same timing of the rash. The reason why I am telling you this is because though I have not been tested for DM's as of yet, I am convinced there is a relation between them and my weakened immune system. Something to think about more when trying to monitor, diagnose, prevent. And as I mentioned, the Dr. did not see that as a link to anything. Breaking out in huge Acne after a major sickness should be looked at from every angle. They do not investigate mites from what other posters have said.

ANYWAY, how I am getting rid of what seems to be them:

First, I bought lice shampoo from the store and covered my chest and back with it, leaving it on as per directions on the box.

Then, I put white clean sheets on my bed and dusted my body with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade, not the other stuff made for cleaning pools. You want the natural fossil dust used for healing and gardens). It is dusty and white, but it feels nice on skin that seems to be mite hosts. It drys out the sweat and oil. I think that I sweat a lot in my sleep and get hot in the daytime, which is why my Acne was always flaring up more at night. Sleep with as little clothes and blankets as possible to keep dry and cool.

I have found that cleaning my face with olive oil instead of soap works amazingly. I do this everyday for my face, and I am not kidding, within 12 hours my face looked 100% better. I had started getting rosacea on my cheeks, and thought it was sun and age, but it now almost completely gone and I no longer need to cover it with makeup.

When you bathe, I recommend a certain oil from India. I bought some when I was traveling there, and used it in my bath a few times and noticed that my skin was smoother than before, but didn't make a connection that the oil might be killing mites!

I wish I had bought a ton of it there, it is so much cheaper, but I will post a link if you want to try some. I have been using this oil and the D. earth for 4 days now and have no new breakouts and the old ones are disappearing.

This oil is classic Ayurvedic Indian and it does have a fragrance, which can be lovely or cloying depending on how your taste is, but it feels amazing and works. Use it on your skin, your scalp, so good. It has a cooling effect on the skin and so calms the muscles, and makes it feel like something is "working" I think the calming of the nerves and the rest is very helpful in dealing with DM's. They can fill you with frustration and anxiety.


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