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Is it OK to eat EGGS ?????????
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Published: 14 years ago
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Is it OK to eat EGGS ?????????

I really don't think your concern is off-topic. It is a strong and valid point, since we are discussing the consumption of raw eggs.

I guess to answer your question; i would have to ask you a question as well; where is the logic in animals being consumed by other animals? Were inferior animals created ONLY for the purpose of being killed and devoured by larger creatures? Next; Where is the logic in squirrels eating nuts? Are the nuts created solely to be enjoyed through destruction in the dozens, by the mouths of hundreds of squirrels? Yet moreso interestingly; why do birds eat eggs also? Were eggs created ONLY for the pleasure of a sea-gall's palate by chance? Why do people uproot vegetables in their urge to consume them? The plant is certainly killed by doing so and it is not at all propagated.

Certainly i don't claim to have all the answers and i don't expect anybody to have them either, but what my logic dictates is that there must be a good reason for ALL of those things, or else our creator would not have placed the perpetrators in such awkward situations.

Here is what i think happens: 1. Large animals kill small animals because this helps to keep every healthy creature on its toes and AWARE at all times; be present and in-tune with its surroundings 100%. To be fully alive is to be fully aware. Once they begin to age and lose that ability, they are naturally absorbed by the vastness of the universe by either being killed or dieing. This also helps clear up room for other creatures of this family to roam that territory and experience all the wonders of the world. They too can now feel alive by being totally aware. The killer, on the other hand, gets to experience killing. Yes, this too is an experience, and some creatures are meant to experience it in their lifetime. On the other hand, being killed is also an experience that often happens in a very PRESENT state on part of the victim. The killer may also some day experience dieing. Some animals die while they watch their own body being digested. Insects for instance. Spiders are another good example. Chances are that an animal will experience both killing and being killed in their lifetime.

Squirrels eat hundreds of nuts throughout the winter. It doesn't mean that those nuts are rotten, small or moldy. Not At All. They choose the freshest and BEST nuts of all. Why do these nuts have to die? Because along with those nuts, the squirrels bury many other nuts underground that they FORGET to eat and those sprout come spring time and become small trees in the summer. Once they are trees, the squirrels do not want to eat them. The nuts have now morphed into a new being. Think about HOW many nuts a single tree will produce in a season! This is how some nuts give their lives, so that others may safely sprout and grow. Same phenomenon is sometimes observed with rodents - mothers will sometimes eat all of their babies or some of their babies. Why? Only because, they felt propelled by instinct to do so. But instincts never lie. They tell animals exactly what is right to do. So if 2 babies are eaten, the 2 others may live, to get bigger and stronger.

Now Eggs. Hens naturally hide their nests-full of eggs. But keep in mind that hens also produce about 2-3 eggs a day, each! So this means lots of eggs and maybe lots of nests for each hen. Being very attractive and EASILY accessible to humans, we often find the eggs and may feel inclined to try cracking them for experimentation. Some rodents also find them at times and eagerly consume them. Birds may spot a nest and eat the egg YOLKS only. Cats will eat only the broken eggs and so will dogs. Pigs also find and eat entire nests as well as the hens if they can catch them. I would say it goes by the same principle as the other examples; some eggs get eaten, some get lost, some get abandoned, some get cracked, and yet others survive. Even hens themselves will eat the egg if it's cracked and spilled on the ground. It's an experience for the hens, for humans, for rodents, for birds, and EVEN for the egg itself - for i believe that it too has sensors with which it experiences the world, even before it has developed. Everything gets to experience the world.

In the meantime, it is your choice as to whether you cherish this special experience, called life, treasure it and indulge in what it has to offer, or deny its existence and continue to consume things that you ALSO unquestionably kill, such as plants, nuts, legumes, seeds and the like. They all have feelings through various sensory organs. A living being doesn't have to have eyes and a head in order to be a called a living creature. Any plant is just as alive as any chicken. Any tree is just as alive as any person. We have just chosen to name them differently and this causes us to forget that they are all the same - ALIVE! Due to our tendancy to get hung up on "terms", we have forgotten that evrything around us is a wide array of living beings. Their names do not make them any more living or less living then the rest. If you choose to NOT kill, then keep every living creature alive, why discriminately pick what to kill? And if you DO kill living beings for taste, then why consider eggs beyond consideration?




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