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Re: Raw Vegan 4 months to basically standard american diet... sick as a dog.. HELP.

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Raw Vegan 4 months to basically standard american diet... sick as a dog.. HELP.

Greetings of health & truth (and victory!) --

Through a decision that was basically made for me
, I am now eating the likes of regular folks w/some oatmeal, fruit, processed breads, lunch meat, basically processed crap that most americans eat.  
I know that words that are 'solid & true' when you're stressing and not at your strongest may seem a bit harsh, but it's only solid-truth that'll give you the support & strength to make righteous, mature decisions (the ones that don't have 'consequences' that'll come back to bite you in the butt and put you in a place where you have to 'start all over'...but from a weaker position).

It seems the most major, life-changing-deciding-points in our life (the 'cusps', the 'breaking points', the 'tipping points') all come when stress is the highest and the outcomes are THE most critical....and when we may feel we are the weakest.  It's at these times, that we must call on our full triune self (our spirit, our emotions & knowledge and our body) to make the choice between what we know is right & true or 'the easy path' (or what seems to be the easy path). 

The "easy" (incorrect) choice will always have negative consequences and weaken/diminish our ability to make the right choices in the future (that's just what 'feeding evil' makes it stronger).  The righteous (right-use-ness :) choice may seem more difficult or stressful, but the outcome always results in "goodness", and a strengthening of our foundation of the truth (and everything it takes to achieve vibrant victories & empowerment throughout our life).   It's not ever really "easier" to make the easy/wrong choice; it's always easier to strengthen ourselves and find a way to make the right/victorious choice, than it is to live with defeat & sickness.

The very second we make the right choice, we feel relief (and we feel empowered...although we may be confused about how we're going to get 'er done).  The very second we make the wrong choice, we feel defeated (and we are weakened...although we may be temporarily band-aided in fluffy pillows & blankets that will ultimately choke us).

Self respect is imperative to our being...besides, without it, others will never respect us.

A decision that was 'made for you'?  Nope - unless you were tied down and force-fed, you chose to eat what you ate.  That's not me "judging you", that's me identifying the truth.

I am feeling insanely sick everyday... I wake up horribly depressed and this stays with me for most of the morning. After eating processed stuff I feel sick and weak... muscle twitches, shaky, spaced out of it, guts hurt.  Then stop eating it.  

I've had reactions where I've had a burger and some fries and felt insanely restless and depressed for 4-5 hours after this. Any processed sugar has made me feel insanely agitated. The standard american diet is truely crap and poison... but I have no choice at this point. 

It's one thing to be "sheeple brainwashed" (and not have realized it) and accepted poisons from the hand of a doctor (or parent) that we've been conditioned to trust and/or depend upon.  It's a whole other thing to willingly ingest poisons (that we know are poisons) that obviously sicken & weaken our body (the temple of our spirit and God, to those that believe in God), because we've decided that someone elses decision or 'false authority' (or societal/peer-pressure) is more important that the actual truth, our own health, self-respect and the laws of Nature/God.

You most certainly DO have a choice (in fact, you're the only one that has the right & responsibility to make ANY choice for your adult body).  And I am 100% positive you want to make the right choice, that you are able to make the right choice...and that by making the right choice, you will empower yourself to navigate your future choices successfully.

Life is a journey - we decide where we're going to go, and then we map out the course to get there.  If we don't decide where we're going...?...we don't get there.  Wandering around lost & undecided is a truly hellish existence - I highly recommend against it :)

I need to get my body acclimated to it again...WHAT?!  Your body cannot "acclimate" to poison!!!  

I'd rather feel sick and like this and have my family and friends love and support than the other way around. 

Yes indeed, this certainly appears to be a major 'tipping point' in your life - one of those times when you have to decide to make the right or wrong choice...knowing full well that you will live with the consequences of whichever choice you make.    Make the wrong choice - what happens?  You'll be sicker, weaker, more tempted to turn back to chemical poisons & band-aids and will have kow-towed to (and incorporated & allied yourself with) the brainwashing and lies of the blinded sheeple in your world...not to mention how crappy you'll feel and the self-respect you will have lost.

Do I understand how it feels to want to 'go home' and throw myself into the warm & soft 'safety blankets' of my mother & father?  Do I understand how it feels to know that these 'warm & soft safety blankets' will choke & kill me (even though those holding them and wrapping me in them really do believe they're loving me, and have no idea they're throttling the very life out of me)?  Oh yes I do, and I understand & 'feel it' more than most anyone here will ever know.  It sucks.  Life is tough - helmets serve us much better than blankies.  Once the battle is won, we can proudly & victoriously choose our own blankets & rewards :)

Make the right choice?  Oh yeah, there may be a temporary 'battle' with mom or dad, and like all the rest of us, your choice of friends may be limited (until you can build the strength to be able to 'mingle with the sheeple' and not be negatively affected)...but the consequences of making the right choice is ALWAYS an increase in empowerment, strength, self-respect (respect in general) and victory.

"Strength of numbers is the delight of the timid.  The valiant of spirit glory in fighting alone"  Gandhi

Can someone shed some insight on this? I feel so ill and weak all the time and I don't know how long this will last.

It will last until you put a stop to it, it's as simple as that.  I know what I'm about to say "doesn't seem this way" (because we've all been so conditioned to thinking an unnatural world is natural) - but the fact is, that after we were 17 or 18, all negative health issues have been caused or worsened as a direct result of our own actions & choices (and our lack of knowledge, again, our choice really).  At 23, that means you have 5-6 years of incorrect choices to correct.  How long have you been learning & correcting?  Exactly - you can't expect to undo it all in a few months.  You haven't failed (yet), and the knowledge you've gained IS the truth and WILL lead you back to the vibrant & healthy you that IS you!

I feel much better when I don't eat.  Of course, the first thing any sick animal does is 'go off food'.  The last thing any sick animal does is knowingly ingest poisons that make it worse.

If I could get some insight here, I'd much appreciate it. I feel like hell but the reactions have gotten less... For instance, I didn't feel AS horribly depressed this morning... I feel better after a shower (hot cold)....Also, I have noticed that I feel much better and ALMOST normal at night and then feel a complete 180 in the morning. Wake up during the night multiple times to pee and having heart palps and can't settle down....It's not just a SUGAR thing or what not.. a burger and fries has set this off.... just a non-fruitarian diet thing... or something. But I feel horrid.

HELP!  Help options below :)  But the first thing (it seems) that you need to do to is to decide if you're going to be in charge of your life, body & decisions or if you're going to allow others to be in charge.  Let's start here: 
>>>I'd rather feel sick and like this and have my family and friends love and support than the other way around<<<  Well, unless you've been doing a ton of lying and pilin' on the theatrics in your past posts, that's not what I've discerned at all.  I think you'd really rather be healthy, empowered, and brimming with self-respect and the Light of Truth that draws others to it...and enables them to become empowered.

Friends & family.  This is something we all MUST deal with on varying levels, and the first step is to address & admit (whether it's a casual friend or our very own mother), that over 90% of the people in the world do not know the truth and most are not willing to learn it.  They are victims of the largest & most successful, societally-systemic propaganda/brainwashing program that the world has ever seen...we all have been affected by this in many ways :::sigh:::  But for some reason or another, we've been exposed to truth and instead of rejecting it because it was uncomfortable, we saw the truth/Light in it and dug in to learn more.  We want to be in charge our life; we want to align ourselves with the Truth, and we don't care how uncomfortable it is for our ego.  We understand (yet many times find it difficult to deal with) that it's far better to be healthy, empowered, successful and victorious than it is to be a blinded sheep.

Anybody that is truly your friend (or claims to love you) does want the best for you.  Many of these 'friends & family members' DO want what they think is best for you, but they're unwilling (or simply unable) to admit or believe that what they sincerely believe is good is actually bad...and harmful to you.  Even if it's our parents, we HAVE to admit this to ourselves and deal with it appropriately...and we have to learn from our mistakes if we're going to grow.

So I'm going to jot down a few possible EFT tap phrases that you might find useful (keep what is good, throw out what is not!  It's not easy for me to 'discern' from behind a computer monitor - sometimes I 'swing & miss' a few times to get to the base hits & home-runs :)

--Even though it's scary for me to depend upon myself & not my parents/friends...

--Even though I'd rather depend upon my parents/friends than myself...

--Even though I'm not confident in my level of knowledge of the Truth...

--Even though I don't want to admit/believe that my parents/friends are harming/weakening me...

--Even though I don't want to admit/believe that I'm 'all grown up' and that means I have to stand firm in my beliefs, even to my parents...

--Even though I know that I must obey the laws of Nature/God to heal myself...

--Even though parent/peer pressure is breaking me down...

--Even though I'm believing in my disease/symptoms more & more...

--Even though I'm flat-out scared shitless of what I'm going to do next & how...

--Even though my fear is causing me to make wrong choices...

--Even though I do not want to stand up to my mother/father/friends...

...and of course, any & all other sentiments that 'come to mind' immediately after tapping through the ones above that you discern are issues for you.


Candida overgrowth + sugar/carbs + fluid + warmth = fermentation = blood alcohol & carbon dioxide (a poison, too).  Killing candida = all the typical signs of alcohol/benzo withdrawal, because alcohol constantly forces the GABA receptors to work harder than they're naturally able to work (and candida death = alcohol withdrawal for those that have had overgrowths for any period of time)...hence our natural calming devices can be severely weakened.   Just like with alcohol/benzo addiction, we must start by stopping what we're doing to harm the GABA receptors/ your diet should be as free of sugar-fruits & carbs as possible, and high in veggies/juices.  And you need to support your adrenals & GABA receptors as much as possible.

Kava tincture - shown to be as clinically effective as benzos for those with panic/anxiety issues (not caused by benzos/withdrawal).  This is the ONLY herb that helped my mom through her horrible months after being yanked off Klonopin 'basically' cold-turkey.

Adrenal tincture - you already know how much your body needs this (with adrenal issues elevated to the point of heart-palps at night, it's even more imperative you continue with's got Hawthorn to support the heart - that Doc Christopher was a genius :)

Ashwagandha root powder or tincture - you already know you need this, too.

Superfood & bee pollen - your body must have fuel to live & heal, and with adrenal issues comes low assimilation.


Charcoal (if needed)

Stop eating things you know harm your body.


Dan, I know how tough this is for you...but right decisions will yield right actions and right results.  I am SURE that is true, because I've lived it (and I've lived it the hard way, and have the scars to prove it).  You can make the right choices for your life - and you are NOT alone.  You have all of the wonderful people here (and you also have all the wonderful people throughout the world that are fighting the same battles & frustrations).  We're all on the winning team!

Blessings aplenty -



One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about an eternal battle.

He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

"One is Evil -  It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, ignorance, greed, procrastination, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, laziness, false pride, sickness, superiority, and ego."

"The other is Good -  It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, knowledge, kindness, self-discipline, benevolence, empathy, right action, generosity, truth, healing, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" 

The wise Cherokee replied, "The one you feed."








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