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Technicalities of the cleanse - How it REALLY works:

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Published: 14 years ago
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Technicalities of the cleanse - How it REALLY works:


Here is how it works: the more quantity of this juice you ingest, the more undesirable elements will come out. it will not be just stones. it will be everything you can imagine. And it all depends on the oil you use. the different oils dissolve and stimulate different types of particles. Peanut oil is for mucous, olive is mainly for stones, etc, but just imagine your liver being like one giant filthy sponge and you drink this majic jucie and that egg stimulates that sponge so much that it works extra hard, gets lubricated and it begins to squeeze itself empty of all the dirt down into your intestinal tube. When the elements roll down into the intestines, they suddently begin to pick up even more dirt and mucous. IT all becomes like one a potent soapy mixture, with a stimulative element - the egg.

After the liver is all squeezed out and tired, the nutrients from the egg help repair it and the blood that rushes into the liver to get itself clensed, becomes extra, extra-clean and gets properly distributed out into all the cells. This is why your SKIN condition improves and you also become DARKER and TANNED almost overnight, aside from the skin becoming really shiny and the hair getting strong, bouyncy and shiny. It doesn't take much to notice the affects virtually immediately. Of all the cleanses I have done in my life, this is the ONLY one that produces visible results, so much so, that you immediately know you are on the right path! Faster results can be produced with MORE limes and more YOLKS in the mix, up to 3-5 eggs a day, if you can take it. YOu will see more rapid results this way, with the skin getting gradually darker and sinier. I was not kidding when i wrote that you have the potential of looking like a super-model in weeks!

To answer your questions specifically - if you drink your drink at night, do the enema in the morning, this is the perfect time. Nevertheless, since you will get so much energy from the drink itself, I highly recommend that you do it in the morning. Many people have asked me this question and REALLY advise that you do it in the morning. Your system is more ACTIVE in the morning and more liver bile is being secreted between 6-7 am, then at any other time of the day.

If you can't see stones come out, this is because the water that will come out will be almost BLACK with other stuff. But you can be sure that there are stones in there as well, because literally nothing can escape the power of this cleanse, plus you will notice the results in the mirror in a day or two.

The good thing about this cleanse is that even though you think of it as a cleanse, it doesn't have to be. Make it a part of your daily regimen, so that you drink this juice+egg+oil drink every morning for as long as it takes you to look like a super model, which won't be long! After the first week or so, you won't have to do the enema afterwards, because your system should be clean enough to where everything comes out naturally with your bowel movement. And yes, you can combine it with any other cleanse that you like and it will ONLY enhance the results, it will never inhibit them, so feel free to do a traditial flush once in a while too, but after this type of flush, you wouldn't want to go through that hell again.

Also, you can substitute the enema with a quart of warm water that you can sip like tea, starting at about 1 hour later.

I hope i have answered all of your questions!




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