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[EDIT]Re: My blood sugar numbers
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Published: 10 years ago
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[EDIT]Re: My blood sugar numbers

About feeling bad because of the quick drop, yeah, I agree. In the past I used to get horrible symptoms when it would drop down into the mid and low 80s. Now they come in the 60s.

But I feel like I've gotten worse with the numbers overall. I used to see numbers like 112 after a meal last year, now I don't. My highest numbers are in the early morning before I've eaten, while my body is apparently burning off it's own reserves. I noticed I lose bodyfat quickly whenever I'm able to go longer between meals. Ketosis?

Looking at my numbers though, it's like something shifted the whole thing lower. Will it continue shifting down lower and lower? It's because of things like that which make me suspect insulinoma or something causing hyperinsulinism. Maybe liver damage.

It gets to the mid to low 60s, then I eat because I feel terrible, and I don't eat again until I feel like crap again, which is usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours later, so I eat again. Not always, but sometimes I've seen my blood Sugar raise a little by itself without eating, while going through all these symptoms, but after a couple of minutes it starts dropping again. I think it got low, then adrenaline was released to raise it, but then the adrenaline flow slowed down, and the dropping blood Sugar continued. Again, it's like insulin keeps pushing it down.

I don't want to see what'll happen if I just leave it alone and don't eat. Maybe it'll drop low, then I'll get all these horrible symptoms, and then it'll raise, and lower and raise and lower, then either it'll drop all the way down, or I'll go into ketosis burning of my own body like at night.

In the mornings, sometimes my blood Sugar is decent, but I feel like I'm going to collapse and pass out or have seizures or something, until I eat. Am I starved and the body is eating itself too much to keep the blood sugar decent?

I really hate some of the symptoms though. Like today, it was really low and I didn't catch it in time to see how low it was, but I was already in this furious rage and felt violent and aggresive and said some messed up things to people here. I was also blacking out partially and felt detached and delirious while I was like this. I hate that for many reasons.

I'm supposed to go in to get labs done, including the fasting serum insulin test again, and I can go in whenever I can find someone to take me this week, so I'll post the results when I get them. I really really want to see what that test will result in. I want to get hyperinsulinism/insulinoma off my mind.

I bet my numbers would be A LOT worse if I didn't change up my diet the way I have, and still ate fruit and bread and even vegetables. I bet I'd be dead by now actually. Or cured maybe, if it was some organic disease?

EDIT: By the way, MAN! I can't imagine a blood sugar of twelve. I got a panic reaction when I read that, but yeah, our hypoglycemias my be self limiting thank God.


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