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Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

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Clarkia Parasites Tincture
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willtheory Views: 11,152
Published: 10 years ago

Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

As a recap for other viewers i will post the main idea here:
In chronic disseminated disease, especially helminthic disease, a condition known as Parylitic Ileus will arise. This will cause malabsorbtion of herbs, vitamins, and most importantly clinically proven super-effective drugs like Ivermectin.
My theory is that oral administration has been failing for us CureZoner's because of reduced absorbtion.
The only way to get ANY substance RELIABLY into the bloodstream is to inject it. Pour-on formulations may or may not work depending on different factors. Any experience here would be very informative.
So subcutaneous injection of Ivermectin would be the cure for disseminated strongyloides (what i believe causes my Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and other symptoms).
Here are some case studies to demonstrate my point:

If I am right this should work right away and the effect should be HUGE. Night and day. Exceptions are unless there is (a)very low serum albumin levels (b)resistance to said medication in which case it does not work and find another injectable drug. Multidrug resistance is very uncommon among helminths. (b)you do not have susceptible organsisms in which case find a drug that works in your range that has a parenteral formulation. or you have some kind of bacterial fungal or viral infection.
Within hopefully 7 doses you should be 100% cured of susceptible organsism. For those with roundworm, once cured of Parylitic ileus it would be wise to use Albendazole because this enters the CSF/BBB(brain) and ivermectin DOES NOT.
Ivermectin also does not have 100% kill rate against eggs. Also in a certain study combining Praz/Alben/Iver they showed no extra toxicity (QUITE NON TOXIC ANYWAYS) and i beleive MUCH INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS against all stages. this is also shown with the protein Bt and the new drug tribendimine in the treatment of roundworms(video is online). so i would try to combine treatments once (hopefully) you intestinal absorbtion has increased.
ONE MORE THING. the inflamation from the dead bodies of the worms and possible toxins they release may cause serious EVEN DANGEROUS pathology and it would be WISE to use some kind of anti-inflammitory hopefully something strong like prednisone or methylprednisilone probably injectable. Steroids are bad for and could increase your risk of viral bacterial or fungal secondary infection after parasite wipeout but it would be wise to have some form of anti-inflammitory on hand as brain swelling can kill you and other things as well.
Coadministration of corticosteroids with albendazole i believe can increase CSF levels of the drug.
Another thing buy an ELISA test kit if you can manage to find one online and check every 6 months to see if there is antigen. 6 months is the general amount of time it takes to clear out of the body.

remember corticosteroids are BAD for you and suppress the immune system. only use them in Emergencies. you will have to tough out the inflammation if you are not in direct danger. Im sure there are nutritional substances that could help dealing with constant parasites die-off inflammation.
Yes doctors on all fronts are dark age zombies dont trust them with your life!
The urticaria(hives) and rashes is a really good sign of parasite infestation and the chronic antihistamine benadryl usage is dangerous for someone with your condition because mast cells are so important in fighting helminths. thats why helminthic therapy works so well!
remember WHENEVER you see a real worm SAVE IT and preserve it best you can because there will be a doctor out there who can take it in with an open mind and diagnose it. if anything you may be able to persuade them to give you an ELISA test.
It sounds like youve picked up alot of good information dont give up!
Given your symptoms id say you are dealing with a MAJOR helminthic infestation.
Unfortunatley it seems you are dealing with all classes of helminthes as well based on what you have told me. You will probably need 2-5 different drugs to treat all of them.
Tell your doc about Parenteral antihelminthic therapy and show him the studies.
Bactrim seems nontoxic enough but the problem may well be that you have trouble absorbing Antibiotics as well.
Your doctor is probably right and you have copathogenic bacterial infection. i would not count out viral or fungal or toxic suppressers either.
It sounds like you need a full body rejuvenation as id call it.
For toxins id use Living Clay. For viruses bacteria and fungus i would use things like nutrients, silver, blood electrifier, Rife machine, xylitol, D-mannose, right handed oleuropein (left sided doesnt work apparently) monolaurin, undecenoic acid, oregano oil, sutherlandia opc, ozone, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , probiotics, UBI therapy, FSM therapy and others. (I can go on forever)
But it all starts with the parenteral antihelmintic(s)!

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