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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me

I have to disagree. After my own personal experience and research, it's not the adrenal glands that are a problem. The adrenal glands are tired, true and there is such a syndrome called adrenal fatigue. But the reason being, the adrenal glands are doing exactly what it's supposed to. It's not a matter of "strengthening" the adrenal glands through nutrition or herbs, it's a matter of lowering total body burden of toxins and metals so the body's nervous system does not cause an immune reaction which causes too much histamine for the adrenals to handle. People having anaphylaxis do not have weak adrenals. Their symptoms manifest as what appears to be "weak" glands but it's really the nervous system that starts the impulse and sends the message to "Attack" the foreign particles. It's the adrenal glands that respond to the chaos.
No amount of ashwanganda, or any adaptogen in all forms as well as vitamins have done anything to help my adrenal fatigue. What has helped tremendously and what i've seen many people testify to is lowering the body's toxic load. With this multiple chemical sensitivity and other sensitivities are lowered. I'm not saying it won't work for everyone but the more I've researched past the issue of adrenal fatigue, the more I have learned that nearly everyone has it. It's the top layer of the onion so to speak.

I've seen the same approach taken to the thyroid among thyroid groups and the same by conventional doctors when it comes to the heart. When the heart has an arrhythmia or palpitation, in many cases such as mine, there's nothing wrong with the heart. The heart is a reaction and an effect of a cascade coming from the body's signals. I know many people's thyroid comes back online after address heavy metals, not always but sometimes. Analyzing TSH and free t3 and rt3 with a graph chart isn't going to do much cause the thyroid isn't the problem. Again, such as in my case my thyroid was hypo. Reverse t3 was extremely high and ive been told to take some T3 to boost my metabolism. In actuality, my body was so broken and in a catabolic state (weighed 120lbs 5'10", lost 50lbs, couldnt walk 50 feet) that it was a RESPONSIVE by the body to preserve energy. Body went into survival mode.

Adrenal response is the same as the back up generator coming online. Fight or flight is the most primitive mechanism hardwired into not only humans but even house flies. It acts to provide energy and immediate response. Adrenal fatigue in many people with chronic illness is nothing more than a phenomenon where the body is running on its backup reserves. Nothing is wrong with the backup battery. Something is draining its power though.

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