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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

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Clarkia Parasites Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasites Tinctures

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

Today I will discuss diverticultis... diverticulitis does run in my spouses family. All throughout the forums it has always been mentioned that the colon must be cleaned out in order for the herbs and drugs to be effective.
There have been problems with this with constipation issues.
I have tried so many different remedies with minimal luck on some members of the family but I did find that MSM to be the most effective and DR. Martins' Holy Tea to work as opposed to even Oxy-cleanse and others.
Also I am the only one that does not have any abdominal pain and the others did but eventually it has cleared due to the on-going MSM and clearing of some flukes that pain has been alleviated/subsided to a certain point.

One member in my family did have severe obstruction and unbearable pain in the abdominal area it was concluded by x-ray that there was in fact impaction and was prescribed a drug to slow the digestion down in order for the bowels to clear. That drug did cause severe gastric reflux and it was discontinued after a few weeks. The prior testings from the MD did not reveal any proof of Celiac disease as suspected being the underlying causitive for this pain.
Keep in mind I as the parent already knew that flukes and a co-infection was present. but getting confirmation of this through stool test and their mode of confirmation of this problem regardless of my knowlege and Dr. Chieu's suggestions were not respected and carried out...
Dr. Chieu said that they needed blood work and a sonogram and that a stool test would not show/reveal these parasites . We needed the FAS-ELISA and a sonogram to reveal the presence of flukes and the biliary tree extensively checked and that also was denied.

I have learned through experince dealing with doctors and mechanics, men/husbands:) ...Never go in with a diagnosis and tell them :This is what I think/know I have, therefore simply list the problems and let them find the problem, but it is very important that you know what to say to lead them in the direction of the proper diagnostic
WE have to pose the problem so that they remain regarded as the diagnostician, the founder for the tantalize it and be very clever in your choice of words... you may have to tell them what they want to hear..yes, I have traveled!!! geez

One thing I can add if you have obstruction:
AVOID SEEDS OF ALL KINDS,squash seeds,jalepeno seeds etc.
they will have to be removed and it is a real chore. the seeds trap in the pockets /folds, twisted colon etc.

Food must be cooked well and soft. In order to get the nurients and what little they provide(due to the lack of Iodine in many soils) is to cook them on LOW for an hour to an 1 1/2 until done in minimal water with a very tight heavy lid.
Avoid the isles at the grocery like cavemen, use the proper cleanning of raw foods prior to cooking.
Avoiding the aisle keeps you from ingesting the processed foods that add to our problems that contain the mycotoxins/molds that mimic Celiac disease and cause abdominal pain. I did mention the use of DE36 to bind and carry out those spurs that can cause disease but I am on the fence as to using DE since some have complained of its' attribute in further problems with constipation.

There also is an alternative to unblock the intestines and that is to use a small amount of hydrocloric acid as well.

So, parylitic ileus, diverticulitis, etc. is something we definitely need to rule out in order for any remedy to kill the parasites in the intestional tract and after months of repeated attempts and continuous presence of these infestations. It does sound as though this may be the underlying problem for some .
Please correct me...this is what I think ...if the parasites exited the colon then parenteral ivermectim is the drug/method of choice when all else fails ie, repeated and longer term 10-15 days straight of drugs like prazi, thaibendazole, albendazole have been administerd AND failed after 4-5-6 months of treatment.
So after this process of oral route has failed ... then the parenteral ivermectin is administered using 2.5 ml
once and again after 48 hours . Then co-adminstration will follow AGAIN through the oral route such as albendazole and/or thaibendazole to further assist in clearing the infection.
Anyone want to add???? Am I on the right track?
Please correct me or help me???

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