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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me

 I see AF symptoms or whatever you want to call them ,diabetes etc as our bodies ADAPTATION to today’s modern diet- over consumption of sugar.
All those symptoms are typical expected side effects
for a normal healthy person given an injection of adrenaline.

You really need to be more specific because I have no idea what "symptoms" you are referring to.  You are responding to a post where we were primarily discussing allergic reactions.  So are you claiming diabetes is an allergic reaction?

I did discuss the role of epinephrine (adrenaline) in the production of heart arrhythmias in the last post as well.  And this can also occur in diabetics from the excess insulin produced in the early stages of type 2 diabetes or the insulin injections given in type 1 diabetes.  But this has nothing to do with epinephrine.  Insulin, like epinephrine, is a vasoconstrictor in higher levels.  So it can also reduce blood flow to the heart muscle leading to ectopic pacemakers and thus arrhythmias.  This is also one of the reasons diabetics are at a higher risk for heart attacks.

Consuming excessive sugar food or beverage causes pancreas to dump excess insulin (ADAPTION);

Not necessarily.  If the insulin receptors are working properly then the pancreas will only secrete what insulin is needed to return the glucose levels to normal.  If the insulin receptors are closed or damaged from a lack of chromium and/or magnesium then the insulin fails to do its job properly.  Since only glucose, not insulin, levels are "monitored" the pancreas responds as if there is not enough insulin to do the job and excess insulin is then released, thus the term hyperinsulinemia.

About two hours later blood sugar crashes to emergency level; adrenal gland dumps excess adrenaline.

Again not necessarily.  First of all you are assuming that everyone has damage or closed insulin receptors, which is not true.  You are also overlooking the fact that cortisol and norepinephrine also increase blood sugar by acting on stored glycogen in the liver.  So you are assuming all the effects are from epinephrine, when they are not.  As we can see it is not as clear cut as you think it is.

If adrenaline is moderately high for too long a time, people feel anxious and wonder why.

See my last statement.

This also leads to hormonal imbalances.

There are a lot of hormones in the body such as insulin.  Care to be more specific?

In diabetes the pancreas starts to give up.

Misleading.  There are actually three forms of "sugar diabetes", with several other subtypes in type 1. There is type 1 diabetes, where there is damage to the pancreatic beta cells.  Most often this is referred to as an autoimmune form of diabetes.  But type one diabetes can also be caused by alloxan or other chemicals such as some anesthesias as well as trauma.  But type 1 diabetes is a very rare form of diabetes.  Then there is gestational diabetes, which is generally a temporary form of sugar diabetes created by the shift in the sex hormones.  Again not very common though.  Then there is type 2 diabetes, which accounts for about 95% of the diabetic cases.  In type 2 diabetes there is no pancreatic damage in the early stages.  Instead, there is a deficiency of chromium and/or magnesium leading to a closing of the insulin receptors:

The result is an inability for insulin to sensitize cells properly to glucose.  Thus serum glucose remains high and the pancreas responds by kicking out excessive amounts of insulin in an attempt to reduce serum glucose.  Since excess insulin is a powerful vasoconstrictor the excess insulin leads to blood vessel damage, which results in side effects such as retinopathy, kidney failure, gangrene, high blood pressure and heart disease.

If blood glucose remains elevated for extended periods of time then the glucose can damage the pancreatic beta cells in the long run leading to a drop in insulin production.  Damage to the pancreatic beta cells can also occur from the long term use of oral hypoglycemic drugs used to "treat" type 2 diabetes.

The proper diet is a FOUNDATION to restore the damage.

And again, with the majority of diabetics there is NO pancreatic damage.

If not lifelong proper supplementation of hormonal imbalances.

Again, what hormones?

The process of detoxification is dangerous.

So you so not defecate, urinate, breathe or sweat?  All of these are processes of detoxification.

Taking a bunch of herbs to
stimulate the body to get rid of more fluids, more stool, more perspiration,
etc., which, BTW, is ALL that herbs and other such products can do, places a
burden on the body organs as well as the Lifeforce.

That really is a ridiculous statement.  We could apply the same reasoning to the ingestion of fibers and water to name a few since these contribute to the detoxification of the body.  Even bitter tasting foods or drinks will stimulate cleansing of the liver and intestines. So what do you eat and drink?  Let's see how much of what you ingest is detoxifying.

This process takes away a
tremendous amount of energy that the body needs to maintain a healthy balance in
the organs' processes and functions. Detoxification forces the body to repeat
the process over and over again, placing a heavy toll on those organs.

Again this is ridiculous.  I do agree that there are some things that people use to detox with that are not good such as coffee enemas, stimulant laxatives (senna, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root and aloes) and clays for example.  But not herbs and supplements used to cleanse the body are harmful just like foods, water and oxygen that all detox the body does not make them inherently harmful.


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