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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Thank you and what has worked for me

 What I meant by "too much histamine", was that the allergic response including histamine and leukotrienes would be "too much" for even an healthy person.

If they were healthy then they would not have allergies.

I don't believe the strength of the actual adrenal glands have much to do with how one combats anaphylaxis but rather, the difference between one person who goes into anaphylaxis and one who does not, is simply due to their nervous/immune response.

Look up the role the adrenals play in both the nervous and immune systems.

I'm talking about the trigger and reason why the body releases histamine in large amounts to begin with.

It is not necessarily the amount of histamine released.  It really boils down to how much epinephrine is produced and released to counter it.  The body is actually dependent on histamine and we also obtain some histamine directly through the diet.  But in excess it can be an issue so healthy adrenals regulate histamine levels by secreting sufficient levels of epinephrine to maintain proper histamine levels.  An analogy would be equating the epinephrine to the kidneys and histamine to water.  We need water, which is also generated in the body and derived in the diet like histamine.  But too much water is dangerous so the kidneys help to eliminate the excess just like epinephrine helps to eliminate excess histamine.  But just like the kidneys increase function when there is too much water and decrease function when there is too little water the adrenals increase output of epinephrine when there is too much histamine and slow down epinephrine release when there is too low of histamine levels.  That is again if everything is working properly.  If there is not sufficient levels of epinephrine being produced and released in response to an allergen exposure then allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, can occur.

I think we're on the same wavelength though. What you refer to as "strong adrenals", is analogous to my view on a "strong and healthy" nervous system/immune system. I think cortisol and epinephrine are drugs that are adrenal hormones, yes but that it is coincidence (or not) that the medical establishment found that these hormones and drugs happen to be very effective in life and death situations, AKA adrenal fight or flight situations.

These drugs were not made and used by accident.  They were made because their effects on the body were known already.

Epinephrine works for other things other than allergies including drug overdoses and god knows the list of life threatening emergencies.

It would not be a good idea for overdoses of stimulants like methamphetamine and for narcotics over doses they use naloxone.  Epinephrine is used to counter anaphylaxis and in restarting the heart.  It is not used for things like hypoglycemia or low energy due to the dangers.

And i believe it is because it literally kicks the body into the most primitive and survival mode possible. Which I view adrenal fatigue as (somewhat, but more chronic and low grade)

I would not consider adrenal dysfunction "low grade" since it can lead to problems including anaphylaxis, stroke, autoimmunity, etc.  Instead of going in to long explanation of the dangers of hypoadrenalism I found a site for you to read:

The difference is that you're saying adrenal health as it relates to the gland is important and crucial because it is the gland that releases the important neutralizing hormones, while I'm saying that it is more of addressing the "triggers" and response by the immune system so mast cells don't release histamine in the first place, hence "strong adrenals".

Again, histamine is necessary for the body so we cannot stop the production of histamine.

In addition, the epinephrine does not stop the histamine production.  The epinephrine is released in response to the rise in histamine levels.  Same reason that we do not develop anaphylaxis from food derived histamine if the adrenals are working properly.

But it's not to say that glands can't be overworked if its constantly under burden, which is where I view total body burden to be significant in adrenal health. 

I've spent the last entire year reading for hours to save my own life on adrenal health. All sorts of herbs and supplements and vitamins, books, Dr. wilson's formula, glandulars, natural, etc. and after testing and observing I can say my adrenal glands themselves, are healthy and are doing exactly what they should be. But by the definition of "adrenal fatigue" I still have it in the "severe stage" + more. And the more I read, the more I have learned to appreciate the heavy metal aspect of it all. I'm going to refrain from saying anything more than "heavy metals are a possiblity" because i still have yet to go through chelation. Based on what I experience, I can say more in the future. 

We will have to agree to disagree on the metal issue as well.

You do a lot of research and knowledgeable about various medical atrocities, i strongly urge to study heavy metals and its implications in health.

I am already familiar with quite a number of them such as cadmium, arsenic, bismuth, mercury, lead, etc.  But I am also familiar with the fact that metal toxicity is one of those over hyped "so many diseases are caused by these" things.

If you were to have asked me a few months, I'd probably have said not likely. After all i waited 2 years of shit and being house bound before really delving into it. Among things, autism and chelation is a HUGE topic and my doctor and the doctor who trained him (Dr. Rashid Buttar) both have sons who have been "cured" of autism by chelation.

And I have seen children with autism improved by methylation, which has nothing to do with heavy metals.  Again, there is a lot of speculation, but very little evidence to such claims.

Obviously you can't really use the word cured since autism isnt a disease but a psychiatric diagnosis but the stimming, hyperactivity, speechlessness, focus, etc. were all a factor.

There are various forms of autism.  Nobody even knows if all of them stem from the same cause.  Again, lot's of speculation and very little evidence.

Not to mention dr. buttar has treated close to a 1000 autistic children (not quite yet I dont think) with a very good success rate.

Why is this same line used so often.  Supposedly one doctor has cured thousands with oleander.  A particular herbalist has cured thousands in his clinic..................  And the one thing that all these have in common is there is never any real evidence to back the claim that so many people were cured by these people.  So whenever I hear these claims I just categorize them in to the same category as multilevel marketing hype, which uses the same tactics.

I've talked to someone on this board who was in a similar situation as me and heavy metal chelation done properly restored her health. Ill stop here until I personally try it myself and see how it goes.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


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