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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Steps: Injectable Ivermectin

Willtheory here,
WHOA i am so happy this thread has recieved good attention! Im sorry for not responding quickly but i have to walk miles to the nearest computer so i am not always going to be online.
ok get ready for another long post i have alot of people to respond to.

wheretheresawill, I was under the impression ivermectin had efficacy against most stages of strongyloides but maybe i was wrong. do you have any scientific material to back up your statement?

you act as if this is not a new idea to you, this idea of injecting as a cure. you must realize that this could fix many many peoples problems. this could be a big deal.

i will make a protocol detailing injection methods. look up injectin insulin or subcutaneous injection.
i actually dont have experiience injecting but i will ssometime soon hopefully. im sure there are people on curezone who do have experience.
from what ive read yes you can inject into the stomach fat. and you dont necessessarily need too much fat to subQ but ask the experts. the exact mL depends on the forumlation percentage used and weight. we will calculate later.

Mike1953! you seem to be a forward thinker :) i like your style! you said it perfectly. oral administration is unreliable and honestly it would be a better world if everyone was given shots of safe antihelminthics like ivermectin. thanks for the Youtube tip. you are right that the only side effect from properly administrated ivermectin is die-off toxiciity.

did you inject ivermectin? please let me know i will PM you. i agree it is much better than going to a doctor and being hardballed

"There is a quickening of all manner of pestilence and natural disaster all over the world these days, maybe the gig is up?" and many diseases as well. mike. like autism and many others. i attribute it to global warming and the diseases are caused by environmental toxins global travel gmo and mutating diseases. oh and a neglecful government.

you are also right about the terrain being most important for prevention. there are all manners of disease around us constantly. proper nutrtion and other supplements are critical for longevity.

it is very odd that the medical community ignores parasites and certain other things. it is dark age thinking. it seems the governments is either purposefully thinning us out or governed by a bunch of mind controlled idiots. fluoridation of water prime example, bravo, bravo.

lastly I looked for injectable albendazole a few weeks ago and didnt find anything. if anyone finds injectable albendazole or other cestode or trematode medications i would be super grateful. i think my protocol would go just the same for those medications. the only literature i have read however has been on parenteral ivermectin and strongyloides.

one thing about ivermectin is that is doesnt go in to the brain or csf so you will need to dose albendazole in order to get full effect. i bet it would be safe and synergisticallly effective to combine 3 medications like iver albenz and levamisole. or you could do the same for Tapeworms or flukes.

and this leaves out protozoans, bacteria, viruses, and fungi which may be causing malabsorbtion sydromes. right now all im going on is the studies.

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