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Re: pwe
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: pwe

Use medical as the "example"
They spend millions, sometimes hundreds of millions in the making of their drugs..............

They them market their drug and after X amount of people die from the toxic side effects over a few years or in some cases such as the heart drugs, the cholesterol drugs and the pain drugs, they choose to remove the drug from the market or continue its use as a method to shorten the life of the dieing person....and rarely ever, even if it were possible, all their scientific studies failed..

While with herbs, it is THIS SIMPLE:
Each human has a differant degree of constipation and worms..

THOSE TWO THINGS determine your health till you take some plants, preferable from the TREE, because humans have a TREE connection for FOOD/MEDICINES and connection with plants as medicines.

When theswe plant medicines are consumed they do what? They supply DEAD PLANT MATERIAL INTO YOUR DIET......

Your LIVER / organs digest/assimulate these plant minerals and the results are, less worms, less constipation and the really good herbs, aid in the dissolving of lime/rock out of your kidneys and flesh............

THUS, "YOUR" question is answered, EVERYTHING you can experience is WHAT??????????? Your life being "RETURNED" to you........the mud being expelled, the worms killed, oxygen rich blood restored...thus life returns..

IN THE PROCESS, we experience the CLEANSE! The cleanse can be what ever it takes for your body to expell the accumulted CRAP!

In fact:
Tree / Plant herbs are true human foods/medicines and every doctor knows this, while the ama via rockerfeller and the likes of the evil european medical societies started medical as a way for a few men to make $$$$$$$$$$$ and as their greed continued, they set out to burn every herbalist/mother that used herbs at the iron stake catholic style.....then as their own doctors put down their drugs and turned herbal, they imprisoned their own much so, that by 1950 you seldom see a M.D. openly put down the dope and turn herbal.....because the greed and fear is too mighty....EVEN THOUGH, their is 1 harvard trained M.D. that decided 15 years ago to use herbs for his family and offer herbs to his patients as an alternative and that good M.D. went through the christopher herbs, then as they failed he tried the shulze brand and as they failed, he ended up with our herbal formulas till this very day and is basically the only person that has remained reselling our herbs that has a medical background, while a few chiropractors / accupuncturist, etc. have came and gone over the seems the Harvard M.D. was the only wise one..and he today is our largest reseller.He could probably answer all your questions, but I understand he is booked and doesn't take new patients.....seems when you have a real M.D. that understands the medical and the herbal, the people flock to them...

The P/W Elimination is a powder/capsule version of what I have always called LONGEVITY.........a SHOTGUN mixture of herbs served up to the liver to make use of....

What makes the P/W Elimination special, is that it is a powder/liquid formula in one....something unique and most likely never done before the way I have done it and NEVER EVER with the herbs I have chosen.

Currently out of stock, because the first handfull of people that tried the first batch, came back and purchased the larger second batch out of fear they would not be able to buy this in their future...because everyone knows by now, I make many experimental herbal formulas and when no one tries them, I shelf them...perfect example is the herbal sprays, i can easily make 100+ differant ones, with unknown results that could be amazing, breath taking in fact, but with out customers and with out enough $$$ to continue, they end up on the shelf and one day will be thrown into bottom of the barrel and find their way into the Longevity Spices formula.

"IF" I had the bucks to buy "real" equipment, I could perfect the P/W Elimination formula....I would need a separate building, a real blending machine and a real incapsulator machine.....all of which would be a 1/2 million $$$ investment and no kid retired out of a lead actory that my starting wage was $1.60 an hour and my retirement wage was all the way up to $12.00 an hour and after 30 years of service, I was given $30,000 retirment that still sets in the bank, because I can't use it with out paying a huge penalty......NO, your not going to see such a kid FIND ANYONE WILLING to give me a 1/2 million dollars, thus you will never see the P/W Elimination powder put into capsules professionaly and we will have to make our own capsules 1 by 1 the cheap way, with a $30 machine that we make 50 per batch....

That and the fact, as wal-mart / china aka un takes over the world, soon enough all these powdered herbs and capsules will be GONE FOREVER and only the local weeds turned into liquids will be available / sold ilegally underground until each one doing so is hunted down and killed by the un types to protect their medical and their perfected population controls...thus the logan run tv series come true.

WHAT IF THE P/W ELIMINATION WAS AIDING THE HUMAN BODY TO EXPELL TB / CANCER????????????? SUCH A FORMULA WOULD BE WORTH BILLIONS TO MEDICAL.....OR WOULD IT? NO, those scum bags already know all the cures...this cure dates back almost 100 years and I only fine out by reading suppressed material from old medical books that have survived.......

This is why it is called Occult Reading...the authors put out their books 100-150 years ago, knowing their books would be burned by medical/religion and a few would LIVE and be used by those "seeking"..occult written books can never die....never be 100% suppressed by evil.


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