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Re: Real name = Parhatsathid Nabadalung
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Real name = Parhatsathid Nabadalung

I find some of these skeptical posts pretty sad regarding Parhatsathid Nabadulung. Still, I guess its your own cynical choice -- opinions from people who haven't really got a clue.

But what the hell does anyone know about how to successfully treat Candida here on this forum?

Nope, and I couldn't give a damn either.

I had Candida for over ten years, sort of creeps up on you and gets worse and worse --- you know what I mean ? -- more and more symptoms, gets worse and worse, oral thrush then you get cutaneous Candida then intestinal Candida and Lord knows what other symptoms and ailments. Yes, been there, done that. Then the intestinal candida goes systemic and gets into the blood and into the organs and it just blossoms. Did you know that? Well go figure...In my own stupidity(...just like the many idiot skeptics here) I thought it was old age creeping up on me -- I was in my late 50s at the time -- but, hell, what did I know?

Just like all you Candida sufferers out there, I would like to help, but I'm really not interested in the abuse and blaze of skeptisism out there. Who needs that sort of flak? Anyone who thinks that there is one pill or a magic bullet out their which cures Systemic Candida had better wake up fast -- don't make me laugh!! There is no easy way, it takes a hell of alot of will power. It means a radical change in lifestyle. Anyone feeling brave? I'm talking about diet here. If you eat chemically processed crap for 30 years, you will get ill. And curing bacterial and viral problems are a breeze compared to fungal problems. Fungal problems are the hardest to cure by a long streak -- they always persist -- because fungii are very intelligent and tough organisms that know how to survive and adjust to their environment.

I followed Parhasathid's advice to the letter -- I alkalized, I attacked the root cause of the problem using his remedies -- removal of heavy metals, removal of halides, lack of iodine, lack of magnesium, excessive calcium in the body causing acid body, excess sugar, vegetable oils and aspartame in my diet, completely changed my diet, built up my immune system, successful herbal remedies, natural fungal attack remedies, treating and supporting the whole body terrain as well as treating and healing the immune system. I really learnt a hell of alot. Many diseases can be cured with this approach. You have to learn to understand the remedies otherwise you just end up as a lazy, incompetent, blurbing cynic who feels that he must give baseless opinions based on the vast empty vacuum between his ears. But all that hot air and ego wont cure your candida will it??

Hell, I really couldn't care less whether you believe this or not. Furthermore Parhatsathid Nabadalung never asks for money -- I know this because he helped me directly when a mate of mine was stricken with cancer -- for nothing. Yes, that's right, he has his own form of cancer cure which works. No, I'm not going to tell you. Stick to your cynicism and your doctor -- lucky you -- learn on your own or fail. I don't need the hassle.

If you want some education, then you will have to spend years researching exactly how the medical fraternity are embedded in their Germ Theory. Simply explained, the Germ theory pronounces the following: One germ-->one disease-->one cure. What crap !!

Type "Terrain Theory Beachamp" in Google and start learning. This is where Parhatsathid Nabadulung -- a University educated biochemist and microbiologist who has worked for many years in the US food and medical industry has learnt his craft. He really didn't like what he saw in America regarding food and drugs, so he gave it all up and with his knowledge he became a successful healer in Thailand who prefers to stay under the radar in Bangkok. If the FDA and WTO ever knew of the successes he has had, they would probably try and kill him.

Bye the way, out of the blue last month Parhatsathid Nabadulung was attacked for no reason in Bangkok and pushed through a store window and suffered serious head injuries. He healed himself and he's back.

So, to all of you skeptical Candida sufferers out there, you have my deepest sympathies. And yes, I know how to cure systemic candida now -- I cured myself of systemic candida. Took a year to cure, all gone now. That was 5 years ago and I've since helped people with gout, candida, arthritis, gallstones, cancer, liver problems, arrythmias, constipation etc using Ted's approach. All my learning has come from Parhatsathid Nabadulung because he always tries to find the root cause of the problems -- to actually heal the problem not just treat the symptom. In auto-immune diseases like candida, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis etc the doctors always say that there is no known cure and happily medicate you for life -- with some horrific drugs side-effects. This fits their business model doesn't it? After all, it makes far more money and sense if someone takes their recommended medications for the rest of their life doesn't it? And what profit is their in a cure where you only take the medication and drugs for only a month or two?

But of course you trust your doctor implicitly , don't you ?

Because they KNOW medicine and they are the EXPERTS, right ?


Well lucky you. But, nevertheless, you're still stuck with your ongoing candida problems and a positively dumb, uneducated trust in your doctor aren't you? 

So anyway, good luck with the Nystatin...LOL...

And I also wish you luck with your idiotic, baseless and superficial 'opinions' on Parhatsathid Nabadulung. He has helped inumerable people with many serious ailments. He is also a poor man, not much money.

So what's your excuse, Ace ?





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