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If medical experts can't suggest anything what else is left to consider other than a physiological approach?
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Published: 10 years ago

If medical experts can't suggest anything what else is left to consider other than a physiological approach?

It's clear that people arrive at this forum with different lip conditions some which are straight forward and addressed, in others not; the solution requiring a mulitvarious and simultaneous approach. Theres something that astonishes me and that is the missing out of something obvious!

If we had x-ray nerve vision it's obvious the lips are abundant in nerves and are way up there with other sensitive areas as genitalia and finger tips for nerve endings...Lips are a highly evolved sensitive organ which has a myriad of vital roles:

It enables us to formulate words, speech and language, it also communicates a smile and a grimace and shows how someone is feeling inside, it helps us consume food and drink from a cup and straw etc it's through this organ that babies first make sense of their world. It's also an organ by which in adult life the opposite sex can gadge the receptivity of females ie lips swell at fertile times.. why do you think botox lips is the fashion now..incidently woman appear to find big lips attractive on men aswell!

The point i'm trying to make is that it's clear why the lips are sooo sensitive...they are areas with the thinnest skin and are densley packed with nerve endings!!!

Alongside all of the important roles of the lips it's also an organ which can communicate and express endearment, affection and passion in the art of kissing and intamacy ( into-me-see)..From a peck on the cheek for aunty mable to a full on snog that sets your heart pounding, pupils dilating and the key word here to take note of in capital letters is simply touching lips with another beloved makes you FEEL GOOD in your being.

So to recap..the touch and kiss of anothers lips clearly sets off a trip switch for a good feel factor and avalanche of other emotions and PHYSIOLOGICAL changes ELSEWHERE IN THE BODY.


Theres a strong association lip Link of the nerves with the brain and it's a two way street dialogue encompassing both physical and feeling aspects in unison..!

And again heres the point...sourced from an article called LIP BEHAVIOUR and the good reason for resisting all attempts to mess with them and to break the cycle..and take time off and relax...

"...The area around the nose and mouth is one of the most sensitive areas.. by just touching the lips can affect your MOOD. This is why you'll see people rub their mouths when they are nervous or upset or confused. By touching the mouth theyre literally soothing or attempting to sooth their nerves."

We realise there is an abundant supply nerve endings here and due to the nature of thin lip skin the nerves are nearest to the surface of the skin compared to anywhere else in of the body. We are also informed that skin has a MEMORY.

And so by repetitively touching the lips it's PROGRAMMING and setting up an association with physical TOUCH and state of ANXIETY! I imagine other behavioural aspects such as thumb sucking and nail biting do pretty much the same thing..

one minute your playing baseball and are happy when through mindlessness you start biting your nails and before you know it your being floods with a sense of insecuruty and nervousness..inspite it being a sunny day and having fun with your pals..

It seems like a loop circuit is set up and strengthened..with every administration of balms etc...and yet it reaffirms and feeds the anxiety..the root of the problem from the lip pickers and lip lickers which seems to be alot of here, may stem as a nail biters would, from a psycological one in attempt to self sooth and comfort and allay anxiety..but has the opposite effect insteads perpetuates the problem state!

For others whose lips appear to misbehave one day without any apparent cause but then become intensely anxious thereafter..which is understandable! We are in effect setting up and establishing the same anxiety loop..and it becomes a FIXATION..and an unhealthy one at that!

Whether a lip biter picker or not the physiology of our lips are all the same..they are packed with nerve endings..

Have you wondered why in some people only the top or bottom lip is affected only? Heres the reason why...sourced from an article called "The body speaks through metaphor.."


nerve endings connect to the upper and lower problems of the top lip may denote intestinal problems here.. (BINGO..i had a top lip problem and later a confirmed stomach bleed/ulceration...the stomach = abdominal brain = processing of emotions = solar plexsus..the chakra area related to the WILL and WILL POWER...Monster lips is on the right track! )

Remedied by colon care and cleansing dietry modification.


has nerve endings that connect to the intestines- problems of the lower lip may denote intestinal problems-

remedied again by colon care and dietry changes.

CORNERS OF THE MOUTH ( if not vitamin mineral depletion)

correspond to the duodennum which is the exit of the stomach and connected to the gallbladder and liver.

DARK SPOTS on the lips

denotes possible ulceration and stagnation of blood in the digestion system..

can be reversed by cleansing gastrointestinal tract.

WHITE LIPS..denotes that the blood supply in the intestinal region is weak or compromised also poor absorbtion..

If the medical proffesions whose vocations are to help and find solutions to lip ailments haven't been found with all their medical years combined so far...doesn't it raise the question and the answer that the precusor and root cause can be found elsewhere? That it isn't just purely physiological and that other areas which make us human need to be examined and attended to aswell? It would explain why there has been spontaneous healings in other people.. mystified medical people have reasoned and put these down to..."some aspect of change" that has come about for this to happen.

Colon care, improved diets ,exercise, physical detoxing are the easy changes and only one aspect..the other side of the coin and the area people seem to miss like the nerves and glaze over is the other aspect of inner behavioural attitudinal changes...emotional detoxing - current and past ...Poor emotional health inhibit how well we respond to "life" and this emotional feeling thinking human aspect of ourselves is unseperable..from our bodies...and most certainly has a bearing on the physical health.


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