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Video Embedded *!* VIV (Very Important Video) WHOA - talk about ENLIGHTENING!!!

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unyquity Views: 1,284
Published: 10 years ago
Status:       ~RN [Message recommended by a moderator!]

*!* VIV (Very Important Video) WHOA - talk about ENLIGHTENING!!!

This video is FANTASTIC (and it explains/shows quite vividly and extremely clearly just why it is that we don't eat meat & animal fats while we're trying to heal & restore our body).

Wait'll you see the footage of what comes out of people's arteries when they do open-heart surgery - it's UNBELIEVABLE! And when you imagine that "that" is not just in the arteries around the heart, it's in every tiny blood vessel throughout the body...?...YIKES.

People are forever trying to get their heads around just why it is that these great healers shunned meat/dairy - and it's not because we're going to shrivel up and die if we eat some meat occasionally! Or because they were some kind of fantatics. It IS because meat & dairy cause many negative things to happen in the body that our body must UNdo and spend vast amounts of energy dealing with...and when we're in healing mode, we need to make SURE we're doing absolutely no harm to our body in any way AND that we're not forcing it to spend energy that could be used to heal us on something that is a total 'waste of energy'!

I think you're going to be AMAZED when you see this (and I think you're going to be very glad the doc presenting the info has such a great sense of humor...and is so good at making some complexities easy to understand and remember). This video definitely is 'worth the time', for sure and for certain!

However, this video IS 'old' and it does have it's faults - so let's just get those identified and out of the way.

--some of the research quoted in this video was almost assuredly done using 'commercial meat', not organic meat - so the results likely reflect numbers that are 'worse' than if one only ate organic meat.

--he says he's going to explain how to get B12 without eating animal products, but never does (I googled and found he suggests supplements :::sigh::: whatchagonnado, he's an MD, not a natural healer).

--he mentions the sulfur-compounds in meat being 'acidic' (???), but we know the sulfur-compounds in raw garlic are 'alkalizing' (or at least, that's what all the charts I found say).

--I may have have forgot to *note* other possibly conflicts, so be sure to *note for yourself* anything that seems incorrect (especially as it applies to Natural Healing).

Pull up a comfy chair and get ready to see a video that you'll be bookmarking and sending & sharing for a LONG time!


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