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How Infection Can Prevent and Cure Cancer

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Free Book by Dr. Clark!
Bestselling author Dr. Hulda Clark claims to have cured cancer

Clarkia Parasites Tincture
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Published: 10 years ago

How Infection Can Prevent and Cure Cancer

I thought this was a great article...the information about how fever can assist in curing cancer reminded me of Dr. Schulze's Cold Sheet Treatment...

How Infection Can Prevent and Cure Cancer

By Andreas Moritz


The Amazing Role of Germs and Infections


Life on earth would not be possible without infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses. Their existence and endless, continuous interactions with humans and animals over millions of years have trained and evolved into what today we refer to as the immune system. Our ability to live in harmony with our external environment is, in fact, rooted in our life-long relationship with these germs.


Even though we have many times the number of germs inside our body than we have cells, we have been taught to be afraid of them and fight especially those that are considered pathogenic (disease-causing). Nobody has told us, though, that acute infection can be a desirable event, even a necessary one if we want to make it through life without incurring a major life-threatening illness. 


A viral infection that causes mumps in a child at the age of 7 to 10, for example, is part of nature's vaccination program to boost natural immunity, especially if it is too weak.  Each new encounter with a germ and a possible, resulting infection further strengthen the immune system until it is fully developed and capable of living in complete harmony with the natural environment. This doesn't mean, though, that a child must become sick in order to develop a healthy immune system. Most infections actually occur 'silently', without the person ever developing the symptoms of illness.


Since mass vaccination was introduced around the world, nearly every child is now being infected with different viruses by injection from the day of birth until at least age 15.  Sometimes, the child gets injected with three different viruses at the same time (through the Mumps/Measles/Rubella vaccine).  Vaccinations crudely interrupt or even inhibit the natural immunization program devised by nature itself. This unwise intervention can have unexpected and potentially devastating consequences throughout a person's life.


Ever since it was discovered that the presence of infectious agents, like e. Coli bacteria in our gut are a prerequisite for having a healthy gut immune system, some of us have begun to respect these germs as friends, not enemies. But isolating such germs from their natural environment, breeding them and manipulating them in a test tube, and then injecting them into the blood of humans, can turn these otherwise highly beneficial infectious agents into deadly weapons against which the body is defenseless.  A newborn animal or child can become blind by depriving it of light for an extended period of time. Likewise, a child's cellular immune system is rendered useless unless it becomes exposed to the germs that inhabit our environment.


Vaccines Contribute to the Emergence of Superbugs


Modern vaccination programs are increasingly turning these useful, intelligent germs into mutated monsters that lack the natural interaction with the human body - a relationship that took millions of years to develop. I have already discussed the spreading of antibiotic-resistant organisms in my recent newsletter, "Superbugs - Mankind's Greatest Health Threat?" Repeatedly injecting almost the entire child population with antibiotics which are added to all vaccines to kill off bacteria is taking its toll.  


The spreading of superbugs due to mass vaccination makes the human body increasingly defenseless to even the most harmless bugs. Those who take additional antibiotics for other infections are the most susceptible to become infected with a superbug, such as the new anti-biotic resistant strains of E. Coli bacteria that are currently making people ill and taking lives in Europe.


In addition, if someone eats meat from animals that were also treated with antibiotics (a normal practice), or vegetables that were fertilized with the excrements from these animals, one may be infected by such superbugs. According to a newly released study, 48 percent of all meat products are contaminated with antibiotic resistant superbugs.  It would normally take hundreds or thousands of years for the human immune system to develop a purposeful relationship with these new organisms that never existed before in the Earth's history. We now have a population that depends on immunization, not the immune system. But immunization is not only saving us from anything, but it is turning harmless gut bacteria into powerful killers.


Even though vaccine-producers keep coming up with new vaccines against newly evolving or mutating germs all the time, this war cannot be won. By allowing our bodies to become vaccinated, we declare war on our immune systems. With each vaccine received, our immune system becomes suppressed further. 


There are two parts to the human immune system. The book, Vaccine-nation, provides the scientific evidence which shows that vaccination suppresses the primary immune system located in the gut, also called cellular immune system. Vaccines bypass this essential part of the immune system and merely provoke the secondary immune response, also called the anti-body response. However, while activating the anti-body response, vaccines automatically shut down the primary immune system, which poses a long-term health risk.


A normal exposure to pathogens always begins in the nasal, ear, throat, and respiratory passages, never through injection. Once primary immunity has been established by going though an infection, the antibody response follows. This allows the immune system to grow stronger and learn to bestow natural and permanent immunity to an ever-increasing number of pathogens.


Just evoking an antibody response without first establishing primary immunity has serious consequences, one of which is that the primary immune system is actually being prevented from having a healthy, normal immune response. That's why the vaccinated population has a much higher rate of infections than the non-vaccinated population. For example, research shows that vaccinated versus unvaccinated children suffer:


-  five times more asthma

-  nearly three times more allergies

-  over three times more ear infections

-  over four times more apnea and near miss cot death

-  nearly four times more bouts of recurring tonsillitis

-  ten times more hyperactivity


Vaccinated children also have 317% more ADHD, 185% more neurologic disorders and 146% more autism than non-vaccinated children. Just last week, a report from Pakistan showed that 78 percent of children afflicted with polio are fully vaccinated against it. Many parents are now worried that the polio vaccine causes paralysis of their children, for good reason. The polio vaccine has been the main reason behind polio outbreaks in recent history.


The bottom line is that a sabotaged immune system lies at the basis of nearly every illness that plagues humankind, polio and cancer included. Vaccines injure the liver, kidneys, digestive system, brain, and foremost, the immune system. Those with the weakest immune systems suffer the most from artificial immunization.


Why Infections Can Save Lives


Infection is one of the greatest cures there can be. In fact, infection can prevent cancer and other illnesses, and yes, cure them. In a 2005 epidemiological study covering over 151 previous studies, researchers from the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology, University of British Columbia found an inverse association between acute infections and cancer development.


According to the abstract of this study, entitled, "Acute infections as a means of cancer prevention: Opposing effects to chronic infections?", exposures to febrile infectious childhood diseases were associated with subsequently reduced risks for melanoma, ovary, and multiple cancers combined, significant in the latter two groups.


Furthermore, epidemiological studies on common acute infections in adults and subsequent cancer development found these infections to be associated with reduced risks for meningioma, glioma, melanoma and multiple cancers combined, significantly for the latter three groups. Overall, risk reduction increased with the frequency of infections, with febrile infections affording the greatest protection. In other words, children who experienced all the typical childhood infections were most protected from developing cancers in adult life.


At a time when cancer is going to affect one in every two people, this finding should have made national news, and it should be taught at medical schools. National health policies should have been alternated radically, but nothing ever happened. We are still being told that having mumps in children must be avoided at all costs. Never mind that the temporary inconvenience of a largely harmless infection could protect a person from developing a devastating form of cancer 20 or 30 years later, which, in turn, is typically attacked with potentially deadly methods of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery).


The discovery that acute infections are clearly antagonistic to cancer helps us understand why artificially induced fever has been successfully used for the treatment of cancer in European countries, especially in Germany. Of course, many doctors now treat fever as it were a disease and often prescribe toxic pharmaceuticals to put out the 'dangerous fire'. Yet, since fever is the body's natural way of healing and eliminating pathogens such as infectious viruses and bacteria, squashing it with medication practically prevents any effective healing in the body.


Fortunately, some good researchers now stand up for the body's innate healing tactics, which our mothers and grandmothers had known about all along.  French microbiologist Dr. André Lwoff has discovered that fever cures even incurable diseases. One of the world's leading cancer specialists, Dr. Josef Issels, wrote along these lines: "Artificially induced fever has the greatest potential in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer." And Oxford professor Dr. David Mychles and his research team have independently proven the effectiveness of induced fever for treating disease, including cancer.


There is further historical evidence that infection prevents cancer in the population.  For example, Rome (Italy) used be surrounded by swamps that bred malaria mosquitoes, infecting many in the city. The fever that Romans developed from time to time, though, kept their cancer rates well below the average found in the rest of Italy. Then the government decided to drain the swamps, but soon Rome's cancer rate increased dramatically to the normal rate in Italy.


   If you piled up kitchen garbage in one area of your house, it would attract a lot of flies and bacteria, and this would generate a foul-smelling odor. You would certainly not blame the flies and bacteria for the stench. They are just trying to digest some of the garbage. Likewise, those microbes that are attracted to or are produced inside unhealthy cells are not part of the problem; they are part of the solution to the problem.


An infection, if properly supported by natural approaches of cleansing and nourishment, can practically prevent the genetic mutation of aerobic cells into cancer cells. Cancer and infection share some of the same original causes. For this reason, a significant number of cancer patients who suffer a major infection such as the chickenpox go into total remission and are subsequently found cancer-free once the infection has passed. According to these 151 studies conducted in the past 100 or more years, spontaneous tumor regression has followed bacterial, fungal,viral, and protozoal infections. 


During episodes of fever, tumors literally break up, and the cancer cells are promptly removed via the lymphatic system and other organs of elimination. During such a major infection-which is nothing but an appropriate healing response initiated by bacteria and the immune system-a considerable amount of toxic waste is broken down and removed from the body. This, once again, permits oxygen to reach the oxygen-deprived cells.


Upon contact with the oxygen, the cancer cells die or otherwise mutate back into normal cells. The tumors have no more reason to be there, hence, the occurrence of spontaneous remission of cancer in these patients. In some cases, brain tumors as large as the size of an egg have literally disappeared in this way within 24 hours. The standard approach of suppressing infection and its resultant fever among hospital patients is medical malpractice and stands responsible for the loss of millions of lives that could easily have been saved by letting nature do its job.


Fever is one of the prime reasons that parents call their children's doctors, and it is true that any fever in an infant younger than 3 months is cause for major concern, as there is a risk of serious bacterial infections. Also, a child who has a seizure with fever should be checked by a physician, at least the first time. In most cases, though, these infections follow exposure to the cocktail of poisons and foreign DNA material contained in vaccines.


However, fever is actually a signal that an immune system is working well and in older children who do not appear to be particularly distressed, fever is a very positive sign. It is evidence that the child has an active immune system. Fever does not harm the brain or the body, although it does increase one's need for fluids. You can find more information about how to nurture a child through an illness in my book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation.


The main message here is to learn to trust in the wisdom of the body. Instead of believing those who claim the body makes mistakes and germs are out to harm us, you may just as well adopt the belief that both actually collaborate to keep us alive and healthy for a long time.


In good health,


Andreas Moritz



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