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Video Embedded Summary of the Camelot Round Table Meeting on Elenin

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 11 years ago

Summary of the Camelot Round Table Meeting on Elenin

Trying to keep this short and simple for an almost 5 hour interview.

They're saying Elenin is either a craft or a natural object thrown inot our system for some reason at this point in time by someone. (Could be aliens or people who are living off the Earth) They have no real evidence showing any of this is true, but a lot of circumstantial evidence.

First NASA says Elenin has never been in the Solar System before, and the guy who discovered it says it's on a 13,000yr orbit. He is a mathematician and can calculate the orbit exactly. And 13,000yrs is half of the Earths cycle for lining up with the Galaxy's center. (Every 26,000 years)

On Aug. 2nd, Elenin will be 4.5 million miles from the Stereo B satellite which is watching the Sun. When Elenin gets to that point, NASA is going to turn the satellite around and point it at Elenin and will get all kind of info on it and make it public. (yeah right)

On Sept 11th, (9/11) Elenin comes to it's closet point to the Sun, at a distance of about 45 million miles. This is the first indication that this object may not be a normal object, since it's timed perfectly to be here 10yrs after after 911. And this date is also when Elenin crosses the Solar Systems plane. Going from below it, to above it. (So maybe we can see it then?)

On Oct. 17th, Elenin will come within about 22 million miles to the Earth. They say Elenin in not Planet X, a brown dwarf or a dark star or anything. No one can actually see what it is though. All that can be seen is the gases given off by it, like the corona in a comet. And that it's only 1-2 miles in diameter.

On November 8th-9th another object called 2005YU55, which is an astroid, will be coming closer to us than the moon. It's going to pass within 200,000 miles from the Earth. (And even closer than that to the Moon) It's about 1,500 ft across, or a 1/4 mile across. It's seems to be sphrical which is "strange" for some something that small. It's also rotating "very very slowly". "They are saying once every 20hrs." So Hoagland says it may not even br rotating. Normally small objects rotate very fast. Plus the object is "dark". This object will be coming up behind us while everyone is looking forward towards Elenin.

Also on Nov. 9th when this thing passes by us, FEMA and the FCC is going to be doing their emergency broadcast over all communication systems.

On Nov 11th (11/11/11) Elenin, the Earth, Mercury and Venus will all be lined up with each other. So this may cause earthquakes, eruptions and so on. I've looked at their annimation of the object and know Sept 27th is a big alignment too.

Richard Hoagland is saying he doesn't think Elenin is a comet. Or it's some object that has been thrown into the equation "to fullfil some kind of ritual observation". "This is not a natrual object, or it's under some kind of artifical control". Because if you tally all these occurances together, the odds of it happening are "millions to one". (Hoagland has been wrong before I know)

There were four other people in the group who are mostly into ancient mysteries, astronomy, math and the Mayan calander. So they believe we have entered the last stage of the calander, age or wave, which started March 9th & ends on Oct 28th 2011 to 12/21/12 depending on who you believe. And they believe we have entered a new age of higher consciousness.

So they generally agreed that these objects are either to announce this time, since these objects may flare up and fulfill the Hopi Blue Star or Red Star prophecy. Or if it's a craft, send out some kind of beam to raise consciousness or something like that.

Or the powers that be may promote this to instill fear and send us down conscience wise like 911 did. The 911 period was supposed to be an uplifting period of consciousness, but they countered it with 911.

Kerry the moderator, says her inside sources say these objects are piloted and could be accompanied by crafts flying behind them.

I'm thinking about the video of the lady in the Disclosure Project who said astroids would be the next card after terrorism. And then aliens would be the last card.

Anyway, that's the short of an almost 5hr interview. THere were some mind altering ideas thrown out there that's for sure. One guy was talking about how waves or frequencies could cancel out the suns rays to fulfill the 3 days of darkness predictions. All I know is there are objects coming our way and they may flare up and cause some incredible sights in the sky. I can't help remembering the lady in the Disclosure Project predicting this stuff as "the next card" after Terrorism too. There sure seems to be some good timing coincidences to all this though. So who knows. Another file for the We'll See folder until something happens to prove otherwise. Should be interesting to see how it's promoted by the MSM and government too.

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