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I'm 80% sure that I don't smell anymore
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Published: 11 years ago

I'm 80% sure that I don't smell anymore

Okay, I know this is going to be a long message so I am going to apologize beforehand. But, I'm at least 80% sure that I don't smell bad anymore and I think I've controlled the odor instead of curing myself from it. The odor I used to have was probably a Fecal Odor, but at the same time people would say that I smelled like ass or I smelled stank, so I don't know if the odor fluctuates. Also, I never know when I smell bad because I almost never can smell the odor that people say I smell like. Keep in mind that this is the third time that I've realized that I have reduced or gotten ridden my odor

How I found out that I didn't smell bad

The first time I found out that I didn't smell bad was about a month ago. I have a Body Odor friend that I would talk to and we would go to the mall and talk about our lives and how this Body Odor thing is ruining our lives. At this specific meet up I was determined to see if I still smell bad to people, and the way we would find out is by walking up to a person and start a random conversation with them. While the other person watched to see if they would give off an reaction to our odor, we did this several times and I couldn't believe that every time I did it, nobody acted as if I smelled bad. I was baffled by the discovery and only believed that I was 60% sure that I didn't smell. Fast forwarding through these couple of weeks, I still had incidents where I would think that I hear people talk about me when I walk passed them, believing that they were talking about how bad I smelled. I was so aggravated at the fact that I didn't know that I gave off an odor, that just this last week I was determined to confront someone so they could tell me if I smelled good or bad. So I would walk around a plaza and walk through stores to see if I can give off an reaction to someone, but nobody acted as if I smelled bad. I finally got the courage to ask someone and they looked at me puzzled and said no, then she started laughing and said I have never heard someone ask me that before. So that raised my certainty of smelling bad from 60 to 70%. Now this week I'm making it a habit to go out where they're a lot of people and talk to people to see if I give off a bad smell. I've talked to at least 4 people this week and they all say that I don't smell bad, plus the people that walk pass don't seem to be bothered about my odor. I know that you might be thinking that these people might be lying to you, yet I sincerely doubt that. However, it could be possible so that's why I'm only 80% sure that I don't smell anymore, I have to do more testing to see.

How I stopped smelling bad

I don't know if this routine can apply to everyone that has fecal odor so I will list the symptoms that I do have so if you have similar symptoms like mine then you should follow this routine.

I have coated white tongue

My body sweats more than normal

My Body Odor gets worse when I eat anything that has dairy or Sugar in it

My family cannot smell my odor

My therapists cannot smell my odor

I get dry, cracked lips if I don't apply chapstick on daily

Now the way I've gotten rid of my odor is by following the no-sugar/fodmap diet. I've mostly followed the no Sugar diet the most because I thought that eating fruit was still making me smell bad. The basics foods I've been eating constantly is oatmeal, blueberries, strawberries, toast, and a vegetable smoothie(carrots, spinach, kale or parsley, apple, and lemon). I'm trying to eat plain salad but the taste is still sort of gross to me

I've been taking vitamin b complex, probiotics(at least 10 billion), zinc 50mg, vitamin A 200mg, magnesium citrate 400mg, and chlorophyll 120mg. I'm pretty sure that you don't really have to take these supplements to get results , but I believe taking supplements will quicken the process of alleviating the body odor. The most important ones I think you should take is probiotics, chlorophyll, and magnesium

Other stuff
You have to exercise everyday(at least 30 minutes) to sweat out the odor, this is not an option this is a must! From my experience I get less reactions from people when I exercise right before I go out into the world. If you have a sauna or any other method to sweat then use that instead.
Another must is to eat a lot of green vegetables, you need to have them for every meal you prepare. I personally hate to eat them like a salad so I blend them up and drink it like a smoothie, you can add fruit to it but only add one . In addition, constipation is common problem for people who have fecal body odor so the best way to have multiple bowel movements is by drinking a lot of vegetables smoothies throughout the day and taking magnesium and probiotics daily. I've noticed the more smoothies I drink the more bowel movements I make

Final thoughts

Like I said before, I'm not 100% sure but I'm almost positive that I reduced my odor or gotten rid of it. I think I can eat whatever I want only for a extended period of time until I start to smell bad again.The reason I know this is because this is the third time I reduced my odor, the second time I reduced it I tried to go back into eating whatever I wanted and after the first week of eating this way, the odor came back unfortunately. I don't know if I will ever be able to eat whatever I want without consequence again. I do eat whatever I want on the weekend because that's when I don't have to be around people, but once the week starts over I have to eat a restricted diet again. And finally, I believe that if you follow the same regiment that I have done you will probably stop smelling bad in less 2 weeks. I personally going to do more tests with people till I feel that I'm 100% percent sure that I don't have a body odor... might even try to get a girlfriend at this time as well

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