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Re: At what point do you HAVE to have surgery?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: At what point do you HAVE to have surgery?


I walked away from emergency Gallbladder surgery last year
(July 3rd 2010) with the same..labs, symptoms, attack

Ive been doing gallbladder/ Liver Flushes finishing up #28 with ok results, after having bad right side pain last 2 days (hadn't done a flush in almost 3 bad!) Past year I have expelled over 6000 stones from mainly gravel sized to ~15 the size of a quarter and every other size in between!
My ultrasound last year was thickened walls, "full of small stones and sludge"

My ultrasound 2 months ago was "no different than any other persons my age"", with a "few stones" "walls normal"
My stools went from yellow (no bile) to brown (no obstruction!)

I have made STRICT dietary modifications
extremely limited:
Sat fats, no processed meats, no pork (very high sat fat), curtailed red meat to almost nil.
Trans fats inc. baked sweetened goods, fried, breaded
Hydrogenated OILs .. cook mainly using coconut oil or palm oil.
SUGAR-refined sugars, artificial sweetners or Sugar alcohols.
Processed grains and flour products
Fructose..all fruits except green apples

Exercise daily at least 15 minutes of cardio, strength,
swimming (anerobic and aerobic)

I supplement w/ digestive enzymes, CHANCA PIEDRA, Pau de Arco, Dandelion extract, tumeric and Milk thistle, DAILY/NIGHTLY! (I do miss occasionally)

I am happy to report that the GALLBLADDER FLUSHES DO WORK!

I have had NO ATTACKS or INFECTION since last year..until

I wound up in the ER 2 months ago. "biliary colic" I had not done a flush in over 2 months. Even though I supplement daily. My common bile duct was dilated, I may have passed a stone, causing horrific pain only morphine could control.

FLUSHES ARE HARD FRICKEN WORK!! It ain't no walk in the park!
Its time consuming, its taxing on our bodies
The chronic pain, in between all those flushes last year...only to result in me goin to the ER AGAIN w/ a GB attack 2 months ago ...I SAY PHOOEY! Im gettin this damn thing out! I FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT....IM TIRED OF THE CHRONIC intermittent dull aching right side PAIN! IM TIRED OF UNPREDICTABLE ATTACKS that land me in the ER despite EVERYTHING IM DOING... THIS IS WEARING ME OUT! I am so frustrated!
This homeopathic/alternative stuff..Gawd knows I love TRYING,proving my gastro surgeon WRONG! I love "bragging" to my family friends that Im saving my gallbladder doing alternative stuff and working on my detoxifying and restoring my liver. That all surgeons just want to CUT.

IM HAVING GB SURGERY ON MY TERMS this TIME! I think that's the way it should be anyway..

YOU do the same! THIS IS ABOUT YOU! Not Hulda Clark s stats, not the supplements stats, or your surgeon's stats.

At the end of MY DAY...I am still broken I want OFF this UNPREDICTABLE PAIN TRAIN!

How is the end of YOUR DAY going to be...I DO NOT KNOW!
you are the one driving your bus!

Much luck to you on your decision
alternative AND conventional medicine WORKS

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