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Coffee enema, 1.5 yrs into them, first post ever @ curezone
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Published: 12 years ago

Coffee enema, 1.5 yrs into them, first post ever @ curezone

Hi. New here. Thanks to all & curezone site.
Coffee enema, for me was a turning pt in caring for my health & well-being.  After 45, I believe the standard pre-menopausal symptoms all kicked in (no hot flashes, tho). Just running down of energy, digestive sluggishness, nerves, clotty periods, fbs, incontinence, mind fog, Depression &  overral misery but constant reflux. I met a younger man, & had a renewed interest in improving the way I felt (& looked!) 
I had many new books on my shelves from Dean, Somers, Lee, Reiss, Platt & Wiley.  I had the gist: declining hormones was at the basis of mid-life misery. Along w/ toxicity. That the extra weight would never be lost w/o first replacing progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, & some, likely many vitamins. That many issues (always unsatisfactorily addresses by physicals) wouldn't be healed w/o a concerted effort to find my deficiencies.  I lost all interest in Drs. in my area due to the fact that no one I knew looked any better or FELT much better under their supervision. Many were battling cancer, thyroid issues & others. Nothing made sense to me regarding regular, available medical care, let alone the insurance racket.  Everyone had "something". I hated it. I lived most of my 50+ yrs thinking many ppl just enjoyed announcing afflictions w/ introductions because it made them "special" somehow. I hit the books, Internet hard, combing, sifting..settling on the gentlest way to get my body/mind/wellness back to a place where I at least felt my "old self".  I began w/ an otc progesterone cream, D3(5-8000 iu), multi, sublingual Iodide & iodine(kelp) for starters. At 5 days rubbing the progest on forearms I noticed my Depression seeming a distant memory. (Gee, it was only last week...) amazed, I now plodded on a little peppier! I read more about yeast & parasites, which usually comes with all the reading into wellness & decided"I must act as tho I've been poisoned". What would I do then?  Well, coffee enema came up as the safest, repeatable way to keep all inner systems filtering. It cleans the blood in 15-20 min, doable @ home, & CHEAP. After 5 mos of progest rubbing, disciplined vitamin taking & watching sugary intake, I set up w/ fleet bottles &  2 qts org coffee. Day 1: uh, ok. Nxt day: skipped it. Day 3:Bam! I felt tingling upper arms, back.  I felt different! I hopped dwnstairs, boyfriend astounded, tasted the fish he made, & told him something happened! He knew it too.  He told me I'd bounded downstairs, leaped over the stool & looked different.  Colors were brighter. I was amazed.  Major: a lovely, inner peace & positivity within. I ran & looked @ the coffee I'd used: Damn! DECAF! What the.. I got the reg right off & vowed to continue daily.  I did, I read that if you begin, don't stop for 2 yrs. If you begin moving toxins, you should continue til you've got most of it out lest you suffer from a backlog moving thru & the blding of new stuff. I'm almost there. It's been 1.5 yrs. Mostly daily, often 2 daily, or few as  2-3 a wk.  Whatever my work/life allowed me. Also graduated to enema bucket! Makes it more comfy.  2 yrs ago I also began 1 Tbs of diatomaceous in my tea/decaf daily.  (just in case). Holy Wow is all I can say.  Along w/ those immediate results I felt, I add that the upswing continued daily, weekly, monthly. There've been plateaus, so I add/subtract/exchange vitamins/supplements. Most remarkable: 
•Lugol's Iodine in org ACV/raw honey/jce or grn tea or water daily for apx 3 mos to load. 
•bioidentical progesterone (ANY)
•9 fish oil/3 borage oil/2 E daily for  6 wks ( occasionally I add 5-10 mg biotin) (I always had dry skin)
I now have nice nails, skin, clear eyewhites!
I Iearned to take my time, not rush to judgement about detox process, your body shows you when you rush or need something, just be still with yourself ( possible, now you have inner calm). I have since tried the special enema coffee, rhodiola, reishi, ACV/pinch B Soda/water, recently, gasp:pinch borax in water!, etc.  Just make sure you boil tap or bottled water removing nasty fluoride/chlorine. Please. There's more than enough of that in us w/adding more! I feel blessed & lucky to have learned thru forums & writers much needed info to feel as good as I can every day. To all doctors: go back to learning. 

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