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Frustrated, please read. (a little long)
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Published: 12 years ago

Frustrated, please read. (a little long)

Hi all. I am relatively new. I have posted a few times before. I LOVE curezone, and it has helped tremendously, I am currently uninsured, but I know my body and I will go to the doctor if it truly an emergency, but for the most part I loathe them plus I have no money. I have always taken supplements since my early 20s, mostly just antioxidants, I did drink heavily on and off in my 20's and mid 30's...took breaks lasting from months to years intermittently. Also smoking on and off and pretty heavy caffiene habit. I was always active, either with physically deamnding jobs, or running. Up until I was 34 I always felt ok, recovered relatively quickly and people always thought I was 22.. I usually attributed this to my megadosing on antioxidants which therefore I could justify the polluting I was doing to my body.
My 35th year everything changed...I noticed it after a 56 mile backpacking trip in March of this year mostly..I could not sleep worth a damn, and still dont without drugs, I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid, and I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts at the e.r. thinking I had a hernia. I know I am adrenally fatigued, and I have candida- all of this seems to be interconnected. I feel like crap due to lack of sleeep, and I am definitely noticing the signs of aging. I know that I am going to age at some point but this seems accelearted for me...My once beautiful thick blond hair is a far cry from what it used to be and continues to fall out more than it should. The irony is is that I drink rarely if ever and maybe have 2 ciagrettes a week, and have 1 cup of coffee in the am mostly to ensure I go to the bathroom, as I was constipated for a bit.
So, I am now trying to find a combination of herbs and supplements that work. I juice veggies 3-4 times a week, take probiotics, raw garlic, chlorella, just started Iodine supplementing, all the companions that goes with that- c, b, calcium, magnesium, salt loading, coconut oil, little white flour or sugar, eat mostly chicken, fish and brown rice. Just started aloe vera juice because if I have leaky gut then none of this is getting absorbed anyway....AAARGH!
I am sure that the cysts are throwing my hormones out of whack, probably creating this hampster wheel i am on. I was on progesterone cream, but I want to see if the Iodine( Lugols now-slowly increasing the dose at 3 drops a day) will help because I am leary about taking hormones...are they safe if bioidentical? I'm only 36, and all my friends think i am a health nut, but I feel like I am falling apart...Its affecting my emotional health, I am depressed a lot. Some of this seems to be improving but my not being able to sleep ( frequent urination, then cant fall back asleep)is probably the most frustrating. I feel like my body couldnt recover even if it wanted to. I could try fasting and flushing but I feel like i dont have days on end to do these... I hope that this gets better soon. I love reading peoples sucess stories because they give me hope. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any advice would be so great!

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